Keeping away from Falun Gong

6 Jan

Saturday, it should be nice weekend. But I am really annoyed at a call from my friend last night. I was told, my name was found in some notebook of Falun Gong organization and address as well. What’s happening? I don’t like Falun Gong organization at all. Finally, it must be something with those guys in BOXHILL on that day.

It was DRAGON RACING festival, the Chinese traditional festival. I went to BOXHILL for some rice pudding. There were some people standing outside the entrance of shopping center, giving free newspaper, DJY, to people passing by. But few people stopped lacking interest. As I know people those took their newspaper only for some advertisement. As for those articles, I think few people want a read.

I was stopped by an old lady and asked to sign on a notebook, on which they listed some detailed information of people to support them. Of course I refused. Because I believe in religion and I want be kind, honest and generosity. But they tell people to learn Falun Gong can cure cancer, which looks so stupid for me. People should go to see doctor instead of turning to any Gong.

Just when I wanted to leave, another guy stopped me and asked me something about gardening. That was what I was interested with for I was just settled! After a chat with him, I was asked a business card by him and I did.

It must be that guy. He must be one of that group of people. He lied to me. He put my information in their notebook. I was abused. So angry am I.

KEEPING AWAY FROM THEM. They ask people to be honest. But what they did really? Cheat!


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