Sinister motives

25 Jan

What is Falun Gong (Falun Dafa) ? How did the “persecution” of Falun Gong occur in China —— “Li claims abnormal powers, grown by precision with devout masters in the plateau from his youth; his book, Zhuan Falun (“Turning the Law Wheel”), posits which he can provide disease some-more effectively than medicine, and can telekinetically make the falun, or law wheel, in to the abdomens of his followers, where it soaks up and releases energy as it spins (other ideology attributed to Li have been which he can fly, which Africa has a dual billion-year-old chief reactor, and which aliens invaded Earth about a century ago, introducing complicated technology; one type, he told Time magazine, “looks similar to a human, but has a nose which is done of bone”).”

“Falun Gong looks, acts and smells similar to a cult with showy conceivable domestic ambition, not to discuss the interplanetary stuff. The thought which it is merely an old ladies’ practice organisation is disarming and disingenuous, notwithstanding the bona fide participation of supporters who find health-restoring practice regimes. Cults flower on pulling in domestic innocents who have been afterwards used as pawns in a incomparable domestic struggle.” —————- some-more sum at “Sinister Motives might slink in sect” by Phillip Cunningham AP Article: An glorious pick up of articles connected with the Falun Gong: Read on top of articles, afterwards decider for yourself.

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