The Epoch Times

11 Aug

These news boxes for The Epoch Times have sprouting up around Midtown Manhattan lately. Despite the apocalyptic name, it’s not run by rapture-ready Christians —but rather by the Falun Gong. Not surprisingly, there are frequent ads for a book called “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party,” and Opinion pieces about (no surprise) the same book. What is surprising is that this pro-F.G. content is thoroughly camouflaged by an abundance of AP and Reuters wire stories, making The Epoch Times resemble, at first glance, an especially lame newsweekly. Granted, there’s a bias toward articles that show the evils of the Chinese government, but there’s also a non-F.G. local news, a travel section, and even recipes (not sure if they’re stealth F.G. propaganda recipes, however).

Still, though, the mystical craziness inevitably seeps through, most notably in “Anomalies”, a column that professes to “challenge our readers to take a fresh look at our changing world and perhaps consider whether our established belief system is adequate.” Hmm, what other “belief system” might they be advocating?

This week’s Anomalies is probably only one of many that will deal with the concept of a universe that is basically filled with plasma and electric currents. From this “new” mindset the controlling forces in the universe are electrical in nature while from the existing, or “old,” mindset the force of gravity is the predominant force at work throughout the cosmos. A very compelling example of the use of this new understanding of the universe is the explanation of a specific type of rock art that has been discovered all around the world, the so-called “squatter man.”

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