Hong Kong Falun Gong member Huang Jieyi sick with cancer

17 Apr

Huang Jieyi, female, is one of the principals of New Tang Dynasty Television in Hong Kong. In early 2003, Huang found herself suffering from breast cancer, but she refused treatment because of obsession with Falun Gong, then the disease was delayed. On March 3, 2007, Huang Jieyi attended the Los Angeles Fa Conference in spite of her illness, hoping Master Li to save her life, but Li wasn’t present, which made Huang Jieyi very disappointed. After returning to Hong Kong, she had not yet gone to the hospital for treatment.

In January 2008, Huang Jieyi’s condition became worse, then her fellows wanted to “send forth righteous thoughts” to help her get over, but in vain.

text from: http://english.kaiwind.com/Data/02/201104/t127458.htm


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