City of Vancouver wins legal costs against Falun Gong protesters

12 May

B.C. Supreme Court Justice Sunni Stromberg-Stein has issued a ruling against Falun Gong protesters, who started a protest camp in 2001 outside China’s Vancouver consulate.

In a May 6 decision, the judge awarded costs to the City of Vancouver after it had obtained an injunction earlier this year against Sue Zhang and unnamed defendants earlier this year. 

The court ruled last January that the protesters had violated a city bylaw by erecting a structure outside the consulate in the 3300 block of Granville Street.

In the recent case concerning legal expenses, the Falun Gong protesters argued that they were exercising their constitutional right to freedom of expression, and as such, they should be entited to their costs.

Stromberg-Stein, however, sided with the city. The judgement did not reveal how much the protesters will have to pay to cover the city’s legal costs.

City staff lawyer Tom Zworski argued the case on behalf of the petitioners. Joe Arvay and Clive Ansley represented the Falun Gong protesters, who were the respondents.

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