Death of my husband’s elder sister wakes me up

10 Apr

My name is Yu Hua and I was born in 1979. Now I live in Yindu District, Anyang City of Henan Province and work as an agent at a department store in Anyang City selling water purifiers.

In 1997, I passed the entrance examination and got an offer from Technical School of Anyang Steel Corporation. One day, while passing by the Angang Cinema Square after school, I saw there were crowded with people sitting crossing two legs in meditation, music sounding aloud. My curiosity was aroused and I couldn’t help going forth to see what happened. By the way, as a girl who set great store by appearance, I enjoyed dressing up and laid much stress on my figure and temperament. So, when one of the Falun Gong practitioners told me that cultivation could make me more beautiful, I was overjoyed at it and immediately ran into a shop nearby to buy a round meditation mat, and joined the team in high spirits.

During the cultivation, I met a man who later became my husband. At that time, he was handsome and had a good job. He was considerate towards me and the most important thing was that we shared the same interest in practicing Falun Gong. Thus we fell in love quickly. By coincidence, his elder sister Li Hehua was head of the practicing spot in our district. Due to my “excellent” performance in cultivation, Li Hehua and other practitioners kept praising my good comprehension and quick reaction. In addition, with the power of love, I put so much energy into practicing Falun Gong that I totally let go of my school work, which resulted in my failing to get recruited by Anyang Steel Corporation. However, being dizzy with my “success” in cultivation, I refused to make up for the loss in my school performance. On the contrary, I made up my mind to persist in practicing.

Most of the practitioners stopped exercising when the government banned Falun Gong in July 1999. But my husband and I still practiced with great concentration, utterly ignoring our family and career. My parents, living far away from us in Tianjin, learned the fact that I stayed jobless at home, then sponsored me for selling water purifiers at the Gome Electronic Appliances Department Store in Anyang. Nevertheless, as an obsessed Falun Gong follower, I lost ten of thousands yuan in the starting stage because I was not in the mood to run the business .

My husband and I didn’t wake up to reality until our elder sister Li Hehua died of rejecting medical help after ill, the day described by Li Hongzhi as “obtained Consummation”.

Li Hehua, female, born in 1956, received senior high school education and retired from a state-owned enterprise in Anyang. Suffered from hypertension, she credulously believed that cultivation could cure her illness and improve health. So she began to practice Falun Gong in 1996, and was appointed head of the Falun Gong practicing spot at Angang Cinema Square. Instigated by Li Hongzhi and the call of “going out” from Falun Gong organization, Li Hehua participated in illegal gathering at Tangyin County and stirred up troubles. She even went to Zhengzhou and Beijing respectively in the name of “safeguarding the Fa”, creating social unrests after the government banned Falun Gong according to law.

Li Hehua refused to take any medicine ever since she started practicing Falun Gong. At the beginning of 2005, her high blood pressure kept going up, which caused cerebral hemorrhage. Despite her serious illness, Li Hehua turned a deaf ear to family members’ advice, refused to seek any medical help, and kept shouting “Master is beside me! Master will save me!” Eager to save Li Hehua’s life, family members had no choice but tied her up with a rope and sent her to hospital, tears in their eyes. With all their strength, the doctors saved Li’s life. But while hospitalized, Li Hehua refused to cooperate with doctors, and had a relapse which eventually led to a complete paralysis. In June 2007, Li Hehua’s illness got deteriorated for a second time, and she lost her life on the way to hospital. Ultimately, she never received the protection Master Li Hongzhi promised, and died at the age of 51.
Her husband could hardly withstand such an unexpected shock, and soon reduced almost to skeleton. From then on, he moved to a nursing house until now. Their former open and lively daughter became so depressed at her mother’s death that she chose to leave the homeland.

Witnessing the tragedy our sister’s family had just experienced, my husband and I gave a look back on what we gained and lost in the past 14 years of cultivation. We began to cast doubts on Falun Gong and won’t believe it any more.

Fortunately, we have slipped the leash of Falun Gong in time and come back to the normal life again. My husband is warmly welcomed back by his colleagues. On the other side, with my heart and soul, our business is becoming more and more flourishing. And we are now living a happy and warm life as before.

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