A book of Zhuan Falun brings harm to three generations

27 Jul

76-year-old aunty Liu Qinghua from Donghe Town, Wangcang County, Sichuan Province, used to have a happy family with three generations under one roof. She had three sons and one daughter. They were all bright and capable, and also married and settled down. Her youngest son Chen Gang was especially smart and sensible as a child. He was a top-notch student at school and the apple of his parents’ eye. After high school, he passed into a university successfully and got a good job in a bank of his homeland after graduation. And then he married with a town girl in the county, and later had a lovely daughter. Here, for aunty Liu Qinghua, she enjoyed a well-off life with the filial descendants gathering around, which was the envy of many people in this mountain area of northern Sichuan. The area is still a top poverty-stricken county so far. However, all these have changed due to the book Zhuan Falun brought by the son Chen Gang.

Chen Gang was brainwashed thoroughly by Falun Gong “theories” after coming into contact with Falun Gong during the professional training in Chengdu in November, 1998. He looked like a strange man and told everyone he met that Falun Gong was miraculous. He said most people’s knowledge of the universe in the past was wrong and many conclusions from modern science would be overturned by Falun Gong. And mankind would enter a new era. Only by following the Mater’s principles of “truthfulness, compassion and tolerance”, you would not get ill; if you were ill, you need not medication and injections; it also helped to avoid disasters, “go to a higher level”, “open celestial eyes” and “return to paradise” to be a God again, which were all fabulous.

Chen Gang was learned and courteous, and had seen the world in the eyes of neighbors, so many villagers joined Falun Gong when Chen Gang introduced it repeatedly and personally demonstrated practicing movement to them. At the same time, he persuaded his elderly parents, elder brother, sister-in-law and 20-year-old niece to practice Falun Gong, too. Most people didn’t feel its magic said by Li Hongzhi when practicing. Because the Master asked them not to take medicines and injections, some sick even got worse, but Chen Gang said it was eliminating “karma” and normal response to practice, and the practicing worked.

His father Chen Wanlin, suffering from senile tracheitis, was weak with age and was a chronic invalid. He got from bad to worse in health due to drug withdraw after practicing. His cough and expectoration were more serious; he felt suffocated and out of breath when walking. It was difficult for him to practice standing up, so Chen Gang asked him to sit for practicing. Later when he even couldn’t sit, Chen Gang told him to lie in bed listening to Li Hongzhi’s records teaching the Fa. And so, with the hope that Falun Gong practicing would bring miracle and good results, Chen Wanlin “eliminated karma” distressfully for nine months and finally died in tears in November, 1999.

Chen Gang’ wife Zhang Yan was disgusted with the husband’s not engaging in honest work and not caring about the family due to obsessing with Falun Gong. She tried her best to influence the husband by her patience and tender feelings hoping that the husband wouldn’t indulge in illusory world of Falun Gong, but her husband told her not to disturb “Dafa”, and said that anyone who disturbed “Dafa” was “devil” and would be punished definitely by the “Master”. For this reason, there were numerous fierce quarrels between the couple. Once the wife scolded Li Hongzhi, Chen Gang slapped her severely. Being driven beyond the limits of forbearance, the wife Zhang Yan divorced him in a pet, and then lived alone with her daughter arduously.

After the family broken, the wife treated her daughter as the only hope and gave constant care trying to raise her up. But Chen Gang also wanted to make the daughter be a “good person” following the principles of “truthfulness, compassion and tolerance”. So behind the ex-wife’s back, he often instilled the benefit of Falun Gong into his daughter whenever he saw her. He said Falun Gong was a great, high-level cultivation way in the world; those who practiced Falun Gong were “good persons” and were capable. He constantly called the daughter to the place he lived and the home of his “fellow practitioners” to watch the CD about Fa teaching and practicing; he also provided many books and materials for the daughter to see. The pure thought of the little girl was confused thoroughly by her father. Her mental state became bad gradually, and her personality was unsociable and eccentric. She was subject to changing moods and sometimes her eyes glazed over. Both at home and school, she looked different from the peers in words and behaviors. When Zhang Yan found that her daughter’s mental state and behaviors were abnormal, she was very anxious and sought medical help in all directions. Then the girl was diagnosed with serious mental disease, so that she had to stop the school work. Until now, the daughter still needs the mother’s help in daily life.

The husband died, the daughter-in-law left the home and the granddaughter got insane, when aunty Liu Qinghua mentioned these sore spots, she burst into tears and regretted deeply not stopping the son’s practicing Falun Gong originally.

text from: http://www.facts.org.cn/Data/02/201006/t112405.htm


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