Master Li is just an ordinary person

11 May

On the morning of April 25, 1999, ten thousand plus Falun Gong practitioners surrounded Zhongnanhai, where top Chinese leaders both live and work. Such a protest had not been seen since the student movement in 1989, and immediately made the Falun Gong an instant hit around the world.
In an interview with Time in 1999, Li Hongzhi, the soft-spoken 47-year-old creator of Falun Gong, spoke about the joys of levitating and claimed that aliens have been invading humanity since the beginning of this century. Li fended off questions about how hisfollowers are organized and denied that he had anything to do with the “spontaneous” protest in Beijing on April 25. But in August 1999, the Chinese government produced immigration documents to show that he visited Beijing from April 22 to April 24. Li claimed he was simply in transit to Australia
A few weeks before the demonstration, *Time* interviewed Li Hongzhi in Manhattan, where he settled after leaving China in 1998. Li believes the ancient Chinese art of qigong (Falun Gong is one variation) can endow practitioners with superhuman powers. But the topic Master Li seemed to be most knowledgeable about was…aliens. Reporter Biema
described the scene:
“Suddenly conversation veered to a topic Li has thus far broached to none but his inner circle: aliens on earth…’One type of alien looks like a human but has a nose made of a bone,’ Li confided. ‘Everyone thinks that scientists invent on their own,’ said Li, ‘when in fact their inspiration is manipulated by the aliens…The aliens intend to replace all humans with clones,’ Li added
“Master Li knew much more about aliens than any ordinary human being could possibly know. Amazed, the reporter asked him an unusual question: ‘Are you a human being?’ Li replied, ‘You can think of me as a human being.’ Not getting a straight answer, the reporter asked the question from a different angle. ‘Are you from earth?’ Perhaps annoyed by the reporter’s drilling on the subject, Master Li gave an arrogant and defiant answer: ‘I don’t wish to talk about myself at a higher level. People wouldn’t understand it.’
In 1996, Li was hinting that he was not just an ordinary human being, but rather a reincarnated deity who has lived many previous lives.

“The things imparted to me by my several masters in this life are exactly what I intentionally arranged a few lifetimes ago for them to obtain. When the predestined occasion arrived, it had already been arranged that they [would] impart those things back to me so that I could recall my fa (Law) in its entirety.”
In March, 2002, Li announced that “no being knows who I am. Yet without me, the cosmos wouldn’t exist. ”
On February 15, 2003 at a Falun Gong conference near Los Angeles, Master Li started by telling his followers that: “I came from the inside, and came from the outside; I came from nothing, formed into something, appeared at the pinnacle of the colossal firmament, and then from there I descended step by step to the most [lowest] surface, the Three Realms [our world, where humans live]. No being knows who I am.”
If you wished to get hold of the official biography of Master Li, you would have great difficulty in doing so. In 2000, all copies of Zhuan Falun printed before 1999 were replaced by a newer version which omitted the biography. The replacement was thorough. It is said that not only were bookstore copies replaced, but practitioners also replaced their old versions with the new ones as well.
If you would like to know about Master Li, ask his neighbors at 103 Jiefang Street in Chuangchan, where he lived for many years until he became famous. Neighbors remembered him as a distrusting person with a bad temper. They recalled three cases where Li fought with people, one time even ganging up on a neighbor with his friends. Another complaint from the neighbors was that Li built a wall blocking the hallway that ran past his front door, causing a lot of inconvenience to other.

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