People feel repulsion for Shen Yun

29 Nov

Editor’s note: Falun Gong promotes Shen Yun performance using false advertisements. Many net friends all over the world express their feelings on the net of Yelp after watching the performance. They say the performance is advocating Falun Gong in the guise of traditional Chinese arts and warn people not be duped.

Mel L.
Arcadia, CA

Don’t be fooled, this is not a cultural performance, but a way for Falun Gong to “cult-ivate” new cult members…  It’s virulently anti-Chinese Communist Party, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s a heavy-handed attempt to beat you over the head to get you to join their cult.  Save your time and money and find other alternatives instead.

Richard R.
Los Angeles, CA

Oh I wish I had done my homework on this one! Sadly my family and I were duped into seeing the last performance in this recent LA run so I will simply archive this comment for those to see the next time they descend upon LA.

All the previous comments are dead on accurate. Let me be clear about this, the main issue here is DECEPTION and FALSE ADVERTISING. While this show is mostly fluffy culture-light entertainment, which is what we signed up for, the reality is totally overshadowed by a clear political and religious message. I really don’t appreciate having my young children subjected to frightening and realistic scenes of torture without my knowing about it. And I really don’t appreciate being duped into giving money to a well organized political and religious organization that I frankly don’t care about one way or the other.

A quick web search will reveal reviews and comments very similar to mine. The only exceptions seem to be from news reports by NTDTV and the Epoch Times, oh and the one positive review here. And what pray-tell could these disparate entities have in common…..

Safa S.
Anaheim, CA

I have to say I was a sucker as the last 2 yelp writers. The performance website did not mention anything about Falun Gong (they claimed classical Chinese dance)… but religious conversion was the major point of this performance. I spent $80 per ticket and drove 2.5 hours in rush hour, just to watch religious propaganda. I felt so cheated and embarrassed (I brought guests with me).  They had Italian style opera, sung in Chinese about the religion (eek! methinks not!).   I want a refund!

Peter G.
Woodland Hills, CA

We went to Shun Yun at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.   It was billed as, “An unforgettable experience of classical Chinese dance and music.”

Foolishly, I expected a troupe from China to present dance and acrobatics, similar to what I’ve seen in China and elsewhere.


It turns out Shen Yun is a virulently anti- Chinese government (PRC)  Falun Gong religious revival show, whose performers are primarily from New York.

Now, I don’t know enough about Falon Gong to be for or against; and I have my own (ill-informed) opinions about the PRC; but the point is the billing is totally misleading.  We didn’t spend $150 each to be given Kool-Aid.

Following the performance we were approached by a ‘journalist’ who started by asking us our impressions and very quickly fell into defending ‘the movement’ and arguing its cause.  We explained we weren’t’ in judgment about ‘the movement’ – just its tactics … uh, like people pretending to be journalists and performances pretending to be … well, just performances.

As we left, we were approached again by another ‘journalist’, but this time we just walked on and out.

Let me Yelpify this by saying … imagine you booked a $150 prix fixe meal at Chez Vegan; and your first course was pretty ok steak tartare … ‘nuf said.

Mike M.
Sacramento, CA

Saw this show in Northern California, and it is total, utter tripe.

I’ve seen better Chinese dancing for free. Cheesy graphics. Polyester clothing. Mediocre coreography. Plus, they beat you about the head and neck for THREE HOURS with their cult-message.

Li teaches that mixed-race marriages confuse God, and that there are aliens among us. I was wondering why the woman selling nicknacks at the show we attended gave my wife and I the brush — I’m white, my wife clearly is not.

The deception in the advertising is terrible. It’s Falun Gong from the time the cheesy announcers come out until the time the curtains finally close for the last time. And it’s EXPENSIVE!

They deny it’s propaganda. They’re still wrong on that point.

noah s.
Brentwood, CA

Very disappointing. Like the most of the reviews I’ve read, I wish I had read the reviews prior to attending. Billed as Chinese dance meets cirque de soleil – this performance is mediocre at best. Unless you are want to see propaganda for the Falun Gong religion, don’t waste your time. Costumes were pretty, but dancing was extremely repetitive and the propaganda was downright childish. I will be addressing my complaints to the Music Center and requesting a refund based on faulty advertising.

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One Response to “People feel repulsion for Shen Yun”

  1. Joanna January 16, 2012 at 9:57 pm #

    I spent $100 per ticket for my family of four to watch Shen Yun and totally felt scammed. Chinese arts was abused to promote Falun Gong. Falun Gong was promoted by the singers and dancers in a very offensive, “in-your-face” manner. I would not advise anyone to go and see it and be scammed. If people wants to promote Falun Gong, please do not charge people for it.

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