Practicing Falun Gong bungles illness of Ye Hao’s kith and kin

28 Feb

As the central person of Falun Gong, the founder and principal of Minghui net, Ye Hao has a prominent position in Falun Gong organization. His wife Jiang Xuemei was born in Lanxi City, Zhejiang Province. Influenced by both of them, Jiang Xuemei’selder brother Wang and Wang’s wife Ge Cuidi began to practice Falun Gong in 1992. But Wang died of apoplexy in November 2009.

Ge Cuidi kept practicing up to now and was in charge of the assistance station in Pinghu before. She was very “diligent” and in high “level”, and firmly believed that she would reach Consummation after practicing.

In order to cure the illness for Wang, who suffered from apoplexy, the couple came to Beijing in July 1992. Jiang Xuemei told Ge Cuidi that there was a miraculous practice method called Falun Gong, which could cure disease and improve health. The Master could make the quadriplegic stand up instantly and get well by sending out Gong. Also he could cure the hunchbacks and other chronic and stubborn diseases. Both Ge Cuidi and her husband believed Jiang Xuemei without a shadow of doubt and became interested in this mysterious practice. They entered for the second Falun Gong study class hold in Second Artillery Corps auditorium by Li Hongzhi. During the 10-day study class, Ge Cuidi “saw” the so-called miracles of Falun Gong and was obsessed with it. She firmly believed that Falun Gong could surely make her husband recover and enjoy a healthy life. After that, she practiced Falun Gong with all her heart and also asked her disable husband to practice all day long. In Zhejang Province, Ge Cuidi’s family was one of the earliest families involved in Falun Gong.

Ge Cuijdi also took part in the eleventh Falun Gong training class hold in Beijing in July 1997. After seeing the book of Chinese Falun Gong in this class, she began to learn the Fa, not just practice. She was enchanted with the goldenparadise described by Li Hongzhi, and could not extricate herself. What she thought everyday were “eliminating attachments”, “cultivating character”, “going up to high level” and “reaching Consummation”, there was only Falun Gong in her world.

To learn the Fa and enhance the level better, Ge Cuidi and her husband came to Beijing again for a one-month collective training and Fa studying in February 1995. Sometimes the couple went to the practicing spot together with Jiang Xuemei and Ye Hao. The practicing atmosphere affected Ge Cuidi and made her long for the “Consummation” even more. At the same time, Jiang Xuemei told Ge Cuidi that it was not enough to just practice and learn the Fa seriously, she also needed to improve character and promote the Fa actively. After going back home from Beijing, Ge Cuidi concentrated on promoting the Fa and established the Falun Dafa assistance station in Pinghu. She sold lots of Falun Gong books bought by Jiang Xuemei to her fellow practitioners. Later she gathered over 10 people to practice and watch the teaching videos about Falun Dafa at her home. She ordered other practitioners to read books, recite books, learn the Fa, and have a discussion together after learning. As more people practiced Falun Gong, Ge Cuidi founded some other practicing spots and bought all kinds of Falun Gong books in large quantities from the assistance station in Wuhan. Then the books were sold to the practitioners to strengthen their awareness of practicing and learning the Fa. Under the influence of Ge Cuidi, there were hundreds of people practicing Falun Gong in Pinghu and Lanxi counties. She also organized over 40 diligent people to attend the “Falun Dafa conference for experience sharing” hold in Hangzhou. After obsessing with Falun Gong, Ge Cuidi went to practice every morning, and went out to promote the Fa in the afternoon after attending her husband. In the evening, she called everyone together to practice collectively. She often said that she had seen the miracles of the Master, so as to encourage all the people to practice seriously and reach “Consummation” as soon as possible.

After Falun Gong was banned, Ge Cuidi kept practicing and “promoting the Fa” in secret. She often said to people that she won’t be in good health and be vigorous to take care of her husband if not practiced; the government made a mistake for misunderstanding Falun Dafa.,The truth would come out someday, while Falun Dafa would be promoted and it could save people”. In order to “promote the Fa”, she bought a fax machine and a duplicator with her limited retirement pay for publicity materials. She also went through the formalities of so-called quitting the CCP for her son and other relatives, and told her youngest son overseas that he must learn from his uncle-in-law Ye Hao and cousin Ye Fanghong who had deeper insight into Falun Gong, follow their advices and enhance himself.

Although persisting in practicing and going out to promote the Fa, Ge Cuidi’s husband didn’t get well as imagined. The relatives suggested they should send him to the hospital, but Ge refused resolutely. She said both of them were cultivators, her husband deserved it due to the great “karma” of previous life. Only by practicing seriously could he pay it back. Later her husband lost consciousness and she couldn’t look after him alone, so she requested a nanny to help her. Most of the time her husband reclined on a cane chair without any consciousness and response. Sometimes Ge Cuidi and the nanny had to pick the husband up when he slid off the chair. At the same time she needed to take the phlegm out from the mouth of the husband with her hand. Even in such a case, she still introduced Falun Gong to everyone at every opportunity, and said that it was a practice that cultivated both your nature and longevity, one could attain the Tao and reach Consummation if cultivating sincerely.

Ge Cuidi’s husband, who had practiced Falun Gong from 1992, died of apoplexy in November 2009.

Ge Cuidi found there were lumps in her breast in 2009, but she thought she was a cultivator and would never be ill. The Master said clearly that “Qigong practice and true cultivation practice will not lead to illness, particularly under this condition. It is known that what actually causes people to become ill is seventy percent psychological and thirty percent physiological. As a practitioner, if you always think that it is an illness, you are actually asking for it. If you ask for an illness, it will come inside your body. As a practitioner, your xinxing level should be high.” She thought in order to make her pay back quickly and achieve Unlocking, the Master increased the hardships on her. And if she practiced diligently everyday, the “karma” must be removed, her “level” would also be raised. She didn’t go to hospital until the pain on the breast was unbearable. The lumps in her breast already got black and another breast began to discharge pus. Ge Cuidi was diagnosed with terminal cancer in March 2010.

As the relatives of second in command in Falun Gong group Ye Hao, Ge Cuidi and her husband Wang are both “diligent” Falun Gong disciples, but one died of serious illness and the other suffered from advanced breast cancer. Where are Li Hongzhi’s “Law Bodies”? How does he “protect” his disciples? Where are the blessings of Falun Gong disciples then?

(, June 29, 2010)

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