Disordered people, disordered Falun Gong

12 May

Beside my office there is a newspaper office fund by a semi-religious organization called Falun Gong. I knew its name because of the news that last May when the tragedy of Sichuan earthquake saddens millions of people all around the world, Falun Gong held a party to celebrate the “Bad Karma for China”. I was angry at that time; angry at the FG for kicking China when its down. Featured with speeches and posters, the cults would not incur my personal repulsion if they just do what they used to do – raise up their flags and hand out their brochures. The path between offices is not that wide. At rush hours, their movement always bring troubles. When I took a cup of coffee back to my office, after lunch break today, one of the cults awkwardly jostled me, sloshing some on my shirt. What’s disappointed, even wrathful, is that no sorry for his rudeness, at all. That’s really really terrible. “Ooops! Would you have a t-shirt around? What a mess!” when my colleague Kim saw he said. She told me that 25th of last month she witnessed one exhibition, hold by those cults, at the out side of Flinders Station, that was disordered. They deserved apparently unwelcome at our community – no contribution at all, but confusion. Australia is a freedom place, at where you could declare yourself, but be ordered please. Whoever would like to be well-disposed by someone else has to be valued to others first. Whoever wants people believe what they declare is right should act responsibly first.

text from: http://www.facts.org.cn/puop/200905/t91762.htm


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