Frequently asked questions on the issue of Falun Gong

17 Aug

Q: Why is Falun Gong a cult?

A: Like many other cults in the world, Falun Gong has the nature of being anti-mankind, anti-science and anti-society. It practices cult leader worship, spreads fallacies, exercises mind control, ruins human lives and endangers society.

Like what all cults did, Li Hongzhi, the leader of Falun Gong, preaches “doomsday” and “catastrophe for mankind”. He said that the catastrophe could not be avoided. The only way of escape is to believe in “Falun Dafa”. Only he could save the “incurable” mankind to another “beautiful world”. He also threatened the practitioners that they would become ordinary people if they did not practice Falun Gong. Then nobody would protect them and the demons would come to take their lives. Ordinary people will inevitably go to destruction. The body will be destroyed, and the soul will be lost too.

The most direct social damage caused by Falun Gong is destruction of the practitioners’ lives and health. In the guise of health-building, Falun Gong uses suggestion psychology, and exaggerates its efficacy. It claims that those who sincerely practice Falun Gong will not fall sick or encounter danger.

It also says that birth, old age, disease and death are karma retribution. Taking medicine merely presses back karma, so one can not cure disease by taking medicine.

Deceived by such fallacies, many Falun Gong practitioners refuse to take medicine or consult doctors when they fall ill. According to statistics, up to now, over 1600 people in China have died of committing suicide or refusing medical treatment. On January 23 of this year, 7 Falun Gong practitioners set themselves on fire at Tiananmen Square in order to achieve “complete perfection”. This is another monstrous crime committed by Falun Gong to its followers by mind control, and it has further revealed its anti-mankind, anti-society and anti-science nature.

At the request of all people, the Chinese government has banned the Falun Gong cult in accordance with the law in order to protect human rights and safeguard social stability. This is also a great contribution to the world anti-cult course.

Q: What does Li Hongzhi really advocate?

A: The main points of Li Hongzhi’s Falun Dafa are as follows: “The present mankind is full of evils”. The doomsday is near and the mankind will be destroyed soon. Li Hongzhi is the sole savior. Only he can lead his followers to “go up to higher levels” by practicing Falun Gong, and finally become Buddha or immortals. Thus they can fly to the sky and achieve “perfection” and leave the human race.

As a result, the “doomsday” theory and cult leader worship have become the ideals of the Falun Gong practitioners. One of them said, ” I am determined not to be a human being any more. I must cultivate myself into an immortal.” In order to realize their “ideal” of becoming immortals, some practitioners were willing to follow any of Li Hongzhi’s instigations. 

Q: Falun Gong claims to believe in “Truth, Benevolence and Tolerance”. Why does the Chinese government say it deceives the public?

A: Li Hongzhi advocates that “Truth, Benevolence and Tolerance” is the supreme character of the universe. The human being is the product of this character of the universe. But because the mankind morality has declined sharply, the bad humans have fallen down to the center of the universe— the earth. The earth has thus become a garbage dump. He advocates “Truth, Benevolence and Tolerance” just for the sake of saving the mankind.

This fallacy advocated by Li Hongzhi is totally hypocritical, because what he has done runs counter to “Truth, Benevolence and Tolerance”. For instance, he said that people should tell no lies, while he himself changed his birthday from July 7, 1952 to May 13, 1951, so as to have the same birthday as Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism.

He advocated “Benevolence” and mercifulness, but he himself showed no sympathy to those Falun Gong practitioners who died of refusing medical treatment. He even denied they were his followers. He advocated “Tolerance”, but he did not tolerate any different opinions on Falun Gong, and even incited his followers to besiege those who have different opinions. Recently, Li Hongzhi even advocated “put down life and death”, “go beyond Tolerance”, and “Eliminate the devils” in order to incite the practitioners to fight openly against the society and government. Can this be called “Tolerance”? Li Hongzhi also declared that Falun Gong does not seek profits. But a survey shows that from May 1992 to the end of 1994, Li Hongzhi and his followers collected more than three million yuan by running Falun Gong training classes. 

Q: Since Li Hongzhi’s Falun Dafa is all fallacies, why there are so many believers?

A: The majority of Falun Gong practitioners did not see its true nature as a cult. They were deceived by some people in the Falun Gong organization who had ulterior motives. They practiced Falun Gong for various reasons. Some people believed that it might help build up health and cure illness. Some people were deceived by Li Hongzhi’s “Truth, Benevolence and Tolerance” and believed that it might help purify minds.

And some people believed in the fallacy that “the earth will explode and the date will be decided by Li Hongzhi” due to their low education level and shortage of scientific knowledge.

In the last two years, the Chinese government and people have made unremitting efforts to educate, convert and redeem the Falun Gong practitioners. Now the overwhelming majority have waken up and got rid of its mind control.

Q: Does Falun Gong really have the effects of overcoming illness and building up bodies?

A: Some Falun Gong practitioners claimed that they felt much better and their illness was gone after practicing Falun Gong. In fact, it was not due to any miraculous effects of Falun Gong. People with common medical knowledge will know that human beings can build up bodies by doing exercises, adjusting mood, or cultivating mind quietness.

Unlike the normal Qigong exercises, Falun Gong uses suggestion psychology and exaggerates its efficacy. Falun Gong repeatedly stimulates the practitioners by suggesting that it “gives them supernatural perception” and “the wheel of law resolving constantly in the abdomen”.

As a result, some people with weak psycho characters will have fantasy and fall into mental distress. They may do some extremist things and result in tragedies. Up to now, over 1600 people in China have died of committing suicide or refusing medical treatment as a result of practicing Falun Gong. Besides, over 650 people got mental distress, 11 people killed others, and 144 people became disabled. All these facts prove that Falun Gong will do great harms to practitioners’ physical and mental health rather than have any miraculous effects. 

Q: Why there are no instances of death of Falun Gong practitioners abroad, and in some countries it is even praised as a peaceful, morality improving spiritual movement?

A: In foreign countries, Li Hongzhi dared not to advocate his fallacies such as no doctors and medicines are needed for illness. He also denied that he had said such words in China. He was afraid that the local practitioners would accuse him if some of them lost lives. That might result in cracking down by the foreign governments, like what they did to the “People’s Temple” and “Branch Davidians.”

So, he transformed Falun Gong into a kind of Gymnastic show. Hence some curious foreigners take Falun Gong as an exercise to build up health. They can not understand why China has banned Falun Gong and hold that the Chinese government violated human rights.

We believe that Falun Gong’s true nature will be exposed to all when people know more about the great harms it has done to the thousands of families in China and its society.

Q: What is the legal basis for maintaining Falun Gong as an evil cult and banning it?

A: The Regulatory Rules for Social Groups of China stipulates that any social group should make registration before it is established, and should abide by the Constitution, laws, legal regulations and state policies. Social groups should in no way run counter to the basic principles in the Constitution, cause harm to the state and public interests as well as the legal rights and interests of other organizations and citizens, or violate the social morality and social mode.

The Falun Dafa Research Society, without registration in accordance with the law, has conducted such illegal activities as advocating superstition and fallacies, deceiving the people, provoking incidents and disturbing social order. Hence, the Chinese government decided to ban Falun Gong in accordance with The Regulatory Rules for Social Groups of China. 

Q: How does the Chinese Government deal with Falun Gong practitioners?

A: Falun Gong is an evil cult. However, most of the practitioners are not aware of the true nature of this cult organization. They have been taken in by some people with ulterior motives in the organization and are victims themselves. The government and people have made great efforts to persuade, transform and redeem them. The overwhelming majority of the Falun Gong practitioners have now waken up to their errors and are free from the mind control of this cult.

Once practitioners disengage themselves from Falun Gong organization and refrain from taking part in any of its activities, they will not be held accountable by the Chinese government. However, the few diehard elements and obsessed practitioners who engineer, organize or incite disturbances and poison ordinary people’s mind in the name of practicing health exercises will be punished according to law. 

Q: Falun Gong advocates non-violence and its practitioners held peaceful demonstrations. Why is this considered violation of the law?

A: Falun Gong practices cult leader worship, fabricates and spreads heretic fallacies, exercises spiritual control on its practioners, tramples on human rights, ruins the lives and endangers the society. On 22 July 1999, in accordance with the demand by the people, the Chinese government decided to outlaw Falun Gong. The Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China issued a public notice prohibiting the hanging or posting anywhere of the banners, pictures, emblems advocating “Falun Dafa” (Falun Gong) and all activities, including assemblies, processions and demonstrations etc., organized by “Falung Gong” in the name of “promoting the Dafa.”

By confusing and poisoning people’s minds in the name of “promoting and safeguarding Falun Dafa”, Li Hongzhi induced a small number of practitioners to openly challenge the law, disturb social order and damage social stability. Their acts are illegal. Recently, some Falun Gong addicts, bewitched by Li Hongzhi, committed self-immolation at the Tiananmen Square. This incident has further exposed the sinful nature of the so-called non-violence and peaceful demonstration as advocated by Falun Gong.

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