The Epoch Times removes fake news stealthily

28 Feb

Sep. 25 (Kaiwind) – Fang Zhouzi, a campaigner against cult and academic fraud, was attacked by two men using unknown liquid spray and iron hammer near his residence in Beijing on August 29, 2010.Then the Epoch Times gloated and published a piece of news titled “the fraud fighter got ambushed, which was suspected to be feigned case”. On September 1, the Epoch Times also selected some offensive comments on Fang Zhouzi from the Internet as news and said the attack of Fang Zhouzi was trumped up by himself, which was “entertaining and malicious”. It also hyped this with some blog posts.

Fang Zhouzi, the founder of “New Threads” monthly magazine and website, was born in September 1967 in Yunxiao County, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province. His autonym is Fang Shiming while Fang Zhouzi is his pen name. Since 1999, he found the website of New Threads and published many articles of net friends and his own to expose the academic corruption in Chinese scientific community and educational circles and to criticize the fake news of the press, the pseudoscience, the pseudo-Qigong and pseudo-environmental protection.

Criticizing Falun Gong is one of his contribution to China and his related articles are choiced in expert anthology of Kaiwind website. His articles such as “Ten Analysises of Falun Gong” disclose the anti-society, anti-humanity, and anti-science nature of the cult. Falun Gong regards him as a thorn in the flesh, so the Epoch Times has abused him many times before.

Xiao Chuanguo, the main suspect (male, 54 years old, head of the Urology Surgery in the medical school of a university) of the case was arrested at 17:00 on September 21. After careful investigation, Beijing Public Security Bureau cracked the case. They arrested 4 suspects and seized some tools for crime. According to initial examination, Xiao Chuanguo believed that his failing to be the academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences was due to Fang’s disclosure of his academic fraud. So Xiao Chuanguo instigated Dai Jianxiang and other people to commit crime in revenge for this.

At this point, Fang Zhouzi case came out in the wash and the fake news by the Epoch Times collapsed of itself. In order to cover its defamatory news, the Epoch Times removed the news hurriedly. But unfortunately, people can still search the related directory in website of the Epoch Times (see picture as follows). However, you can’t open the webpage anymore.

Making pseudo event is the “persistent ailment” of the Epoch Times, and it relapsed again. See how the Epoch Times resort to sophistry this time.

(, September 25, 2010)

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