Tragic lot of two lambs

3 Aug

Notes: Li Junheng was my middle school classmate. And now he is an assistant manager at the Baotou Steal Enterprise Group, and I always address him “old Li” whenever we meet. Li Junheng married his girlfriend named Zhao Haiyan in the late 1990s. The time when they got married, Li was a technician and Zhao a worker, both at the Baotou Steal Enterprise Group. Li’s friends and classmates like me were very much pleased to attend his wedding ceremony, and we pooled money and bought the new couple a woolen carpet. It was a rather big piece of carpet designed in the typical Mongolian folk style. I even remember the picture embroidered on the carpet: Vast areas of grassland, white cloud floating high above the sky, vividly portrayed on center of it were two snow-white lambs. A few days ago, we held a classmate party on which some one mentioned the carpet occasionally and arouse old Li’s dormant memory. Below is the sad story old Li unfolded to us during the party.

I would never forget the date in my life: May 13, 2005. Because it was the day when my family broken up openly. Driven to the utmost despair, I decided on that day that I give up the effort of educating and converting Zhao Haiyan, divorce her and, once and for all, stop the nightmare which haunted my family for eight years since she started practicing Falun Gong.

In 1997, Zhao Haiyan began to practice Falun Gong and soon was obsessed by it. And our family began to suffer one tragedy after another ever since. Zhao suffered from a minor skin disease at that time, and was told that practicing Falun Gong could cure her disease. So she decided to have a try and became a practitioner. But before long, I found my wife and other practitioners frequently had get-togethers, doing cultivation, reciting the book Zhuan Falun, and sharing study experiences. They called it “studying the Fa.” I vaguely sensed that there must be something wrong with it, so I opened the book Zhuan Falun and pored over it carefully. To my astonishment, the book was full of fallacies – Li Hongzhi lauded himself into the skies and brazenly claimed to be “the only savior of the universe.”

As an intellectual, I worked as a technician and firmly believed in science, how could I put up with such superstitious heresies in my own house? So I talked to my wife, asking her to stop the so-called cultivation, and tried to persuade her to say No to Falun Gong. But my wife turned a deaf ear to my words, claiming that Falun Dafa was the truth of universe, that her devotion to Falun Gong was pre-destined. She also said that her Master cleansed her body so as to eliminate her karma; and she had already reached a very high level as a result. “As a cultivator,” my wife told me, “I cannot for the life of me give up practicing Falun Gong, never!”… So a seesaw battle broke out within my family: I was strongly opposed to my wife’s cultivation; while she was sticking to her guns. And the peace and happiness of our family evaporated rapidly.

The family war dragged on for years. In July 1999, China declared the official ban on Falun Gong and I was pleased at the news. I said to myself: no matter how stubborn Zhao Haiyan was, she had to follow the official order and abide by the party’s rules. Cadres from my wife’s unit and the labor union had several talks with her, and she also promised to give up practicing Falun Gong. But her deeds did not match her words. Zhao Haiyan had already become a walking corpse manipulated by the cult Falun Gong. Since she disappointed our expectations repeatedly, our family quickly plunged deeper into the abyss of misery. I was furious about it. To save our family, I hardened my heart and solemnly swore to defeat the evil that possessed Zhao Haiyan: I ransacked boxes and chests to destroy all Falun Gong books and tapes she had hidden at home; and I smashed to her face the tape recorder she used for cultivation, and burnt the book Zhuan Falun which she regarded as her Bible. By doing so, I delivered a clear message to Zhao Haiyan: do not have any illusions about my attitude, and you must give up Falun Gong completely.

After practicing Falun Gong, Zhao Haiyan never shared family chores with me, such as looking after our son, and she even refused the love between wife and husband. I put up with all this without complaint, but would never allow my wife to continue her cultivation because that was the bottom line. To my surprise, she broke off with me on her own initiative and carried her bedding to another small bedroom, leaving me and our son unattended. Having too many irons in the fire, I had to send my son to my mother’s house and asked for help. Between job and family life, I was extremely exhausted.

Talking about son, he was only four years old several years ago. Members of my mother-in-law’s family were all opposed to Zhao Haiyan’s cultivation. And once my mother-in-law told my son: “If your mother practices again, you call the police and let them arrest her.” My mother-in-law just said it to vent her anger, yet my little son took it seriously. At that time, Zhao Haiyan practiced Falun Gong in her little bedroom secretly during the night, so some times my little son would run into his mother’s room and shout: “Mum, the policemen are coming to arrest you now!” One evening, it was about ten o’clock, a police car suddenly turned on its siren on the street. My little son ran into his mother’s small room and shouted again: “Mum, the policemen are coming to arrest you now…” Then his voice dropped abruptly. Not seeing my son run out of the small bedroom, I suddenly realized that there was something wrong with my little son. I dashed into the small room and saw a terrible scene: Zhao Haiyan was seizing our son by his neck – she was obviously trying to strangle our son with her bare hands! The little boy was kicking his two legs hopelessly near the bed, struggling. I rushed to my son’s rescue and tried to break off Zhao Haiyan’s hands with my fingers. But she clutched our son’s neck so tight that I failed to break off her hands at the beginning. I was furious, and hit Zhao Haiyan on her face with all my might and managed to let loose of her hands. Our son was saved. By this time, our son’s face was purple from the suffocation, and he burst out crying after being rescued. Holding our son to my bosom, I felt a twinge at my heart. I said to Zhao Haiyan between sobs: “He is your own son after all, isn’t he?” But Zhao Haiyan looked stupefied and murmured with her eyes blank: “kill …kill …kill, the old forces; kill… kill… kill, the wicked entities…” Gazing at Zhao Haiyan in disbelief, I couldn’t help shivering with fear. Oh, Jesus! Was this woman really my wife? I was terrified out of my wits the first time in my life…

After the event, I entrusted my son to the care of my mother. Whenever I mentioned going home, my son would tremble with fear. And soon I found that my little son, who used to be skipping and jumping about all the time, had turned into another kid: he often sat at a corner himself and said nothing, as if in a trance. Such a scene stabbed me to the heart, and I couldn’t help shedding tears. I did not know whether I should divorce Zhao Haiyan or not under such circumstances. Cadres of my unit talked to me and asked me to continue the effort of helping my wife; and members of the residents’ committee as well as the anti-cult volunteers also came to our house and tried to make my wife change her mind. I knew it was an uphill struggle, but some how a slight hope crept into my heart. And the time dragged on day after day till May 13, 2005.

What happened that day at our home was the last straw. On May 13, 2005, Zhao Haiyan invited three other Falun Gong practitioners to cultivate at our home while I was out on a business trip. When I came home that day, I found the houses were at sixes and sevens, the window curtains were taken off and torn into pieces, and the carpet I cherished so much for years had two holes on it! As I looked at the carpet closely, I found the two lambs on the carpet disappeared – there were only two holes left behind. Since Zhao Haiyan was not at home when I came back, I was puzzled about the mess, so I called in the police. The policemen checked our home carefully, and found out that nothing important was stolen except that some used toys and my panda-shaped pen container were missing. And after checkup, the police left. But I was boiling with rage about the fuss. When Zhao Haiyan returned home, I called her to account. However, with angry voices and sharp words, she told me what they had done at our home was to eliminate the wicked entities and avert misfortunes. But the carpet was our wedding present from my classmates, I argued. Zhao Haiyan took no notice of my words. She went into the small bedroom and slammed the door shut in my face. Staring at the broken carpet, I was in complete despair …

Later on, I learned that Li Hongzhi claimed May 13 was his birthday. While I was out on a business trip, Zhao Haiyan and other obsessed Falun Gong followers gathered at my home to celebrate their Master’s birthday. Zhao Haiyan told other practitioners that whenever she sent out the Gong, she felt as if something was scurrying about inside her body. A veteran practitioner told them, Zhao must be possessed by an animal spirit. Zhao Haiyan was terribly upset about the idea and asked fellow practitioners to help her getting rid of the evil spirit. So the practitioners present collectively “sent forth righteous thoughts” to cleanse Zhao Haiyan’s body, and begged their Master’s Fashen for help. Bustling around for a considerably long period, Zhao broke into a sweat and felt much better at last. But then, all of a sudden, she saw the two lambs on the carpet, and instinctively felt suspicious of them. Since Master Li Hongzhi had said that it was extremely difficult to get rid of the possessing spirit. To eliminate Zhao’s worries, her Gong mates began to rummage through chests and cupboards, collecting articles with animal patterns or in animal shapes, including the pen container on my table and some used toys. But what should they do about the window curtains with bird patterns and the carpet with two lambs? Zhao Haiyan hesitated. She knew exactly that the carpet was our wedding present I cherished for years. Yet a fellow practitioner said to Zhao Haiyan: “Master Li tells us, ‘Cultivate away fame, material interest, and emotion, Reach Consummation, ascending the firmament.’ Why do you still cling to ordinary people’s affections?” Encouraged by her Gong mates, Zhao began to eliminate the “wicked entities” with a pair of scissors: she cut all the animal patterns out of the curtains and the carpet. At last, Zhao even boiled the two “lambs” in a pot, and offered them as the oblation to their Master on occasion of Li Hongzhi’s birthday…


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