The new cult may become the reason of a quarrel between Kiev and Beijing!

10 Aug

In the parks and other places of public recreation of Kiev one might see unusual athletes who are sitting frozen in unusual poses. Some posters are hung nearby. On these posters there is a script “Falun Dafa School” (“Falun Gong”). But who could imagine that these fitness fans, which seem to be so peaceful, might make a very negative impact on … relations between Ukraine and China?
It seems that the late “White Brotherhood” is now replaced with a “brotherhood” of another kind. Residents of Kiev had a possibility to know it in summer of 2008 when a crowd of “Falun Gong” dancers and drummers, all dressed up in yellow, held a procession starting on Slava square and ending on Kontraktovaya square. The organizers of this show tried their best to prove that they are the showing the features of “traditional Chinese culture”, as “falun” means the Buddhist “wheel of law” (dharma chakra). But in fact, the founder of this teaching is not the genuine ancient Buddha (who lived in the VI century B.C.), but our contemporary one (!).
The official message, given to “SN” by the embassy of Chinese People’s Republic in Ukraine, is witnessing it. “Misusing the fact that “qigong” gymnastics is enjoying wide popularity in China, Lee Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong had seduced lots of people into his sect. he used to promise them that they would “improve their health and body”. As the result of “Falun Gong” heretical organization’s activity, many families were destroyed, and even there were some cases of the followers’ deaths. In July 1999, because of violating the human rights by this sect, taking grounds on the will of the citizens and on the following legislations, the government of China banned this cultic organization… “Falun Gong” uses thought control towards their followers. One of the most shocking principles of “Falun Gong” teaching is the fact that it appreciates death for the sake of “the right law” and “destroying the evil”… statistics claim that about one thousand of “Falun Gong” followers committed suicides. Besides, “Falun Gong” teaching preaches that it is impossible to cure with the help of medicine. As the result, many people died because they didn’t receive medical aid in time. According to the statistic data, there were about two thousand cases of the kind. It is noteworthy that after they  had received the permission, given by the corresponding body of Kiev City Administration”, the members of “Falun Gong” sect made their standing “station” in front of Chinese People’s Republic’s Embassy in Kiev. They distribute various Anti-Chinese materials, posters and pictures. And they use a very loud microphone during the working day… We hope that the Ukrainian government … will understand that “Falun Gong” will affect the relationships between our countries negatively and we hope that it will take measures in order to ban this sect’s activity”.
It is easy to understand the Chinese Embassy’s officials: it seems to be very displeasing to put the signatures under some mutually beneficial agreements with Ukrainian diplomatists, while under the windows of your working place some odd people with Anti-Chinese slogans are showing off something which looks much of a tragicomedy. But how should we interpret the fact, that both Cabinet of Ministers and Verkhovna Rada show no response to it? Have they forgotten that Beijing is one of the most important economical partners for Kiev? And what’s the use of taking up some dubious “workouts” the very name of which causes the rage of the Chinese government?
Unfortunately, Ukraine has become a Holy Land for “Li Hongzhi’s people” (and for other cults either). Our government let them receive an official registration – under two names. The first one is “KIOTO” (number of registration is № 2600020980187) and “Falun Gong Followers Union” (registration number is № 3-12-2002). Moreover, both of “twins” are registered as public organizations, not religious ones, (i.e. they got their registration certificate not in the State Committee of Religion-Related Issues, but in the Ministry of Justice). This way, the “health-improving” webs of “Falun Gong” followers are already in 13 cities of Ukraine! The level of their technical equipment is out of the earth. The Mass media informs that in 2002 the sect members attacked the Chinese media satellites and switched their anti-government programs on the state channels. In comparison with the existing cult of Li Hongzhi’s personality the Great Buddha might eat his heart out: it turns out like that if the Buddhist wants to make his prayers heard, he should “charge” the statue of the founder of Buddhism with the help of “Falun Gong” founder’s photo (!). Li Hongzhi writes the following in his book “Zhuan Falun”: “In order to help the disciples improve themselves, I say, that they should do the following: take my book, (as there is my photo) or just take my photo. Then you should take a statue of Buddha in your hands. You should make a “Big Lotus” mudra with your hands at the same time. Then, ask the Teacher to bless the photo as if you would ask me. In 30 seconds your problem will be solved”.
As a result, we are facing not only Buddha, but an advanced version of “Buddha Incredible”: the “teacher’s” photo is emanating such a “power”, that he should obviously become another “sacred cow”. The situation is quite powerful, as our religious “democracy” has reached the level, when anyone might worship what he wants – starting with exotic idols and ending with quite common Barbie doll. So maybe this is a good explanation for the fact that the Chinese (who is hiding in the USA), who “had received an insight from the heaven”, is already being claimed to be inaccessible and to know all the mysteries of the Universe, and seems to be on top of the divine hierarchy.
The International Round Table Meeting (“Informational Extremism: the Truth and the Fiction about Falun Gong Movement”), that took place last autumn in Ukraine might become the clue to such a difficult case. Ukrainian public organization “Cults and Society” became the initiator of the round table. The experts, who were taking part in the round table sitting made rather a pessimistic conclusion: “the health-improving (Falun Dafa) system” should be banned! Even more, it should be banned as soon as soon as possible, as it meets neither the requirements of the Convention of Basic Human Rights and Freedoms Protection (articles 9 and 10), nor the ones of the Constitution of Ukraine (articles 35,36,37). It violates the Law “About the Freedom of Worshi and Religious Organizations” either (part 3 of article 7). The reason is that the “athletes” demonstrated some horrifying photos, with the scenes of inhuman tortures and imitated the acts of extracting…hearts, kidneys, and other organs while carrying out their public actions (photos from their public actions in Kiev are showing it very clearly).
The Institute of Social and Political Psychology of the Academy of Psychological Sciences of Ukraine had also given a negative estimate to this cult. We quote Vadim Vasyutinsky, PhD, the head of mass psychology laboratory: “Falun Dafa” doctrine is a kind of a pseudo-religious esoteric teaching, which is not traditional for our country. It has a blend of pseudo-religious and pseudo-scientific statements in it, and it insists that the authority of the leader is indisputable and that all his followers should obey him. Popularization of this doctrine would definitely have negative consequences. Spreading of Falun Gong is hazardous because of popularization of ignorance, it aggravates the ideological confrontation, destroys normal interpersonal relationships and it is harmful for family relationships either, it makes people dependent and humiliates the human dignity, it is harmful for health, and, at last, it justifies the sufferings and the violence”.
So now, when we have all these evidence, how can we believe that these meetings of “athletes” are really peaceful? Are they worth breaking up the relationships with a country, which turnover with our country reaches four milliards dollars annually?

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