How did I ‘cure’ the headache of my fellow fractitioner’s granddaughter?

1 Jun

I am Pan Runyuan, female, born in April 1939, and a local of Tiantang Town at Xin Huang County in Hunan Province. I started to practice Falun Gong in 1996 and had obsessed with it for a period of time.

One day in March 1999, Sun Shunying, a neighbor of mine, visited me at home together with her granddaughter. The girl seemed tired and made no response when I greeted her. “My granddaughter has a fever and said her head aches,” said Sun. “Do you have Zhuan Falun? Read it for her and help her to recover.” Sun was one of my fellow practitioners and neither of us could read the books on Falun Gong. But we took part in collective practicing and listened to the tapes of lectures teaching the Fa. As a result, we memorized some parts of Zhuan Falun and knew “it would cure people by reading Zhuan Falun to them”. So I asked her about the girl’s symptoms and put one hand on the forehead of the girl. It was hot and I knew the girl had a cold. So I found Zhuan Falun and read it to her. I didn’t know a word but read it out from my memory. After a while, my eldest daughter-in-law came back home and got me into the bedroom asking me what I was doing there. I told her the whole story and she said: “The girl is sick and should be sent to hospital. You keep them here now, but what will you do if something happens to her? I say you should send them away as soon as possible.” Her words woke me up and it seemed that my reading didn’t help her at all. What should I do if she didn’t get better? But the things was, in order to get more people to practice Falun Gong, I had always told them that it helped me to cure my headache and backache. Telling them to go away now was to admit to all that Falun Gong couldn’t cure people and I would become a standing joke at the village.

Just at that time, I had an idea. Feeding the girl the anti-fever drug in secret and keeping reading Zhuan Falun, I would then tell others that it was Falun Gong that had cured her.

I had a granddaughter almost the same age with the girl and we had always kept cold medicine for her at home. At that time, the girl said she was thirsty and wanted to have some water. It was my chance and I whispered to my eldest daughter-in-law: “Go to get me some anti-fever medicine, put it in water and give it to her. Don’t tell anyone and the girl will get better after a sleep.” My daughter-in-law said nothing and did as I told her. I put the tablets into the water and, to hide the bitterness, I put some sugar in it as well. I did all these behind the back of Sun Shunying and then gave the sugar water to the girl. I pretended to read the words from Zhuan Falun and let the girl drink the water with medicine in it. After a while, the girl said she was sleepy and I put her on my bed covering her with a quilt. Then I went out and kept reciting Zhuan Falun together with Sun Shunying. Several hours later, the girl woke up and said her head didn’t ache anymore. Feeling her forehead, we knew the fever had gone.
Sun Shunying said Zhuan Falun really worked for the girl and it was a pity she couldn’t read the entire book. She said I was good in curing her granddaughter and thanked me again and again for that.

The story about my “curing” the girl has been told ever since then at my village and they said it was a miracle for me to cure people by reading Zhuan Falun.

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