‘The Spectacular 2009’ DISASTER!

25 Aug

Editor’s notes: 26-year-old Yasmina Protzuk living in the DC Metropolitan Area spent the Valentine’s Day with her family seeing a show at the Kennedy Center. After the show, she felt  the organization to the show however, was horrendous.

Divine Performing Arts, The Spectacular 2009 in Washington, DC (Feb 11-15, 2009) .

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I spent my Valentine’s Day with my family seeing a show at the Kennedy Center. Normally, I wouldn’t feel the need to post anything concerning performances I have seen, but in this case I will be making an exception. It was horrid. It was a thinly veiled promotion of the Falun Gong spiritual discipline. I’ve been researching this method of “self cultivation” and I’m still a little confused about what exactly it is all about. I will not be going into an explanation however because my blog is not part of their propaganda campaign.

Well back to details about this show. The performers themselves: dancers, singers and musicians, were extremely talented. The organization to the show however, was horrendous. I was expecting to watch some dancing and listen to pretty music, not watch a screen that reminded me of playing echo the dolphin, and listen to songs that were written about their religious beliefs. Falun Gong was founded in 1992 by the way… just saying. Well, in front of this gaudy screen is where the dancers and singers performed on a dirty barren stage. It was almost sad; the performers were all extremely talented, but the show was a waste of what could have truly been beautiful. There were even two Emcees, who came out to introduce each new act and make sad attempts at jokes with the audience. All in all this seemed as if it were a production made for a community center or high school, not for the Opera House at the Kennedy Center.


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