Falun Gong: reviews from a Chinese

23 Sep

Years ago I was walking down a street in Australia and encountered two apparently drunk fellows. As usual they talked to anyone on the street so they talked to me. After confirming that I’m a Chinese they asked about my opinion on the Falun Gong issue. I told them the religious claims of Falun Gong are quite stupid and right away they shook their heads and mocked, “You don’t know anything about human rights, do you?”

Seemingly they’d mistaken anti-Falun Gong with anti-religious freedom — criticising a religion is not equal to opposing religious freedom. And for your information, the founder of Falun Gong, who is still living on this very planet, has said in the Bible of Falun Gong that he is able to fly or turn invisible; he alone is the centre and source of this universe; all Falun Gong practitioners may literally fly outside the Galaxy in minutes; attending his class or even looking at his picture would cure any disease; the wheel of Falun Gong would physically protect the practitioners from all lethal falling objects; all other religions suck balls; all other qigong sects are evil and all other qigong masters are literally devils; following any other religion would be ‘life-threatening’; the universe is under his and only his control; he is more powerful than Buddha and Bodhisattva… etc. How believable, isn’t it? No wonder why there’re so many rational Westerners join this one true religion.

Philosophically speaking all of those claims can be true, but forgive me if I simply can’t support a religion that is probably insane.


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