So they finally achieve “Consummation”

13 Feb

Three practitioners in their 50s and deeply obsessed with Falun Gong in Anlu City of Hubei Province had been so persistent in the concept of “Consummation” that they finally found ways to achieve it and fulfilled their dreams.

Wang Hongye, male, born in 1954, junior high school graduate, and used to work at Lidian Food & Oil Company of Anlu City. He started to practice Falun Gong in 1997 and served at local practicing site as an assistant. Since he was obsessed with Falun Gong, Wang quit the job and neglected his family; all he wanted was to achieve “Consummation”. One late night in 2005, he broke his leg when going out for distributing propaganda materials and urging people to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. But he had faith in the blessings of the Master and insisted on healing by practicing, believing that he would definitely achieve “Consummation”. In December 2007, he died at the age of 53 after six days of fasting, finally fulfilling his dream of achieving “Consummation”.

Huang Xiaohui, female, born in 1952, senior high school graduate, used to work at Anmian Group of Hubei Province. She started to practice Falun Gong in 1997 and was an assistant at local practicing site. After the state government banned Falun Gong as a cult in 1999, she gathered other fellow practitioners and had been to Beijing twice and distributed materials publicizing Falun Gong in the city for four times to clarify the “truth”, to go up to “higher level”, and to achieve “Consummation”. Believing that she made to a “higher level” and was close to “Consummation”, she spent day and night going out to clarify the “truth” to others and practicing Falun Gong at home. At one nightfall in September 2007, she fell on the floor of her living room due to hypertension and heart attack caused by excessive practicing. She was not breathing and her heart stopped beating when her husband found her and was about to send her to hospital. At the age of 55, Huang Xiaohui finally achieved “Consummation” at that.

Zhu Fangxian, female, born in 1941, an illiterate, and a resident of Nanda Community of Fucheng Office in Anlu City. She had arthritis, migraine, and hypertension and started to practice Falun Gong in 1996 with the purpose of building up physical health. After she got obsessed with it, all she had in mind were to go up to “high levels” and to achieve “Consummation”. When Falun Gong was banned in July 1999 as a cult, she couldn’t accept it and believed that she was about to achieve “consummation” after three-year hard work. She was worried that stopping practicing would end her path toward the “Consummation”. Everyday after breakfast, she would shut herself in a small room to practice. One afternoon at the end of September in 1999, her daughter and son-in-law hadn’t heard any noise from her room after she stepped into the room. They didn’t hear any response to their knocking or shouting and finally decided to break into the locked room. She was found lying on bed, breathless and turning up the whites of eyes. When the ambulance arrived and took her to the emergency room, she had stopped breathing due to hypertension-caused cerebral hemorrhage. After three-year practicing and at the age of 58, Zhu Fangxian finally fulfilled her dream of achieving “Consummation”.

(, 2009-09-01)

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