Liu Yong stabs at his fellow practitioner with a knife

27 Mar

Liu Yong, born on October 20, 1966, a villager from Baidu Village, Baidu Town, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, was an out-and-out farmer with elementary education background.
Liu had two daughters, both married. And he lived with his wife only, leading a financially moderate yet comfortable life. If he didn’t practiced Falun Gong, he absolutely wouldn’t turn into a murderer.
According to Liu Yong’s wife, he kept faith with Falun Gong for years and worshipped Li Hongzhi’s doctrine of Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance with greater reverence. If Liu had not practiced Falun Gong, he would not have stabbed at a 70-year-old fellow practitioner, whom he demoniacally doubted his wife had an affair with, and finally became a murderer. Persisting in years of practicing Falun Gong was the main reason that caused serious distortion of his mind state. In his eyes, the fellow practitioner he stabbed was the demon blocking his cultivation, which must be eliminated.
One day at the beginning of the winter in 1998, Liu Yong came back from outside and told his wife that while chatting at the entrance to village, he heard that a lot of villagers were practicing a “divine cultivation” which was called Falun Gong. It was said that practicing Falun Gong could not only make you strong and healthy but also help people go to the Heaven after death. Liu used to be a chronic invalid, and suffered from cardiovascular system disease. To control the illness, he spent a considerable sum of money on it every year. In order to cure disease and get his health back, Liu decided to practice Falun Gong with fellow villagers during the slack farming season.
Liu paid devout attention to Master Li Hongzhi after practicing Falun Gong. In addition to group practice, he hung Master’s portrait in the house and bought a number of cultivation materials for practicing alone in the spare time. Firmly believing in Master’s doctrines, Liu took no medicine since his cultivation. What’s more, he asked daughters not to spend money buying medicine for him.
To “get into high levels” and benefit more people, Liu Yong remained assiduous in cultivation and, besides his wife, he decided to persuade his neighbor Lu Guoyi to join him.
Lu Guoyi was 60 at that time, and the two families were really in good terms with each other. They even asked each other to share meals when specially prepared. On hearing that Liu Yong hadn’t taken medicine since the cultivation, Lu Guoyi promised to do practice together with Liu, expecting that his own illness might also be cured through cultivation.
In July 1999, the Government banned Falun Gong according to law, and Liu’s wife demanded him abandon his cultivation for reason that Liu’s persisting in cultivation without taking medicine had made his illness from bad to worse.
At that time, gradually obsessed with Falun Gong physically and mentally, Liu could hardly accept his wife’s advice. In stead of blaming Li Hongzhi, Liu thought it was his own faults (such as his ungodliness or insufficient in cultivation) that worsened his illness. So he “looked inward” as the Master suggested, and continued his cultivation more demoniacally than before, bearing bodily discomfort.
One day in July 2005, Liu Yong suddenly fell to the ground in a coma during his practicing. His wife was scared and called daughters immediately to send him to hospital. Diagnosed as cerebral hemorrhage, he was finally saved after emergency treatment.
But Liu suffered from a serious sequela ever since. Discharged from the hospital, Liu Yong could not speak as fluently as before. Some times he talked on and on but still didn’t make himself clear. So his family members avoided talking to him.
After experiencing this misfortune, his wife considered Falun Gong as a deceptive trickery because her husband practiced so hard and for such a long time, but his disease wasn’t cured. On the contrary, Liu was almost killed by the attack of his illness. So, she pressed hard to dissuade her husband from practicing Falun Gong. Physically and mentally infatuated with his cultivation, Liu Yong had no willingness to accept her advice at all, and still insisted that it was his ungodliness and insufficient diligence in cultivation that resulted in deterioration of his illness. Therefore, he was determined to redouble his efforts to get improved and go up to “high levels” so as to achieve Consummation quickly.
His wife couldn’t communicate with Liu at home, and had no choice but to drop around their neighbor, Lu Guoyi’s wife for complaints and diversion. By that time, Lu Guoyi had produced the idea of quitting practicing Falun Gong in that he threw his doubts upon it after witnessing that Liu Yong’s diligence in cultivation all day long worsened his illness instead.
Over the years, Liu’s wife dropped around Lu Guoyi’s home frequently. Except cooking time, she stayed at home for less and less time which aroused Liu’s suspicion. He mused, “Does my wife have personal relationship with Lu Guoyi? Does she dislike my inarticulacy and have unfaithful intentions?” The more he thought, the more he felt abnormal and indignant.
On the morning of September 18, 2010, Liu Yong quarreled with his wife again for not letting her drop around Lu Guoyi’s home. The quarrel between the couple becoming more and more drastic, Liu Yong conveniently picked up a sharp knife and rushed towards his wife, while his wife turned round and fled out of door on seeing that. Hearing the quarrel, Lu Guoyi and his wife came to stop it, which made Liu Yong more furious. Then Liu stabbed at Lu Guoyi who hadn’t any precautions, and caused Lu’s death on the spot. Off his trolley, he turned round and stabbed at Lu Guoyi’s wife Liu Dianzhen for five times, which caused her death on the way to hospital. After villagers called the police, Liu Yong was caught red-handed when he was setting out to escape.
(, November 25, 2010)

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