Disguised man on flight might be a Falun Gong member

28 Jun

Nov. 18 (Kaiwind) –On Oct. 29, a Chinese man who disguised as an elderly white man boarded a flight from Hong Kong to Canada. This case has caused widespread concern of world’s media. The Real Identity of the man might be a Falun Gong member,the AP reported on November 9.

A Hong Kong official who declined to be named told the AP that the imposter is a mainland Chinese citizen, the man likely escaped detection because he used his own travel documents and a genuine boarding pass when clearing immigration checkpoints in Hong Kong, and then swapped travel papers with a collaborator in the transit lounge just before boarding the flight to Vancouver, British Columbia.
Jim Murray, a lawyer for Canada Border Services Agency, said the refugee claimant identified himself as a member of an organization in China and there is concern for the safety of some of the group’s members. He did not specify the group involved.

The man is very concerned that information disclosed at the hearing might become available to Chinese authorities. His lawyer Dan McLeod argued the hearings should be held in the absence of the media, specifically singling out three Chinese media outletsSing Tao, Ming Pao and World Journal. McLeod expressed concern that even if the court barred publication of his client’s name, Chinese media might reveal the information to authorities.

McLeod cited Canadian human rights lawyer David Matas as saying that Sing Tao had been sued by members of Falun Gong, a meditation sect that has been banned in China.”Sing Tao had published an article saying that Falun Gong had advocated the destruction of the world and identified three Falun Gong practitioners,” said McLeod.

But when reporters asked him outside the hearing room if his client was a member of Falun Gong, he said he couldn’t discuss details of the case.

According to Ifeng.com, the case has aroused concern of the American authorities, especially the Department of Homeland Security of America. The International Criminal Police Organization also got involved because there may be counter-terrorism issues.

 text from: http://www.facts.org.cn/Reports/China/201011/t121259.htm



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