Hong Kong Epoch Times reporter Wu Zhimin falls ill

17 Apr

Wu Zhimin, female, born in 1969, is a reporter of Epoch Times in Hong Kong, as well as an instructor of Falun Gong in Yuen Long District. Believing deeply in the theory that Falun Gong members’ sick is to “remove karma”, shortly after the 2010 Spring Festival, Wu and her 12-year-old son (also Falun Gong practitioner) refused the medical treatment when getting a high fever of 40 degrees, then running to chronic bronchitis, which should be careful of the wind and cold for a long term. Fearing her neighbors would report to the police that she didn’t allow treating her son, Wu Zhimin required her son not to tell others.

text from: http://english.kaiwind.com/Data/02/201104/t127666.htm


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