Alexander Dvorkin: Alliance between Scientology cultists and Falun Gong

11 Jan 

Alexander L. Dvorkin, Ph.D. is a famous religious study expert and travels thousands of miles annually to lecture about the dangers of sects and cults. But the trip in Ukraine in the end of 2007 was different from others for Falun Gong’s attending. What did happen? Dr. Dvorkin will tell you.

From Dr. Dvorkin:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

24-27 of December 2007 I was in Odessa (the Ukraine) where I, as usual, had delivered a series of lectures on cults and participated in a local conference “Totalitarian Cults – a threat to Person, Family, Society, and State”.

I would not have even written about it (I conduct no less than 20 of similar lecture trips annually), if something new would not have happened during this trip. This new was the activity of the Ukrainian Falun Gong adepts who picketed all my lectures together with Scientologists. I am quite used to Scientology pickets but this time it was Falun Gong, acting exactly as Scientology would and handing out anti-Dvorkin leaflets and thick folders of Scientology compiled black PR against me. Scientologists were present there too, but they silently stood behind, letting Falun Gong do a dirty work for them. It is a first case of such clear cooperation of two cults that I have seen.

I also should say that it was a big mistake of Falun Gong: I have not planned to even mention them in my lectures but now I had to dedicate a large part of my lecture time to them…

Anyhow, I thought it would be helpful for all to know about this new and unholy alliance.

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Related comments:

1. TruthSetsYouFree: Wed, 02 Jan 2008

Yes, Falun Gong is also a very criminal cult. China did 100% right when they banned that evil establishment. The rest of the world needs to learn from China, how to control subversive elements, organizations with an agenda contrary to the society at large.

2. Hartley Patterson  Thu, 3 Jan 2008

The cult of Scientology has also cooperated with the Nation of Islam and the Raelians, and has several pet ‘christian’ ministers willing to praise the Tech.

Original text from:

Introduction of Alexander L. Dvorkin from International Cultic Studies Association

Alexander L. Dvorkin, Ph.D. is Chairman, Department of Sectology, St. Tichon’s Orthodox Theological Institute, Moscow, Russia; Director of Information and Consultation, St. Irenaeus of Lyon Center (which collects information on sects and cults and offers free consultations on the subject); and Vice President of Dialog Center International. He teaches Sectology at the largest theological school of higher education in Russia and travels thousands of miles annually to lecture about the dangers of sects and cults. He has over 300 publications, mostly on Church history and on sects and cults, in 15 languages of the world. He is the author and/or editor of eight books, including two national bestsellers (10 Questions to an Obtrusive Stranger and Sectology: Totalitarian Cults). He is Editor-in-chief of Prozrenie (Recovery of Sight) magazine – a biannual cult-awareness publication of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Prof. Alexander Dvorkin translated for Gerry Armstrong on November 10, 2004 on an international conference “Totalitarian Cults and the Democratic State” held in Novosibirsk, Russia (November 9-11, 2004)

In his article “Cults and the cultic lobby in the Russian Federation, 2007”, Prof. Alexander L. Dvorkin said, “I should say that two groups: Scientology and Falun Gong (Falun Dafa) have been leaders in using ‘human rights’ community in their own goals. By the way, both of them cooperate very actively with each other. Falun Gong (which, incidentally in Russia consists mostly of ethnically Russian adepts) have been pursuing its own personal vendetta against Chinese government, and has successfully recruited most of ‘human rights’ community to fight their battle.” ( ALD EN.htm)


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