Cang Dingjie becomes psychotic due to Falun Gong

13 Feb

Wang Wanying, 61 years old, lives in Panhuang Town in Yandu District, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province. Cang Dingjie, her son, had gone so far after practicing Falun Gong that he made both his parents and neighbors panic by threatening to kill them. Here’s the account by Wang Wanying:

Cang Dingjie used to be such a good boy, obedient, thoughtful, smart, and diligent. He was admitted into Suzhou Institute of Silk Textile Technology in 1989 and it was a big event at the village at that time. All the villagers were happy for him. At his graduation in 1993, Cang Dingjie started to work at Yancheng Huamao Composite Silk Factory. He was a responsible,diligent and professional young man, receiving not only the approbations of factory director and section chief, but also awards every year.

In 1997, Cang Dingjie met with Falun Gong. He studied very hard every day, reading those books in blue cover, lots of them. He told us that he bought them from Xinhua Book Store. We thought he was preparing for the self-study examination. But later on, his father heard it from others that my son was practicing Falun Gong. We talked to him and said he should concentrate on the self-study examination. But he said: “These are good books; after I practice it, I don’t have to see doctor when I fall ill, for the Fashen of my Master will protect me.” Just like that, he read these bad books, sit cross-legged and went out to do those things day and night. He refused to work anymore, often saying that “going up to higher level”, “going to heaven”, and “achieving Consummation”, and he was only in his 20s at that time. None of us could understand him.

Shortly after, we found that he stopped reading newspapers and watching TV. He usually got up to practice at midnight and slept during daytime. I talked to him and he said: “You ordinary people don’t understand it, I do what the Master tells me to do.” He said our level was too low and he would bring us up to higher levels, telling us to read the books about Falun Gong together with him. I said, “I’m unlettered, how can I read your books?” He said: “I’ll teach you. Only Falun Gong can make people achieve Consummation, achieveAscension in Broad Daylight, and help people remove all kinds of diseases. I had poor vision because of my karma. Look at me, I don’t have to wear glasses to see people clearly now.”

He had always been ill ever since he started to practice Falun Gong and refused to take any medicine, telling me that he would recover by practicing and he didn’t need doctors with “the protection of the Master’s Fashen”. He did nothing except for reading the books about Falun Gong and practicing. He refused to do farming for us and did nothing even when we needed labor to build our new house. He said: “You do it yourselves, I don’t want the house; Master will take me away with him.”

As time went by, we found that he became more and more obsessed with practicing and his body became weaker and weaker. He read all day long and said things we didn’t understand. We found it difficult to communicate with him and fellow villagers believed he had gone crazy. When they saw him, they stayed far away from him.

He hadn’t made a penny since he started to practice Falun Gong and all the savings had gone. In early years, we tried to talk him out of it; in order to get away from us, he became the contractor of fish pond to produce loach and eel. But his real plan was to find a place to practice without being interrupted. He poured the fishes into the pond and then did nothing. In the end, all the fishes had gone.

The entire family depends on the old couple of us right now; but how much can his father make by doing hard labor? Not enough for him alone. People say to have a son is to have someone to depend on when you’re getting old. But take a look at him, a sick man, that’s all. He’s 39 years old now, no money, no wife, and no work. All he has in his mind is his Master, Li Hongzhi. One day, he pushed me down the stairs and said to me angrily: “I want to kill someone, that’s all I want to do now!” “I’ll kill whoever against me.” He said I was “demon” and he wanted to “remove the demon”. My husband and I were so scared that we didn’t dare to go back home.

These years, apart from practicing, he always says things that we don’t understand. But I have no other choice but to keep a close eye on him. His father is 63 years old and has to do odd jobs to support us. But sometimes I had to do some farming work and he would take the chance to run out. At the sight of him, our neighbors would run far away as seeing a ghost. One day, He went into the house of Xiangs, one of our neighbors, and wanted to strangle the grandson. The boy hid under the bed and Cang couldn’t reach him; otherwise, the boy would have been dead for sure. But Cang said: “I’m here to kill monsters and remove demons; the thing I strangle is not human being but demon and monster. You ordinary people can’t see it.”

We have 18 neighbors and all of them are afraid to meet him, especially the children, they don’t even dare to leave their houses. One day, his father said it was Li Hongzhi who ruined his life; he said nothing and grabbed a shovel to wave it at his father. If it were not two good men passing by and taking the shovel from him by force, his father would have been killed.

He’s now at hospital and was diagnosed as schizophrenia. I don’t know whether the hospital can help him recover or not. If they do and he stops believing in this evil gong, our family still has hope; if they can’t get him well or if they can but he still believes in the evil gong, we have no future and I don’t know how to live on.

(Kaiwind, August 25, 2009)

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