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Falun Gong: reviews from a Chinese

23 Sep

Years ago I was walking down a street in Australia and encountered two apparently drunk fellows. As usual they talked to anyone on the street so they talked to me. After confirming that I’m a Chinese they asked about my opinion on the Falun Gong issue. I told them the religious claims of Falun Gong are quite stupid and right away they shook their heads and mocked, “You don’t know anything about human rights, do you?”

Seemingly they’d mistaken anti-Falun Gong with anti-religious freedom — criticising a religion is not equal to opposing religious freedom. And for your information, the founder of Falun Gong, who is still living on this very planet, has said in the Bible of Falun Gong that he is able to fly or turn invisible; he alone is the centre and source of this universe; all Falun Gong practitioners may literally fly outside the Galaxy in minutes; attending his class or even looking at his picture would cure any disease; the wheel of Falun Gong would physically protect the practitioners from all lethal falling objects; all other religions suck balls; all other qigong sects are evil and all other qigong masters are literally devils; following any other religion would be ‘life-threatening’; the universe is under his and only his control; he is more powerful than Buddha and Bodhisattva… etc. How believable, isn’t it? No wonder why there’re so many rational Westerners join this one true religion.

Philosophically speaking all of those claims can be true, but forgive me if I simply can’t support a religion that is probably insane.


Wu Jianmin: People regard the Falun Gong as a sort of cult

23 Sep

Talk about stimulus. In 1997, China had 1,200 miles of highway. Today, it has 37,000 miles.

That’s according to elder statesman Wu Jianmin. At 70, Wu is one of the most influential foreign-policy advisers in China, the country of more than 1.3 billion. He visited Portland this week to talk up U.S.-Chinese relations just as a trade dispute broke out over tires.

Wu interpreted for Chairman Mao Zedong and Premier Zhou Enlai. Wu’s wife, who like her husband served as an ambassador, worked for years as interpreter for Deng Xiaoping, the leader who transformed China’s economy into a dynamo.

“Ah, the stories he could tell, if he were willing,” Maria Wulff, World Affairs Council of Oregon president, said Tuesday of Wu while introducing him for a luncheon speech.

The former envoy to France and the United Nations shared insights earlier Tuesday during an interview with The Oregonian. Questions and answers have been edited for clarity and brevity.

Q: The Internet is censored, for example no references to the Falun Gong movement?

A: Some members of the outside world regard it as censorship. China is moving forward in that respect.

People regard the Falun Gong as a sort of cult. In your country you are so tolerant toward cults. This is not the case in France, where they passed a law against cults.

My story of taking Falun Gong materials ‘free of charge’

23 Sep

My name is Niu Siye. I am 35 years old, from Xiantao City of Hubei Province, and I am running a small restaurant at the Jiaotong Road of Xiantao City. I used to be a Qigong fan when I was studying at Xiantao Economic Management School in 1995. And I bought a lot of Qigong books because I was curious about all kinds of Qigong schools.

Since practicing Qigong was very popular at that time, some local people with shrewd business sense in Xiantao invited a lot of “Qigong masters” to come and hold training seminars at the city. Of course, Falun Gong couldn’t afford to neglect such a golden opportunity, its training seminars or “Fa Conferences” of different scales were frequently held in Xiantao. One day, I was told that an admission-free Fa Conference would be held at the Mianyang Theatre, so I went to the Theatre early in the morning, sitting at the first row.

The Fa Conference was organized by Liu Wenbin (Now already died of disease), head of the Falun Gong Xiantao Assistance Station at that time. Sitting at the first row, I was asked by Liu to take a lot of Falun Gong materials such as books, pamphlets and portraits of Li Hongzhi etc to the stage from behind. I thought all these materials would also be free of charge, so l took a copy of Zhuan Falun after the errant. Liu saw it by chance, and hurried to stop me. He told me: “Don’t take it now; we’ll give them to you after the lecture.”

The lecture lasted for about two hours, and I didn’t understand exactly what the master was talking about. At last, he concluded his speech by saying: “if you want to practice Falun Dafa well, you’d better take some materials back home, reading Master Li’s books and listening to his lecture tapes, and you can gradually comprehend the meanings of Dafa.” Pointing to materials piled on the stage, he continued: “Since these materials are limited in number, please line up for a copy if you want to study the Fa and we won’t charge you a penny for them; of course, if you do not want to have any regrets in your future cultivation, you can put in some money to the donation box beside me – it doesn’t matter how much money you donate, so long as you are sincere about the cultivation.”

Hardly had the master finished his speaking, a middle-aged woman climbed up the stage, put in RMB 500, and took a book away. It immediately caused a commotion among the audience. Encouraged by the woman, many people followed and gave generously of their money: some put in RMB 100 for a tape, some donated RMB 300 for a portrait of Li Hongzhi; and the most generous one seemed to have put in as much as RMB 2,000 for a book and a portrait.

I didn’t take a penny with me that day since I thought everything was really free of charge. I waited. The audience had left, and most of the materials were also “taken away”. Since I wanted to study Falun Gong, and I was really sincere about it then. So I waited for an opportunity to ask Mr. Liu a favor, and see if he could give me a grace period: I took a book that day, and “donated” the money the next. When the audience was all gone, I went to the backstage and looked for Mr. Liu.

Behind the stage, there was a dressing room whose door was locked. And though the window of the dressing room, I saw Mr. Liu and the master who taught us the Fa at stage were counting the money from the donation box. To my surprise, the woman who was the first to donate on the stage was helping with their counting. After the counting, Mr. Liu handed over RMB 500 to the woman, and then he said: “Here is RMB1,500, also donated by our insiders, I’ll give it back to them myself; so there was altogether RMB 42,500 left. Pay RMB 2,000 for renting the Theatre, and give RMB 500 to people who helped with our propaganda, the rest RMB 40,000 will be brought to Master Li Hongzhi by this master.” Upon receiving the thick stack of bank notes, the “master” re-counted.

I left the place with a flurry for fear that I might be spotted by them.

After the incident, I never mentioned a word about learning Falun Gong. In1999, the media began to expose Falun Gong’s money-raking tricks – a variety of them, so more and more people freed themselves from the frauds.

People also voluntarily burnt Falun Gong materials including its books, pamphlets etc. And the so-called Fa Conferences disappeared from the scene ever since.

Ten years has passed, and I still live by my small restaurant. Of course, I am not rolling in money, yet feeling well-fixed. The name of “Falun Gong” has gradually faded from my memory, but then it comes to me as a surprise: Early in the morning, some Falun Gong materials used to cost people hundreds have been placed on the doorstep of my small restaurant.

Then I found out that my neighbors and other shop owners also received these materials. My next door neighbor, a barber named Old Xiao, asked me what’s going on. I teased him: “Maybe they thought I didn’t have enough kindling to light my oven.” Old Xiao was puzzled: “Wow, so many exquisite discs, books and pamphlets, it must cost a leg and an arm to produce them. But who placed them here?” I told him: “if you’re afraid they’ll charge you for them someday, just give them to me as kindling.” Old Xiao quickly collected all the books and pamphlets from neighbors, gave them to me, and urged me to burn them at once. I was curious and asked him: “Why are you in such a hurry?” Old Xiao answered: “I feel disgust at the very sight of ‘Falun Gong’.”

Later I learned that Old Xiao’s wife had died of practicing Falun Gong (here I don’t want to mention her name). Actually, Old Xiao’s wife suffered from a liver disease at the beginning. Old Xiao was told that Falun Gong could cure illnesses without injection or medication. Eager to help his wife recover from illness, he “donated” several hundreds Yuan and got a copy of Zhuan Falun for his wife at a Fa conference. But soon his wife was utterly obsessed with Falun Gong. She refused to do any housework but fooled around with her Gong mates or practiced Falun Gong in her room all day long. As a result, her illness deteriorated instead of getting better. To make things worse, she totally rejected medical help, and finally died of cirrhotic ascites.

Trying to forget the tragedy, Old Xiao moved to Xiantao city from countryside, rented a house along the street and became a barber.

So, the deceiving book Zhuan Falun cost Old Xiao several hundreds Yuan; and practicing Falun Gong cost the life of his wife! Now so many Falun Gong materials are delivered to people free of charge, and who knows how much people have to pay for them in the future?

Mother becomes a stranger while master Li Hongzhi the dearest

15 Sep

Have you ever heard such a story that a man with a PhD didn’t care his parents for more than ten years? He neither made a single call nor wrote a single letter to his parents. Even when his mother underwent mammary cancer surgery and OHE, he didn’t make a call of comfort, let alone bear the medical treatment expenses for his parents.

This is the most scandalous behavior of PhD Zhu Xueye who managed to avoid helping his mother. However, PhD Zhu was not born different and impolite. He was ever a good son and a good brother. What on earth made a knowledgeable son and brother loss the virtues of man? All this is because of Falun Gong.

1997 saw that Falun Gong changed the human nature of Zhu Xueye

Mr. Zhu Xueye was born in 1965 in a village called Mabu, located in Hongbu Town, Gushi County, Henan Province. He was enrolled in Zhenzhou Engineering College (now the Engineering College of Zhenzhou University) in September, 1980 and majored in civil engineering. After graduation in 1984 he was retained in the college as a teacher. In 1986 he began on-the-job study to seek Master degree and was granted a Master degree in late 1989. He was promoted to associate professor.

In late 1997 Mr. Zhu Xueye went abroad to visit his wife who was in Canada, but he didn’t return to China after his visa had expired. Mr. Zhu studied Doctorial courses in Structure Engineering in Concordia University and was granted PhD and then continued to work in this university in a post-doctor program.

Mr. Zhu began to practice Falun Gong in 1997 when he was in Canada and then became obsessed with it. Before this Zhu was a very responsible man who had undertook almost all the expenses of schooling for his older sister when she was a student in Zhenzhou Engineering College and gave great help to his younger sister in her schooling. Mr. Zhu Xueye gave his house to his older sister when she became jobless and homeless after graduation, a great help indeed.

However, he changed a lot after he was fantastic about Falun Gong. In early 2000 Zhu Xueye returned home and stayed for a couple of days, and from then he never contacted his parents. Even in 2001 and 2003 when his mother was hospitalized to have surgery, he didn’t phone his mother to comfort her. His mother couldn’t help tearing whenever the son was mentioned.

Zhu’s father was a retired middle school teacher in a poor area and only had a small amount of pension each month. His mother was a farmer and suffered cancer and diabetics. His grandmother was over 90 years old and suffered senile dementia. The economic condition of this family was comparatively poor. But Zhu never gave a penny to his family after he went abroad. He even beggared 1,000 RMB from his parents when he returned home in 2000.

A merciless Doctor who avoids seeing his mother but is crazy about Falun Gong

In July 1999 China Government banned Falun Gong according to law. On December 18, 1999 Zhu Xueye returned to China in the name of visiting relatives, then he went to Beijing to “protect the Fa” and finally he was deported from China for violating Chinese laws.

It was on April 2, 2000 that the Zhu Xueye’s name for the first time appeared on Falun Gong website. The “” declared: On April 1, 2000, the Canada Falun Dafa Buddhist Society would hold a press conference in Parliament Hill to call for Canadian Government to support US government’s motion to accuse China for human rights violation in UN Human Rights Conference. Zhu Xueye delivered a speech in this press conference attacking China’s human right situation. After that, Zhu Xueye appeared frequently on Falun Gong media and became an activist in oversea Falun Gong organization.

On January 20, 2001, Montreal Falun Gong organization held “A Thanks-Giving Tea Party” where Zhu Xueye was present and made a speech as a Falun Gong follower.

In November 2003 Zhu Xueye was present as a witness in favor of the accuser who accused The Chinese Press Eastern Inc.

On December 29, 2003 Zhu Xueye and other Falun Gong members gathered before the China Embassy in Canada to support and encourage the crimes committed by Jilin Province Falun Gong members who dared to damage public communications facilities and insert programs in the CATV. Zhu Xueye said that inserting Falun Gong program was what the media should do to spread Falun Gong over the world.

In November 2004, the “Epoch Times” under Falun Gong published Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. Zhu Xueye went here and there to actively take part in anti-China activities. On December 4, 2004, he spoke a lot of nonsense at the seminar on Nine Commentaries at Concordia University that “the communist is the most vicious and it intends to exercise common-wife system,” viciously attacking the Communist Party of China. He also spread the rumor that the Tiananmen Square self-immolation incident was fabricated by Chinese Police.

On January 8, 2005 he declared jointly with other “democratic movement” activists the so-called “Quitting the Communist Party Statement” to add fuel to fire for anti-China farces. In the signatures attached to the Statement Zhu Xueye ranked the 32nd.

On June 17, 2005, eight Falun Gong diehards including Li Xun and Zhu Xueye held a so-called press conference in the Parliament attacking China’s policy to ban cult Falun Gong and spreading anti-China words.

On September 8, 2005 when the China President Hu Jintao visited Canada, Zhu Xueye and other Falun Gong members besieged and chased the China delegation at Ottawa and disturbed this high-level visit.

From February 2006 Zhu Xueye turned out to be the leader in charge of Canada Montreal Falun Gong Organization.

He frequently organized meetings at Zhongshan Park in China Town of Montreal, to spread rumors like “Sujiatun Concentration Camp” and express support for “Quitting the CCP” farce. He said in his speeches to “refuse, discard and disintegrate the Chinese Communist Party”. He agitated hatred in the Chinese community and made frictions, saying that “the Communist China Embassy manipulates the Chinese community” and “prosecute the oversea Chinese.”

From March to June 2006, for several times Zhu Xueye organized Falun Gong members to protest at CRTC and ruthlessly set obstacles “for Great Wall platform to land in Canada”, smeared that the Great Wall Platform is “the propaganda tool of the Communist party of China.”

In September 2007 Zhu Xueye established the “Falun Gong Divine Land Marching Band” in Montreal and acted as its director. This Band has become the major force to spread cultic fallacy and stage anti-China parades.

From 2008 Zhu Xueye has began to take part in some activities organized by Falun Gong Headquarters and become a backbone member of this organization.

In October 2008 Falun Gong held “The Chinese International Figure Painting Competition” and Zhu Xueye changed his identity into a member of the organizing committee.

On November 28, 2008, as reported by NTD TV, Zhu Xueye was assigned to be the manager of the “TIANTIBOOKSINC” at Falun Gong Headquarters. This bookstore was established in November 2007 and is located in New Jersey, USA. It sells exclusively Li Hongzhi’s books and audio and video materials as well as Minghui series books to introduce and promote Falun Gong.

Since December last year, Falun Gong has held “the Chinese Spectacular” in the name of promoting Chinese traditional culture. Zhu Xueye appeared as a correspondent to the Epoch Times and wrote articles to lavish praises on this party.

Doctor Zhu’s avoiding his mother is the automatic consequence of his practicing Falun Gong

Doctor Zhu has practiced Falun Gong for over ten years since 1997. He deeply believed in Li Hongzhi’s teachings and operated a bookstore to sell Li’s books.

Li Hongzhi, the ringleader of Falun Gong, definitely asked his followers to abandon the affiliations and not to care the parents. If the disciples could not remove affiliations through cultivation, they would not be successful in becoming “Buddha, Dao or God”.

Li Hongzhi said: “the one who gives birth to your Primordial Spirit is your real mother.” (Zhuan Falun)

“Your real parents are in the place where the universe created you. That is where your parents are…” (Lecture in Sydney)

“They (human beings) live just for this sentimentality. Affection among family members, love between a man and a woman, love for parents,…If this sentimentality is not relinquished, you will be unable to practice cultivation.”(Zhuan Falun)

“When you show filial piety to your parents, that too is because of qing …as a cultivator, you have to get rid of this sentimentality gradually.”(The Law of Zhuan Falun Explained

“Those who are attached to affection for family will definitely be burned, entangled, and tormented by it.”(Cultivators’ Avoidances

“Cultivate away fame, material interest, and emotion, Reach Consummation, ascending the firmament.”(Reaching Consummation, Completing Gong

Doctor Zhu, who was obsessed with Falun Gong, followed the Master’s teachings and thought that the parents who gave birth to him was not his real parents and his real parents were in the heavens. Only when he has given up sentimentality can he “reach Consummation and ascend the firmament”.

It is known that Doctor Zhu’s mother suffers cancer and diabetics. When his mother underwent operations in 2001 and 2003, he neither made a comfort call nor sent money to his mother. The Net friends accused him of not fulfilling his duty to care for parents and playing an immoral game to avoid the mother.

Doctor Zhu’s attitude towards his sick mother can be explained by Falun Gong teachings.

Li Hongzhi thinks that the disease is not pathological changes; rather it results from the Karma or wrongdoings that one has done in his previous life. He opposes the patients to go to see a doctor.

Li Hongzhi said: “Karma resulting from past wrongdoing, one has illnesses or tribulations.” (Zhuan Falun)

“Why do people have health problems? The root cause of their problem and all their misfortune is karma.” (Zhuan Falun)

“Once ill, the person takes medicine or seeks various kinds of treatments, which in effect press the sickness back into the body again. This way, instead of paying for the sickness-karma from his wrongdoing in the previous life, he does some additional bad things in this life and hurts others; this brings about new sickness-karma and leads to different kinds of sicknesses.” (Essentials for Further Advancement)

“Surgery can only remove flesh in the superficial physical dimension, while the sickness-karma in another dimension has not been touched at all—it is simply beyond the reach of modern medical technology.” (Essentials for Further Advancement)

Doctor Zhu could draw a conclusion from Master Li’s points that his mother suffering cancer and diabetics was because she had done too many bad things in her previous life and it resulted from great Karma, her suffering was to eliminate the karma and it was no use going to hospital to have operations. Therefore he opposed his mother’s receiving medical help from the bottom of his heart.

There are many cases where Falun Gong believers ruined sentiments, became immoral and harmed their relatives, Doctor Zhu’s case is just one of them. We now know that Falun Gong leads its followers to suicides, killing and death because of medical neglects, but do you know how many mental problems and family break-ups happened before Falun Gong was banned by China Government?

Evil cults not admitted by all countries

15 Sep

For the past few years, some extreme and fanatical evil cult organizations were bred all over the world and created tragedies shocking the world. They brought calamity to the country and people with crazy, anti-social and anti-human actions to reach their unspeakable purposes. They act against justice and reason, which no country in the world can tolerate. To strike and clamp down evil cults has become a common voice and just movement globally to ensure prosperity of the country and peaceful life of the people.

In the 1960s to 19870s, evil cults consistently appeared in western countries. Although they came from various sects, they were extreme and evil forces that guided by fallacies and absurdities in general. Their common trait was to create a “secret kingdom” ruled by thearchy and magisterium to manipulate evil forces to harm the safety of life of the people, the public order and social stability through creating the god, establishing theories, association and accumulating wealth.

Creating the god is the heirloom of all cults. Jones, the hierarch of the Peoples Temple, Koresh, the leader of Branch Davidians or Asahara Shōkō, the head of Aum Shinrikyō, invariably describe themselves as the representative of the God or the Holy Spirit. The purpose of the evil cults to creating the god is to puff the hierarch up into the dominator above everything and make the followers believe it without doubt, so that the hierarch can manipulate everything as he wishes.

All cults resort to “establishing theories” as an ace in the hole. “The judgment day theory” is a widely disseminated heresy of almost all cults. For instance, the hierarch of “the Peoples Temple”, Jones preached that the “judgment day” was approaching, and only “suicide” was the so-called “holy death”. His followers were forced to prepare for it. The Branch Davidians wantonly propagated the “doomsday” was on the way, and the kingdom of heaven was near. It insisted that the “doomsday” was a bloody war and its followers must sacrifice their lives in this crusade, so that they could be raise to the heaven. “The Children of God” in the US established the heresy of “millennium reign” which claimed that the God would consolidate his camp with His power and fight a decisive battle with Satan’s troops. All sinners would face the final judgment and the member of “the Children of God” would be saved, etc. The heresies of the cults are all fabrications to control the followers’ minds, and opium for the followers’ spirit infused by the hierarchs to reach their sinister and evil purposes.

The cult utilizes “Association” as an organizational method to construct the “secret kingdom” and expand its evil influence. Cults in the world all have their own secret organizations. Some of them not only build up a tight network domestically, but enthusiastic in establish strongholds overseas, which expands its sphere of influence. “The Peoples Temple”, a cult based in the US, set up its headquarter in San Francisco, and infiltrated its branches into various localities in Latin America. “The Children of God” claims that it has established branches in more than 80 countries. Aum Shinrikyō, a cult in Japan, has branches in Russia, the US, Germany, Australia and etc. It is said that its followers in Russia number as many as 35,000.

“Accumulating wealth” is a constant trick of the cult hierarchs to extort wealth from people. The hierarch of the “Children of God”, Berg demands the followers to “dedicate all their wealth and love to the God”. In Japan, Aum Shinrikyō’s property expands for 250 times to 100 billion yen in the 6 years from 1989 to 1995. “Almighty Universe Partners”, a cult said with 23,000 members in Japan, was accused of tax evasion of 2.8 billion yen and thoroughly searched by State Tax Bureau in Tokyo. The Unification Church in Japan gained money of followers by cheating with hand-reading in name of the so-called Reikan Shouhou (Japanese sound for psychic business corporation). Only in 1992, 2600 donations were forced to made, which involved 7 billion yen.

What is more, some cults even interfere or influence the politics of a state. They launch newspapers, propagate their principles and assertions and enroll service people and politicians to conspire to grab political power so as to control a region or even the government. Aum Shinrikyō used to establish a “Supreme Truth Party” to take part in the Japanese general election. Its internal organization simulates the Japanese political system with a constitution and arms force, in a attempt to establish a self-governing state based on the “Aum law”, and replace Japan with the “Serene Land of Sun”. The Davidians in the US built underground shelters and hoard arms and foods to stand up against the government. The hierarch of “the Peoples Temple”, Jones rented a huge area of land in Guyana, establishing a Utopia controlled by him just like an independent state in a sovereign country. These cults constantly have frictions with the society as a result of their political ambitions and mischief, and therefore participate in endless terrorist incidents. They produced and use arms, poisonous gas and narcotics. They collude with violent gangs to attack, kidnap, assassin and imprison the renegade followers and innocent people with cruel means that make one bristle with anger. People turn pale when these cults are mentioned. The cults have degenerated to completely violent terrorist groups.

If the cults cannot be made an end to, there will never be days of peace for a country. Facing up with growing rampancy of the illegal cult activities and huge damages caused to the society, governments of various countries take measures one after another to harshly strike upon the illegal activities of the cults and clamp down the organizations. Even the US which always likes to criticize other countries about clamping down cults, dare not lower its guard on the cults at home, but takes vigilant and serious precautions against and constantly strikes upon them. Measures taken by the government are as follows.

Firstly, the laws are used as a weapon to restrict and ban cults. The Japanese authority cracked down Aum Shinrikyō according to law, which masterminded the “sarin gas” terrorist incident, arresting its head Shoko Asahara and many important members. According to the Law of Sabotage Prevention and the Law of Religious Legal Person, the qualification of religious legal person of Aum Shinrikyō was cancelled; and according to the Bankrupt Law, all its properties were frozen. The Japanese cabinet drew up and passed a bill about “countermeasures toward Aum Shinrikyō” to further restrict Aum Shinrikyō’s activities and prevent it from reviving. In history, the US made special laws to suppress cults, strictly control the spreading and influence. In 1985, US courts fined and expelled the Indian cult hierarch Gerarni for charges like serious violation of the immigration law, who went to the US for spiritual restoration movement, and most force and effect of that cult was eliminated. In countries like Malaysia, cults activities are nipped in the bud according to the anti-commotion law.

Secondly, special agencies are set up to prevent and strike cults. Some western countries establish special agencies like “anti-cult bureau” and “monitoring station”, to set up hotlines, collect information about the cults, closely follow their movements and make countermeasure to deal with them. The Cult Investigation Commission of France made 10 standards of reference for people to correctly recognize cults. Departments related also pay much importance to professional education in corporations to prevent penetration of cults and especially take precautions that they “might support a political candidate with money”. The German government put it in written regulation that any member of the “Scientology” is forbidden to hold an office or post in the government. The EU parliament annually publishes information about cults regularly to remind the EU countries to check and supervise the cults.

Thirdly, armed cults should be uncompromisingly cracked down. In 1993, the US FBI dispatched service people, tanks and helicopters to attack the headquarters of the “Davidians” and hit it heavily. Japanese police and SDF started out to hunt and arrest cult members and capture ammunition and poisons. In addition, some countries expel active members of the cults, and strictly monitor and restrict their activities. The “Loving Jesus” sect headquartered in Colorado mobilized its followers to migrate to Israel, intriguing to start a decisive warfare on the “Dooms Day”. After discovering their attempt, the Israel authority expelled them in January this year. These followers chose the US as their harbor, but were strictly monitored by US FBI as soon as they landed on the US soil.

Facing with restrictions and strikes from the governments, the cults either escape overseas or contend with under the banner of religious freedom and human rights. But the evil activities of the cults aroused tension and strong opposition among the vast public. Their members are like street mice, intolerant by every one. At all localities where cults reside, the local people voluntarily organized to protest, hold demonstrations and fight against cults, and they boycott settlement of cult members in their neighborhood. In some areas in Japan, a movement of ousting cults has begun. In many places, citizens strong demand the local authority to refuse the Aum Shinrikyō followers to move in. Some anti-cult groups emerge because of this situation, such as “Cult Vigilant Network”, “Anti-worship group team”, and “Network of vigilance against religious fanaticism”, etc. Their members include those once joined but had awaken and detached from the cults, kin people of the cult followers, social workers and religious people. They work in various ways, collecting information and revealing the truth about the cults as well as providing support to parents educating their children and helping them break away from the cults, etc.

Science and technology achieve full-grown development in today’s world, but we still cannot answer all the questions in the universe, neither can solve all difficulties faced by the man kind. Therefore, cults have room to fill in. According to statistics, there are more than 3000 cults all over the world, and more than 1000 are found in the US which can be called a kingdom of cults. Many stunning tragedies involving cults took place in the US. In Japan and some developed countries in Europe, cult activities are also very rampant. Another noticeable new tendency is that cults have reached out for the small and middle sized countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America with a more skillful means of propagating via the Internet to recruit followers and carry out transnational activities. As a result, to counteract cults spreading and get rid of this cancer in the human society once for all is the mutual task faced by the whole world. Chinese government bans Falun Gong in accordance with the law is not only in favor of the healthy development of our society, but also an important contribution to the human society.

Review: Gardens bans Falun Gong

15 Sep

The row between Falun Gong and Wellington officials has stepped up after members were told to remove a banner promoting meditation sessions from public gardens.

The group, which exercises every Sunday in the Botanic Gardens, was ordered by a Wellington City Council officer this month to remove a banner, which reads: “Falun Dafa – meditation, exercise, teaching”.

The council said in a letter last week that the banner used by the group breached regulations because of Falun Gong’s political links.

“We do not permit banners, political concerts or other contentious activities in the garden for the simple reason that it is a place of rest and recreation,” acting gardens manager David Sole said.

But members, who have refused to remove the banner, say the session is not political and they are being unfairly targeted.

The latest controversy follows a series of rows between Falun Gong and the council, including an attempt by officials to stop members from entering Christmas and Chinese New Year parades, prompting the group to file a High Court case last year.

Falun Gong is a banned organisation in China and one of the reasons given by the council for excluding it from events here is that it is a political group.

However, Falun Gong says it is a spiritual and cultural organisation.

The council denies it is discriminating against Falun Gong. “It doesn’t matter who they are, park users can’t display banners without authorisation,” council spokesman Richard MacLean said.

The complaints had no impact on council decision-making.

The council would defend its stance if Falun Gong continued High Court action.

Hong Kong’s High Court dismisses Falun Gong’s appeal

11 Sep

In a legal battle that has lasted for more than six years, the Court of Appeal of the High Court of Hong Kong on Friday dismissed their appeal of a ruling in their case against Hong Kong’s Immigration Department.

The case stems from an incident in February 2003 in which Hong Kong immigration authorities refused entry to more than 80 Taiwanese Falun Gong practitioners at Hong Kong International Airport. The Taiwanese had valid visas and were on their way to attend a conference.

Following the incident, four of the practitioners filed a court complaint arguing they had been denied entry based solely on their beliefs. A fifth practitioner later joined the complaint.

The immigration authority denied that the Taiwanese travelers were turned away because of their Falun Gong affiliation, claiming they posed a threat to national security.

Theresa Chu (朱婉琪), one of the five appellants and a lawyer, who also represented the group in court, yesterday called the ruling by the appeals court “strange” and “unjust.”

In 2005, two immigration officers questioned as witnesses said the Falun Gong practitioners were sent back to Taiwan for “national security” reasons, but refused to provide documents related to the incident.