Falun Gong scares me

27 Jul

1. Falun Gong has a global network of newspaper (which is ad-free and intensively distributed), propaganda and events. Yet they claim they do not charge or receive donations from followers. It has been widely speculated that our good o Uncle Sam is behind them, these claims of course has never been proved.

2. While claiming to be a peaceful organization and a spiritual movement, 90% of their propaganda has something to do with “anti-CCP / religious freedom / human rights”. The actual content of the movement is quite weak and generally ignored by the general public.

3. Ah, yes. Speaking of the content of the movement, I have seen a lot of wild claims, for example, that Master Li can walk through walls and stuffs? And nuclear reactors buried in middle east, aliens experimenting on human beings and end of world is coming? Give me a break. These crap aren’t even close to Taoism.

4. What kind of “spiritual movement” would have so much verbal violence in their teachings and writings, and what kind of “peaceful religion” would constantly send their followers to danger confronting the CCP? In history’s sense? Usually a cult.

5. They talked about CCP brainwashing of people who oppose them. To be honest, CCP propaganda is very ineffective, and mainstream Chinese get tired and bored with them. However, most Chinese I know of, especially those from Hong Kong, who basically hates CCP to the guts, also hate Falun Gong. I wonder why.

6. Speaking of brainwashing, Falun Gong disregards all comments against them as CCP propaganda. Anything that happens against their favour is blamed at the CCP. The incident at Flushing* and the incident at Tiananmen** is quickly blamed as a CCP conspiracy. Grumpy mobs attacking Falun Gong missionaries? CCP agents. To me, setting up a symbol of hatred to divert all doubts is a very common way to brainwashing. The same tactics happen over and over and over again with all religions.

7. If you search online about Falun Gong, there are overwhelming endorsement of the sect. Most comments are emotionally fuelled, and if you look closely, most are from Falun Gong sources. When you finally find some neutral sources critizing Falun Gong, they are usually bombarded by Falun Gong people, citing uncredible references from their Falun Gong newspapers.

8. For an organization largely disliked by Chinese people in general, the manpower and financial resources, as well as their domination and manipulation of the media disturbing.



1. I’m not affected by CCP propaganda. Not even close. I’m a Hong Kong born Chinese living Australia for 5 years now. In fact, I’ve received overwhelming ANTI-CCP propaganda throughout my life.

2. Believe it or not, I’m not a CCP agent!

3. I grow up rather neutral, if not dislike, CCP. But that doesn’t mean I’m supporting the Falun Gong cause, with the slightest sense.

4. I do not endorse, support or accept the brutality of torture and abuse of any human beings. But in the case of Falun Gong, I am extremely doubtful of how much their claims in CCP abuse is acutally true.

5. And even if it is the case, while I will condemn the CCP on that matter – I will never suport Falun Gong.

*Flushing incident: A group of Chinese are running a charity event for the Xichun earthquake, and some group of people, identified as Falun Gong missionaries, stop people from donating. They claim that the earthquake is in fact bad karma, and states that the donations will go to CCP pockets. Not quite surprisingly, they got beaten up. FLG quickly denounced the attackers / Falun Gong missionaries as CCP spies.

**Tiananmen incident: 5 persons, identified as Falun Gong sect members, torched themselves at Tiananmen Square. FLG again, denied involvement and blamed a CCP conspiracy.

text from: http://www.facts.org.cn/puop/201006/t112559.htm


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