A farce of ‘Ascension in Broad Daylight’

17 Aug

I’m Huang Cuiyan, 49 years old and live in Niulanshan Town, Shunyi District, Beijing. Due to obsessing with Falun Gong before, I lost my decent job, the family was broken and my son refused to live with me, but I still remained impenitent. And then my eldest sister and other relatives sent me to the psychological treatment center. On arriving at the center, I rejected  drinking, eating and talking.

During the second night after arriving at the psychological treatment center, I dreamed about the “Master” vaguely. He said at 12:00 am tomorrow a group of disciples and I would reach “Consummation”, while the sight of “Ascension in Broad Daylight” would appear on the occasion. I couldn’t believe it was true when I woke up. But on the second thought, I remembered the words of Master: “Consummation takes many different forms…In our practice system, I use the method of Ascension in Broad Daylight for those who are to go to the Falun Paradise… I can tell you, though, that with so many people reaching Consummation this time, I will definitely leave a profound lesson for the people who didn’t believe. So when my disciples Consummate in the future it will very likely be a magnificent sight, one that human society will never forget.” (Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Switzerland, September 4–5, 1998) I got so excited at the thought of the magnificent sight. After a long night, the day broke finally. I was bursting to tell the staff of the treatment center the good news and asked them firmly to return the confiscated things about Falun Gong. At the same time, I invited them to see this great magnificent feat。

I was in a state of great excitement all morning, and then I tried to control my emotions and began to study the Fa, practice and sit in meditation according to routine. At about 11 o’clock, I started packing up the things returned by the center. The volunteers of the center advised me not to take too much stuff, because the heaven has everything. I turned my back on them and made a decision to myself that in no case should I keep Master’s treasures for them.

At 11:30 am, holding the Zhuan Falun and other books in my bosom and pockets, I walked up to the yellow cushion in the open space with a banner printed with “Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance” over my shoulders and Li Hongzhi badges as well as “Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance” medals on my chest. Then the staff of the center came over and said: “Here are three suggestions for you. First, please take the three practitioners with you, I hope you can reach Consummation together. Second, don’t fly over the Capital Airport because there would be death if you clash against the plane, then you couldn’t reach Consummation on this vital link. Third, if you don’t need the flesh body, don’t pollute the air when the body goes through Light-Transformation in the air.” I nodded my head and said: “I will try my best.” Thereupon, I said to the three fellow practitioners: “Just go to prepare, or it will be too late.” Then, four of us began to sit in meditation silently waiting for the Master to pick us up.

As the minutes ticked away, the sun began to set behind the mountain, but there was still no sign for flying. My heart became anxious, then uneasy, impatient and helpless. Finally, other three fellow practitioners stood up and left full of grumble…But I could not be reconciled and kept waiting. The sun would set soon but I still didn’t fly up. I couldn’t support myself any more like a pricked balloon and fell in a faint at last.

It was dark when I woke up and I was so grieved to find myself still lying in bed. Thinking about the things I did for Dafa in more than a decade: I stepped forward to validate the Fa in the face of pressure; in order to totally repudiate the arrangement by all the evil old forces, I made every effort to “clarify the truth, send forth righteous thoughts and save sentient beings”; in order to protect the Fa, I cut off affection, flung away my wife and child resolutely, but in the end, I got nothing! I burst into tears at the thought of this. Instead of comforting me, the volunteers staying by my side let me have my cry out to release the sufferings and grievances of these years.

After the farce of “Ascension in Broad Daylight”, I understand with the volunteers’ help that the way I had passed was so evil and ruthless. But nowadays, with the help of cadres in community, I find a job as a warehouse keeper in a private company of Shunyi District and my son comes back to me again. I really have great passion for the work and great expectation for the life!

text from: http://english.kaiwind.com/Data/02/201007/t114001.htm


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