Not forgotten

4 Jan

I am deeply disturbed by a letter on your Web site, “Never forget,” which is about the Beijing Olympics promotion in the Pasadena Rose Parade.

First, as an immigrant from China, I must insist that I am no fan of the Chinese Communist Party. I was in the streets during the tragic summer of 1989.

However, the accusations made in the letter that the Beijing Olympics is promoting CCP killings, that the CCP had killed more people than the Nazis and that live organ harvests are being performed on Falun Gong members, are totally inappropriate or complete lies.

In particular, the so-called Falun Gong movement is a complete scam that infested the US media with lies upon lies that are designed to incite an uninformed audience.

As early as 1998, the Chinese Internet community — most of us are students in foreign universities — launched a grassroots movement AGAINST the so-called Falun Gong movement. The believers worship a person (Li Hongzhi), who lives in New York, and call him their God.

Buddha, Mohammed and Jesus — yes, YOUR Jesus — are merely low-power existences compared to him. The list goes on, but most disturbingly he taught his believers not to seek medical help, saying illness is him punishing (or testing) them.

Back in early 1998, we — many Chinese students and professionals in foreign countries — started condemning this ridiculous cult under the veil of “religion” on Web sites and at forums. Later that year, a gang of Falun Gong believers beat up the chief editor of Tianjin Children’s Science Newspaper for publishing an article in which Falun Gong was mentioned as an unhelpful practice for science education. The Falun Gong members even used their connections to force the beaten man to publicly apologize for his publication.

All the above things are unknown to Western readers, as obviously demonstrated on your Web site. The US public only started to hear Falun Gong’s side of the stories after the Chinese government started a criminal investigation of Li, the god. Since he immigrated to the US, the investigation went nowhere.

And they did a terrible job in the crackdown on Falun Gong, a failure only exceeded by Bush’s war in Iraq.

As for the allegation that the government is conducting live organ harvests, that is just a blatant lie.

In 2000, a series of pictures were circulating over the Internet depicting two Chinese police officers torturing a female Falun Gong member. This was published in the US news media.

What US media forgot to follow up on was the fact that the Chinese government later detained all three people in the picture: a husband-wife-brother team. They rented a desolate warehouse and started their own torture-picture program.

I want to conclude by saying that Beijing has many problems, including human rights, the environment, you name it. But to depict Falun Gong members as “political dissidents” … oh, please.

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