Confession of “a senior reporter” from Minghui

7 Sep

My name is Kui Yujuan, female, 43 years old, college degree, used to be an accountant at the General Merchandise Station of Nanyang City, Henan Province. I started to practice Falun Gong since 1996, and became a faithful reader of Minghui Net and I was also a senior reporter for Falun Gong website. From 2000 to 2004, more than 20 articles I wrote were published on Falun Gong websites, which included “Falun Dafa in Nanyang,” “My Family Suffered Persecution Because of Religion; Husband and Daughter Have Been illegally Sentenced to 7 Years”, “Persecution Experience of Nanyang Dafa Disciple Yu Fengqin”, “Justice Bulletin of Nanyang City – Police Tracking down and Persecuting Practitioners”, “13 Dafa Disciples in Nanyang Being Illegally Sentenced”. Here I brief about my experience of issuing these articles on the Minghui Net.

In May 1967, I was born in Kashi in an ordinary worker’s family, and I was unsophisticated, kind-hearted, quiet and loving to learn. In October 1989, I followed my father going back to our hometown – Nanyang City, Henan Province, and I became an accountant in Nanyang General Merchandise Station. At that time, I was truly envied by many people for my job. A year later, I married and had children, and our family lived a happy life.

However, I did not know when or how my father had been hooked on Falun Gong, and he “earnestly” advised me to practice Falun Gong. Being frequently exposed to the so-called Fa Conference, I became a faithful Dafa disciple myself.

On July 20, 2000, I went to Beijing with other four Falun Gong practitioners in Nanyang. We had meditation practice with a banner flying at the Tiananmen Square, and were sent back to Nanyang. After coming back from Beijing, I felt I was already on a “higher level”, and was immeasurably nearer to Consummation because my Gong powers had been significantly improved. At that moment, fellow practitioner Liu Li asked me to write articles sharing my experience, saying it could further help me reach higher Gong levels. She promised me to publish them on the internet soon after these articles being submitted to a person named Ma Le who then lived in Zhengzhou City. Not knowing what I was about, I immediately promised to have a show of my writing ability, feeling proud and satisfied.

Late at night, silence reigned supreme. Years ago, I used to stay late learning at school. Bu this time I wrote at the desk for Minghui Net, and I was too excited to control myself. I wrote down the whole experience of my two trips to Beijing at a breath and immediately gave it to Ma Le. Soon, my article was published on the Minghui Net, when I heard the “good news”, I jumped up with excitement – after all, these published words were fruits of my painstaking labor and “wisdom”. I could not wait to go to an Internet cafe to browse on the net. Opening the pages, I was somewhat puzzled. The article on the internet read “Persecution Experience of Nanyang Dafa Disciple Yu Fengqin” (But Yu Fengqin was my mother! And my article was originally about my own experience to Beijing. Why did they change it into my mother’s experience? Every one knows that my mother had not been to Beijing). I could not believe this was my article because it was changed and exaggerated beyond recognition. The article vividly described how the police hit me, handcuffed me and kicked my head. It also added colored details to the story that the police also beat practitioners who came to Beijing, and so on so forth. Although this distorted story was fabricated all by themselves, I felt ashamed, and realized that they were actually telling lies. I went to see Liu Li and asked her, “What’s the matter with you people? We practitioners are in pursuit of Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance, how can you lie to people like that? ” Yet Liu Li remained extremely calm, she advised me not to get excited and “enlightened” me, “Xiao Juan, you are now a Dafa disciple, you must contribute to protect Fa, everything you do is watched by the Master, whether you are sincere or not will be kept on books by the Master.” She went on saying, “Your article has been undergone literary and artistic process by Minghui Net, which is necessary for protecting Fa! Articles on Minghui Net are all undergoing such a process, and you ought to turn around early. Otherwise, it will undo all your efforts.” I nodded thoughtfully, and Liu eerily put RMB 50 yuan into my hands, saying it was the reward of Falun Gong website, and then throwing me a shadowed smile.

I began to carefully browse the articles on Minghui Net every day and found out what Liu told me was true, the articles exposing and criticizing “persecution” were becoming more and more bloody and outrageous. I suddenly understood and became “enlightened”, and began to write with blind courage and vicious criticism. When I wrote articles exposing and criticizing the Chinese government, I often had “bright” ideas and felt having a ready pen. And ever since then, I published numerous pieces of “time bomb” articles on the Minghui Net. Thanks to my “brilliant performance”, I was soon appointed as “senior correspondent” for Minghui Net, and became a perspective “top writer” in the evil circle.

As I was fascinated with writing and making interviews, I had no place in heart for my husband and son, and often regarded them as obstacles on my way of protecting Fa. Once, my husband was out, I concentrated on my writing. My little son came in and asked me to help with his home work.

As I even did not look at him, my son took my clothes by the hem, his eyes brimmed over with tears, “Mum, Dad is out, please help me, or the teacher will come down on me.”

“Now get out! Leave me alone!” I kicked my son onto the bedroom door, his forehead was hit and he was dripping blood on the face. Under such circumstances, I was getting more and more furious. Pointing at his face I cursed my son, “You black sheep! How dare you mess up my thinking? I won’t let you off!” I quickly got hold of a broom, hit right on my son’s face, and his hoarse cry for help broke the silence of night.

To avoid family interference, I firmly divorced my husband, and left the family with a divorce certificate, becoming a “professional” reporter for Minghui Net.

In 2004, I was sentenced to imprisonment for violating laws. With the help and education of police officers, I have shaken off the shackles of Falun Gong. In 2008, I was released ahead of time for rendering meritorious service. I returned to Nanyang City after a long time absence, only to find out that everything had changed. My ex-husband remarried, I had no home, and no job. As I walked aimlessly along the bank of White River, watching the lights went out one after another, bitter tears flooded my eyes.

When I was helpless, it was the local anti-cult volunteers that lent me a hand. They helped me find a job and get relief fund for minimum living standard. Also under their help, I participated in the re-organization of my original unit, and received enterprise benefit from the government. After getting out of the dark shadows, I had a new family. And now I cherish my “love nest” as much as my own life.

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