‘The Spectacular 2009’ DISASTER!

25 Aug

Four Falun Gong practitioners in Changchun, Jilin Province, helped one of their fellow practitioners to drive out “fox spirit” from her body by means of violent actions, and killed her. On May 9, 2008, local procurators authorized the arrest of the four suspects on the charge of mayhem.

At about 5 p.m.,April 7, 2008, the Gaoxin Police Precinct Headquarter of Changchun Police Department received a report: 120 Emergency Medical Centre found a dead woman with trauma. When the policemen reached the spot, they found three men and a woman who all claimed to be friends of the dead. During the inquest, these people appeared suspicious and spoke evasively. So the policemen took them back to the police station for further investigation.

According to the local police resources, the four in custody confessed they were all Falun Gong practitioners and they beat the victim to death. Reporters visited the suspects in the detention jail on April 9. Jin Mingdong, one of the suspects, said Xiao Rong, the victim, divorced her husband on April 7 because of her practicing Falun Gong. Then Xiao Rong went to the home of Yu Xuewei, Jin Mingdong’s sister-in-law. At that time, another fellow practitioner Gao Hongqing was there, too. When she entered the room, Xiao said the fox spirit had got into her body and then she began to scream.

“Her behavior seemed normal one moment, but abnormal the next; her eye balls were moving continually and her face twitching.” Jin recalled the scene.

Yu, Jin and Gao believed the fox spirit in Xiao’s body would mess up her cultivation. “So, we tried to drive it out by the methods of Falun Gong, but to no avail.” Gao Hongqing said, they decided to take violent actions after discussion, “measure for measure and evil for evil.” They hit Xiao’s head with slippers in turn, even took the extreme measures such as pricking her with needles, burning her with boiling water and freezing her with ice cubes. All they did, in their own words, was following the Master’s instruction since Li Hongzhi once said: “If the evil has reached the point where it is unsavable and unkeepable then various measures at different levels can be used to stop it and eradicate it.”

At 3 p.m., they thought their approach didn’t work since Xiao Rong still acted abnormally, so they called for another fellow practitioner, Wang Haipeng. Wang kicked Xiao’s head, chest and abdomen with force. After beating her for a long time, they found Xiao stopped breathing, so they called 120 for help.

Jin Mingdong, only 30 years old, suddenly realized he had made a big mistake. During the interview, he cried the word “home” again and again in tears, worrying about his old parents apparently.

“We did not intent to kill her.” A month passed, but Wang Haipeng still insisted that what they beat was “the fox spirit,” not Xiao Rong. Wang Haipeng said: “In that situation, Xiao would be definitely in trouble if she continued her practice; so we just gave her a hand.”

According to the result of the anatomy, Xiao Rong’s six ribs were broken and her liver, kidney and lung were broken, too. She died from the exsanguine shock.


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