Falun Gong, how dangerous is it?

25 May

For the past ten or so years my parents have been heavily involved with the Falun Gong/Dafa sect which gained massive popularity both in and out of China. Since that time I have seen my parents spend thousands of dollars on airline tickets going to conferences, a rejection of modern medicine in accordance with their beliefs, an anti-atheistic belief and a retreat into dogma on various occasions. Because their holy (I hate that word) book was written within the last twenty or so years (possibly even more recent) the author has been able to warp aspects of quantum physics so to make the book appear as though it has depth. Also because the author is still alive he can counter any arguments brought against the book. Some of these beliefs are for lack of a better word just plain wacky

Here is what they believe

*Belief that alien technology is used in computers and can warp people stopping them from taking up the faith. Falun Gong believers are of course protected from alien brainwashing

* Illness is caused by karma and if you use modern medicine it pushes the illnesses into another dimension and it will come back in another form. Only by following their book and doing their meditative exercises can you live an illness free life. If you do get sick that is just small amounts of karma coming to the surface. If you are seriously ill you should not take up the faith because your reason for joining will be to be cured and that is not a genuine reason.

*attachments are evil

*Films and video games featuring demonic themes ie Buffy TVS and Anne Rice novels are evil and warp people

*Inter-racial marriages


*A rejection of inter-racial marriages (In my case this was very difficult for me to accept because their marriage is an inter-racial one)

If anyone has anything else to add or advice on how best to deprogram please let me know. I certainly don’t condone China’s approach to Falun Gong but that doesn’t mean this sect isn’t harmful.

 text from: http://www.facts.org.cn/puop/201004/t109579.htm


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