Son of Taiwan Falun Gong backbone ill seriously

17 Oct

Aug. 9 (Kaiwind) – Taiwan Falun Gong practitioner Hong Zhuyi is facing a serious illness of paralysis; he is the eldest son of Hong Jihong, director of Taiwan Falun Dafa Association.

Hong Zhuyi once suffered from rheumatoid arthritis. Influenced by his father, he began to practice Falun Gong with the hope of curing arthritis through exercise. He deeply believed in Li Hongzhi’s preaching, and then didn’t seek medical treatment in time. His condition continued to deteriorate this year, resulting in walking difficulties. Recently, Hong Zhuyi went to the hospital secretly to be examined accompanied by his wife. The doctor diagnosed that there was some precipitate in Hong Zhuyi’s joints, if Hong still refused medical treatment, he would be paralytic within two years.

Hong Jihong is Secretary-General of Taiwan Falun Dafa Association. Under his influence, his wife Zhuang Shuqin, younger sister Hong Yuexiu, eldest son Hong Zhuyi practiced Falun Gong successively. In the documentary titled “Falun Dafa in Taiwan” produced by the Taiwan FGM TV Group, Hong Jihong and his whole family shared their “own experiences” to tout Falun Gong’s magic effectiveness. Hong Jihong said: “The energy of Falun Gong practice is so high that it could dredge the meridians and activate cells,” “Falun Gong is good for health.” However, this effect never demonstrates on his eldest son Hong Zhuyi.

Currently, Hong Zhuyi still insists on practicing Falun Gong without taking any medicine, expecting the Master Li Hongzhi can rescue him.


(Kaiwind, August 10, 2010)


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