I was blocked by FALUN DAFA for 80 minutes

6 May

This Saturday, when I passed Flushing’s Main Street, I came across a group named FALUN DAFA marching in the street. Most people in the group were Asians. Those passing me were in blue or yellow, holding musical instruments and signs, it was a very busy scene. It seemed they were publicizing for something. And most of them are Asians. Everyone’s facial expressions were serious and calm, just like in the chapel for confession


Looking from the contents of all kinds of billboard in their hands, I found it seemed to be a curse and condemnation of China. The group walking in the middle of the team with white clothing held white and black photos in front of their chests, which created kind of strange feeling. It made me recalled the extremely horrible praying by 3K at the junction of New York and New Jersey.


Because of the bad traffic condition, my car went forward slowly in Flushing’s Main Street, it held me up for 80 minutes. The participants were in a great mess excepting ones in blue and yellow. They were just like the running zebras.  Worse, the Asians in the group and others beside the road were shouting something to each other.


Nowadays New York is really orderless. North Korea, Western Asia and the Chinese people make a few blocks of New York in a great mess. The people who just want to gain sympathy by activities make passers sick now. They are really a group of fools.

text from: http://www.facts.org.cn/puop/200904/t91355.htm


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