Falun Gong, stay away from me

10 Apr

When I went to apply for my Chinese visa at the Chinese Consulate in Melbourne this morning, like last year and the year before, I did my best to avoid the Falun Gong practitioners protesting outside the gates.

I must admit, I find it highly disturbing when the ‘creator’ of Falun Gong, Li Hongzhi, claims that he has supernatural powers that allow him to levitate, become invisible, control people’s thoughts, and teleport. He also claims that he has discovered the truth of the universe, and can see the future of humankind.

Heck, it’s almost as disturbing as the fact that Tom Cruise has apparently reached a level in Scientology that is high enough for him to be informed about the secrets of the universe. Tom Cruise. A keeper of the secrets of the universe? Is anyone else disturbed by this?

More disturbingly, despite the fact that Falun Gong’s practices preach “truthfulness, benevolence and forbearance”, homosexuality is seen as a disease and only through continued practice of Falun Gong meditation exercises, can sufferers become enlightened enough to become heterosexual. So, benevolence for everyone except homosexuals? Nice philosophy.

However, I personally don’t really give a damn about what the Falun Gong do. I simply just don’t like it when people come up to me and try to convert me to their way of thinking.

(Livejournal.com, October 20th, 2006)

Text from: http://www.facts.org.cn/puop/201104/t126885.htm


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