Some truth that they won’t tell you about Falun Gong

21 Nov
What is FaLun Gong (FLG)?

It’s a hard question. Because the creator of FLG, Li Hongzhi, gave us different answers before and after he came to America:

In China, he said, “FLG is the only truth of the universe that I discovered.”

In America, he said, FLG is part of the ancient Chinese culture. Is it true? Please ask any Chinese people you know if he/she is not a FLGer, the answer will be NO.

Who is Li Hongzhi?

It’s a hard question too. Because Li Hongzhi gave us different answers about himself before and after he came to America:

In China, he said, he is the highest God in the universe. Jesus Christ, Buddha and all other gods are quite a few levels below him. (Hongzhi, Li. “Zhuan Falun”, Vol.2, Chapter 3.)

In America, he said to the western media, “I am an ordinary human being.” But, he still keeps telling his followers that he is the number-one god, and all his followers are protected by his “shadow god”, which is kind of a clone of him and there are billions of them. In his own words, “my shadow gods are in every single grain of sand”, so his followers can do whatever they want and not get hurt. (Hongzhi Li, “Zhuan Falun”, Chapter 3.)

Is Falun Gong really about exercising?


Li Hongzhi demands his followers to believe in his “universal truth.” As Li Hongzhi told his followers: “You are not regular human beings. You are half gods who are on the way to other heavenly worlds to become their gods and lords.” The millions of FLGers are all waiting for the day when the universe ends and they all become real gods. (Ask any FLGer if this is true)

The FLGers are willing to do anything that Li Hongzhi says without any question under any circumstances.

What did FLGers do in China?

FLG tells people that when they get sick, they shouldn’t go to hospital or take any medicine, they should keep practicing FLG (sometimes simply by repeating “Falun Dafa is good”) then the sickness will be gone. This cost quite a number of people’s lives in China., note: all those stories on the Chinese version website are neglected on the English version website)

FLG didn’t tolerate any criticism and suspicion from the media in China. For dozens of times, thousands of FLGers blocked the newspaper offices or the TV stations who doubted them, demanding for an apology and a promise that the press would never publish or broadcast anything against them. In 1999, more than 10 thousand FLGers surrounded Zhong NanHai (China’s White House), demanding for a criticism-free privilege from the government. In a word, FLG couldn’t tolerate any negative comments, and ironically one of their three major principles is “tolerance.” On their website, there are many stories about how a person who gave negative opinion about FLG was killed by some God and their families were cursed to death.

Other things that a FLGer won’t tell you about FLG:

FLGers make all their children be FLGers. Go to their website (, you can find hundreds of stories written by little children about how they saw gods fighting and mercilessly killing “evil spirits” in another space. If those are lies, they’ve never been told what the truth is; if those are hallucinations, its worse! SAVE THE KIDS!

FLG believes that one must discard man-woman love to reach YuanMan (to become a god). FLG regards homosexuality as the dirt of human being; Li Hongzhi said that interracial children don’t have a place up in the “heaven (note: the FLG’s heaven).”

FLG believes in “the end of the world”, and they are all happily waiting for it, and according to Li Hongzhi, by then everybody who doesn’t believe in FLG will be destroyed (including their souls)

FLG doesn’t believe in science, according to Li Hongzhi, modern science and technology are all given to us from aliens. And the aliens control everybody who ever uses a computer. (

What Li Hongzhi said about the genocide that Hitler did to Jews: “all those people who were killed in WWII, all those people who were killed by Hitler, I can tell you, in a word, it’s all brought up by the changing of the universal law.” (Transcribed from his speech)

What Li Hongzhi said about SARS in China (2003): “You’ve all seen the plague (SARS) in China, right? It finally came. In human’s words, this is a penalty from the god. What does it come for? We FLGers all know – it came for those, in our FLGers’ words, those people who don’t deserve to be saved, cannot be saved, and even not useful to devils. This is the first round of cleaning. … Just wait to see, this year is a quite a busy year, many things would happen.” (April 20, 2003 in New York Falun Dafa Conference,


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