Is Li Hongzhi not Falun Gong?

6 Sep

JE: Just one more Falun Gong posting for now. This time, we hear from Massoud Malek:
On 6 November, Istvan Simon wrote:
I do not particularly care whatever Li Hongzhi may or not have said in front of television cameras. That is because I think that Li Hongzhi is not the Falun Gong.
Massoud Malek responds:
Could we also say that Jesus is not Christianity or Muhammad is not Islam?

No one knows exactly when Zoroaster was born. The same goes with Buddha. Li Hongzhi’s birth certificate states that he was born on 7 July 1952, but he was actually born on the same day as Sakyamuni (Buddha), on 13 May 1951. Here is how Li Homgzhi explains his birthday:

“Some people spread rumors that I changed my date of birth, and this is true. During the Cultural Revolution, the government misprinted my date of birth. What I did was simply to change the misprinted date of birth to the correct one. As for the fact that Sakyamuni was also born on this day, what does that have to do with me? Many other people were also born on this day. In addition, I have never claimed that I am Sakyamuni.”

Note: The Cultural Revolution took place many years after his birthday. Why did the Chinese government issue a new birth certificate making him younger?

Every prophet produced at least one miracle; here are some miracles by Li Hongzhi that [ordinary people could not comprehend]:
When Li Hongzhi was eight years old, he suddenly became aware that something had appeared at the corner of his eyes. Gradually, he realized they were the words “zhen-shan-ren.” No one else could see them, but they were constantly visible to him. At the age of eight, Li Hongzhi was already highly proficient in Dafa and had acquired supernatural powers. When he played hide-and-seek with his companions, he had only to think “other people cannot see me” to make himself invisible to others, who could not see him even if they directed a flashlight at his face. With a simple flick of a finger, he could draw long, rusty, and crooked nails out of pieces of wood. If he found two people about to get into a fight, he could prevent one of them from approaching the other simply by thinking that that person should not go near the other person.

One day, when in the fourth grade of elementary school, Li left school without taking along his school bag, and when he went back to get it the door of the classroom was locked and the windows had been shut. He thought that it would be nice if he could get in. No sooner had the thought flashed through his mind that he found himself in the classroom. Another thought, and he was out again. On another occasion he had this thought: what would it feel like to be in the middle of a window pane? No sooner had he thought this than he found himself positioned in the window. He at once felt as if his body and brain were filled with shards of glass; it was most uncomfortable, so he hurriedly got out again. He did not know, at the time, what was the power of gong; he thought everyone was like this, and paid no attention to the matter.

Here is what Li Hongzhi said on September 4–5, 1998 in Geneva about the decline of the Greek Civilization:
Question: Why is it that homosexuals are considered bad people?
Teacher: Let me tell you, if I weren’t teaching this Fa today, gods’ first target of annihilation would be homosexuals. It’s not me who would destroy them, but gods. You know that homosexuals have found legitimacy in that homosexuality was around back in the culture of ancient Greece. Yes, there was a similar phenomenon in ancient Greek culture. And do you know why ancient Greek culture is no more? Why are the ancient Greeks gone? Because they had degenerated to that extent, and so they were destroyed.

Conclusion: What is more disturbing? Mike Bonnie’s posts on Falun Gong or reading in this high-minded forum posts about a prophet who dislikes homosexuals, mixed races, and the Chinese government?

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