My second elder sister shouldn’t die so young

17 Apr

I am Gao Jinsheng, a farmer from East Jingling Village of Taizihe District, Liaoyang City, Liaoning Province. My second elder sister Gao Jinling, born in 1958 with a primary school education, lived in the same village with our family. Her husband (my brother-in-law) was a simple and honest man, working at a textile mill. Eight years ago, my sister passed away, leaving her husband and daughter unattended.


My sister Gao Jinling

In May 1997, some Falun Gong practitioners at our village went to my sister’s home and asked her to join them. My sister didn’t give much heed to what they said to her at first, thinking “I am a healthy person, why should I make Herculean efforts exercising?” So she refused. But those practitioners kept talking about “Ascension in Broad Daylight,” “Becoming a God or Buddha” and others to her, my sister finally rose to the bait and became a devout adherent of Falun Gong who would believe every thing Li Hongzhi promised. In order to cultivate a “standard” posture for meditation, she even put two large rocks on her legs – one on either leg, doing exercise. Like magnets attract iron, she was totally fascinated with Falun Gong doctrines, especially what the book Zhuan Falun promised – cultivating yourself in line with “Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance” and becoming a “good person,” then you can get into higher levels and become a Buddha after “utterly cultivating away fame, material interest and emotion.” Further more, my sister positively believed that Master Li Hongzhi would bring her to the wonderful “Falun World” some day. So she tried hard and found every minute possible to learn the Fa or do cultivation, hoping the day would come soon when she could enjoy herself like free and unfettered immortals do.
After practicing Falun Gong, my sister stopped managing household affairs. Instead she spent every day doing cultivation: either going out a whole day to practice and learn from each other by exchanging views with her Gong mates or, staying at home to read Zhuan Falun and listen to Master Li Hongzhi’s tapes. My sister used to set heart on her daughter’s schooling who was studying at a junior middle school those days before being obsessed by the cult, and when my niece came home after school, my sister would offer to help the girl with her homework: accompanying her, supervising her, and urging her to study hard. But ever since my sister was fascinated with Falun Gong, she never gave much heed to her daughter, let alone supervising the girl’s schooling.
In fact, my sister not only disdained to take care of her husband and daughter, but also looked down upon the brotherly affections between us. Once my child had a fever and the doctor in the clinic said an injection was needed. But we had just spent our money buying fertilizer days ago, and there was only 100 RMB left. I hurried to my sister’s house and asked her to lend me 100 RMB. To my surprise, she turned a deaf ear to my request in such a situation! At last, it was my brother-in-law who came to our rescue and lent me 200 RMB. Noticing with pain that my sister just thought of her cultivation and showed icy indifference toward family members, my brother-in-law tried hard and urged her to give up practicing, but conversations between them often turned into quarrels.
In July 1997, the government officially banned Falun Gong according to law. And a lot of practitioners in our village quit it after they had seen through the true color of Li Hongzhi. But my sister, instead of waking up to danger at the last moment, sank deeper and deeper into the pitfall set by Li Hongzhi. Poisoned by Li’s fallacies such as “letting go of life and death,” “stepping forward to rectify the Fa,” “going out to protect the Fa” etc., my sister and another practitioner in out village secretly went out to put up Falun Gong leaflets and scribble slogans on walls beside the road. Sometimes they even traveled to other villages and places, scattering leaflets and planting anti-government banners. In the fellow villagers’ eyes, my sister must be spell-bounded at that period. She followed Li Hongzhi body and soul, thinking nothing but her cultivation, eager to achieve Consummation all the time. In a word, my sister had “turned into another person”.
In May 2001, our Villagers’ Committee invited some volunteers to help my sister. They talked to her with patience and care, trying to release her from the grip of cult. But my sister kept “studying the Fa and doing cultivation” secretly at home, refused to draw any lesson from what she had done. She thought she had successfully passed “the test of Master Li Hongzhi.” In August 2001, she secretly left home with the dream of achieving Consummation for two years without any message.
In August 2003, my sister appeared in a park of the city. She fainted on the spot while handing out leaflets to people in the park. Later she was taken to the Third People’s Hospital by an ambulance, and was diagnosed as terminal blood cancer. Kneeling down beside the sickbed, my niece asked her mother in tears to obey doctor’s order and cooperate with the hospital, but my sister turned a deaf ear to her. She neither took medicine nor had injection, protesting that Master Li was removing Karma for her, and that she was about to “reach Consummation and fly to Heaven,” and we were all demons that “interrupting” her Consummation. At last, my brother-in-law and I had to take her home.
Yet my sister kept sitting and meditating on bed without saying a word after returning. And her illness deteriorated quickly as the result. In December 2003, my sister died at the age of 45.

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