Falun Gong

7 Dec

A Creation of a China man named Li Hongzhi (who claim himself to be reincarnate buddha and student of great master of Buddhism and thus has super power like invulnerable to all kind of illness in his tutorial vedio). The theroy of Falun Gong is a twisted combination of most conceptions of QI GONG (See Note) and the philosophy of Buddhism but it is developed to be more easy to understand and practise for common people rather than the orignial ones which had taken Monks life time to partly understand.

The Purpose for people who Practise Falun Gong is mainly to strengthen the body and mind (Like QI GONG but it apears to be more easier if they practise Falun Gong ) or obtain some kind of super ability( something like float on the air and turn iron to gold etc… as Li Hongzhi said in his tutorial vedio).

On the early stages the FALUN Practiser do will experience the change like those who practise QI GONG as Falun GONG copied most part of QI GONG’s discipline .However since the “Great Master” Li Hongzhi himself has not reached the Higer stages of QI GONG and he just made things up in his book, so what is waitting for the Practiser is UNKOWN but mostly resulted in mental illness AKA “Zou Huo Ru Mo”

In China during the 1990’s ,People are obsessed with QI GONG for it’s exaggerated benefits on body.This had made FALUN GONG popular (Since it’s the first time people made QI GONG a “Fast Learning” subject in unprecedented ways like vediotape ,seminars ….)the approximated number FALUN GONG students would be counted by millions at that time. However different from normal industry of education ,FALUN GONG teaches it’s students to belive in somthing and worship someone (the Great Mast LiHongzhi himself). When finnaly FALUN GONG got close to become a religon with “belivers” the students “godfathers” the teachers and “God” Li Hongzhi,the Chinese government had finnaly noticed that something is dead wrong.Not only for they are trying to make an ill-conceived thoery religion but also for they trends to be an well organized group with millions of members which would of course put an threat to the Chinese government.

Two Major incidents had accelerated the death of FALUN GONG.
1)After FALUN GONG Organization had finnaly realized that articles that challenging FALUN GONG on the newspapers was authorized by the goverment ,It decided to make an major strike back .On April the 25th 1999 ,Li Hongzhi ordered thousands of it’s belivers to round up the central government office “Zhong nan hai” to protest.This only stengthened the government’s determination to prohibit such organization.

2)On January 23th 2001 the desperate FALUN GONG had made its finnal and most horrying move.Several FALUN GONG belivers lit themselves up with gasoline on tiananmen square ,one of the belivers Liu Chunling 35 lit her 12 years old daughter Liu Siying as well.Not long after that FALUN GONG was officially decared Evil Cult in hina and people started to know what really it is.

FALUN GONG Today.Safe and rich in the United States the “Great Master” Li Hongzhi find a new job to stay on focus -CIA Agent , along with his colleague DaLai to contain the rising China with “religon and human right” issues.

Right today no one but the pulic belive such thing as FALUN GONG and they would rather belive it to be true cos nothing but a murderous Chinese government would make them feel more superior than those “dirty miserable dog eatting slave working chinks”

text from: http://www.facts.org.cn/puop/201008/t116149.htm


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