“Inner strife” confirmed preliminarily through exclusive interviews

28 Feb

Oct. 31 (Kaiwind) – The “Inner strife” of Falun Gong got a seething speculation on the internet recently. Kaiwind ever reported this before with an article “Innerl Strife” of Falun Gong Widely Spreads on the Internet. On the afternoon of October 28, the reporter did telephone interviews with chairman of Hong Kong Falun Dafa Association Jian Hongzhang, vice chairman Chen Yongguang and Mary Kwong, who is in charge of the practicing spot in North Point of Hong Kong, in order to seek confirmation.

Jian Hongzhang neither gave a direct answer to the reporter’s questions, nor denied them.

The reporter called Jian Hongzhang first. After verifying his identify, the reporter asked some questions: “First, the Shen Yun Performance in Hong Kong has been hampered, Dafa disciples in Hong Kong attribute this to your poor job, what do you think of that? Second, it is said on the internet that some fellow practitioners died, but you blockaded the news, which caused more deaths and illness of people, what’s your view on this issue? Third, some people say that you have an affair with He Lixia, which is also criticized by Li Hongzhi, please explain this.”

Apparently, Jian Hongzhang was not prepared for this interview. For the first two questions, he responded by saying that “I won’t answer your questions”. On hearing the third question, Jian hung up immediately.

Chen Yongguang admitted he was ill in hospital, but he said he was forced to do this.

Then the reporter called Chen Yongguang. Chen admitted he was ill in hospital and was in poor physical condition at present. He said: “I don’t know how I get to the hospital and who sent me there. I fainted away suddenly and someone took me to the hospital.”

As for someone’s saying that he was not diligent on Fa study and his karma was too much, he hummed and hawed, giving no definite reply. He just reiterated that “I have a correct understanding on it”.

Mary Kwong said that many of Li Hongzhi’s miracles can not be performed in man’s world.

For the gossip about Jian Hongzhang on the internet, Mary Kwong admitted that “people around the world believe those are true basically”, but she said the information was actually false. When the reporter continued saying that it caused He Lixia’s divorce with her husband Zeng Yining, Mary Kwong began to side-step the issue by saying that “it is their personal problem, and it’s nothing.”

The reporter asked that the Shen Yun Performance in Hong Kong died on the vine, why didn’t the omnipotent Master Li Hongzhi bail it out? Mary Kwong answered that “many of Li Hongzhi’s miracles can not be performed in man’s world.”

According to the interviews, the informations on the internet are not groundless, which have been confirmed by the manners of the parties concerned. In fact, the inner strife of Falun Gong is not the focus of Kaiwind, what Kaiwind concerns is how Falun Gong and Li Hongzhi who claim that “human’s moral is declining” and “only believing in Falun Gong can people be saved” sail under false colors. Kaiwind will pay further attention to this event and give report on it.


  1. The interview recording with Jian Hongzhang (click to start playing, download:Jian Hongzhang recording)

  2. The interview recording with Chen Yongguang (click to start playing, download:Chen Yongguang recording)
  3. The interview recording with Mary Kwong (click to start playing, download:Mary Kwong recording)

(Kaiwind.com, October 31, 2010)

text from: http://facts.org.cn/Reports/China/201103/t125811.htm


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