Liu Yingze dies for Falun Dafa

13 Feb

Liu Yingze, male, 63 years old, Han nationality, junior high school graduate, a retiree from Fulong Health Center in Yuechi County, Guang’an City, Sichuan Province, lived at No. 67 Old Street of Tenglong Community in Fulong. He started his medical career in October 1979 and soon became one of the top local doctors thanks to his hard work and professional skills.

He started to practice Falun Gong in 1999 but didn’t tell his family about it. He used to be a talkative man but since then he had been quite silent and always been alone. He usually shut himself in his own room after work, reading books and studying Fa, listening to the tapes and watching VCD about Falun Gong. He lied to his family and neighbors that he was reading medical books and told them these materials were very important. He locked them in a cupboard and forbade anyone to take a look at them.

The more he studied, the more he believed in such heretical ideas of Li Hongzhi as “removing karma” and “achieving Consummation”. He always said to his family that “a practitioner will benefit the entire family” and would bless the descendants. He claimed that to practice it would help the practitioners “remove both karma and illness”; as a result, “you don’t have to take any medicine if you fall ill and it will help you become an immortal or even a Buddha”. He told others what drugs can do is merely suppressing ordinary “diseases” instead of rooting them out; they will become even worse once “karma” comes back. Since the theory of Falun Gong about “removing karma and illness” took root in his head; whenever he felt unwell, he would handle it by “removing karma” and always lied about his diseases to his family, neighbors, and community leaders that cared about him.

On December 1, 2008, he was found not alright for he couldn’t even make a stable step while walking. His family dragged him to People’s Hospital of Yuechi County for a physical examination and his illness was diagnosed as an advanced lung cancer.

He still had illusionary faith in Falun Gong even when he was dying, continuously believing in all its heretical theories and put all the hope on its concept of “removing karma and illness”. He kept sending forth righteous thoughts, chanting “Falun Dafa is good”, begging the Master bless him. He soon became skinny and his face was withered and yellow. But still, he refused to take any medicine and would spit out the drugs his family fed him. His family was sad but could do nothing about him.

On July 4, 2009, he knew there was no much time left for him and sent for all his family members. With the help of his son, he managed to sit up. With tears all over the face, he told them a secret that he tried to hide from them for years. In fact, he knew about the lung disease several years ago, for he could feel the pain in the lung and sometimes vomited streaks of blood. According to his professional experience, he knew he had serious lung disease. The reason why he chose to hide it from others was that he wanted to get rid of the “illness karma” by practicing so as to “correct the wrong accusation” against Falun Gong. But it never occurred to him that he couldn’t make it to the day he had expected. He passed away several days later at the age of 63.

(, August 27, 2009)

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