Shen Yun

20 Apr

Last week my lady (Dominique) and I went to see a show called Shen Yun. I had been really looking forward to it, and then during the show—it became very obvious that it was a pro-Falun Dafa group. Although I certainly don’t harbor any ill will towards any people practicing their own spiritual practices, I felt like I had been swindled–paying $70 per ticket–to contribute to a group that I don’t know anything about.

The imagery and performances were beautiful and amazing, and anti Communist China propaganda plagued the show. Dancers in black with a red scepter on the back of their jackets entered the stage with billy clubs in hand, and beat a woman and daughter and took them away from each other. The blue sky that had made up the background turned dark and stormy–the graphics were really quite good from a designer stand-point.

I’ve read up on Falun Dafa and all their sites proclaim good will and happiness for the planet, however, upon reading interviews with the CREATOR of Falun Dafa–I found myself disturbed.

Like I said, the imagery and performances were quite captivating and aesthetically very pleasing, however, the propaganda behind it all—fell on deaf ears. I don’t take well to propaganda even if I know it to be true as it has fueled a lot of unnecessary tensions and anger in our past history. Take Disney with their propaganda films to stay afloat during the World War II all about Germany being the ultimate evil. Forget the fact we have wonderful working relationships in our globalized economy with the Japanese now—Bugs Bunny was killing off “Japs” “slant eyes” and other names he called the Japs in these propanda cartoon shorts with grenades in ice cream bars. My point being: Did these help the Japanese people residing in the US? Or did it just fuel the fire and put them in internment camps quicker for “our safety and their safety.”

For information regarding Falun Dafa–look up Falun Dafa or Falun Gong.

Here is a site I went to that provided a lot of sources of information that I found good:

Like I said before, people should have the right to practice their own beliefs and I certainly do not condone any violence towards anyone for practicing their spiritual beliefs.

I do not believe Falun Dafa is an organization I would partake in nor would I suggest anyone to take that step without seriously researching the topic first. For some–the cult ideals may work, but not for me.

I should be writing more on this topic later. There is a Professor Charles Wu that Dominique will be calling once Spring Break is over who has written an article concerning the Falun Dafa, and we are going to listen to what he has to say, although he is a non-believer as well.

The founder of Falun Dafa would say, “They’re the public, it’s too deep for them to understand.” Well, bring it on Li Hongzhi!

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