Practicing Falun Gong brought real bitterness to my daughter and me

3 Jul

My name is Wang Xiu, female, 57 years old. I was born in Zaoyang City, Hubei Province. I live at Room 302 of the Low-rent House District, Nanyuan Community Committee, Beicheng Sub-district Office of the Zaoyang City. I used to have a happy family. My daughter studied in a key high school in the city. My husband supported our family by selling small commodities while I did housework at home. The three of us led a happy life. And our family was then a really enviable one.
Suffering from scapulohumeral periarthritis, I always got throes in my shoulder joint and I couldn’t do the housework as I would. In July 1998, I was introduced to Fanlun Gong by my sister cousin and began to practice it for healing and improving health. After one week of regular cultivation, I felt much better and thought it beneficial to cultivate Falun Dafa. And from then on, I put more efforts into practicing Falun Gong. In addition, I bought the portrait of Li Hongzhi and hung it on the wall. I burnt joss sticks and worshipped him punctually every day, becoming more and more obsessed with the cult. In July 1999, the government banned Fanlun Gong, but I refused to obey the orders and kept exercising secretly for many years. During that time, I frequently went out to “clarify the truth” for Falun Gong and participated illegal gatherings organized by Falun Gong diehards.
In 2006, my daughter, who was always eager to do well in everything, failed in the entrance examination for college. This was a real shock to her and she stayed at home in low spirits for days. On seeing that, I gave her the book Zhuan Falun and tried to persuade her to get rid of attachment and let go of fame, interest and emotion. By and by, my daughter became fascinated with Falun Dafa under my influence. Although my husband was opposed to our practicing, but my daughter and I wouldn’t listen to his words, we argued back vehemently, “we practice not only for ourselves, but also for the blessing and happiness of the whole family”. My daughter always turned her back upon her father and persisted in cultivating Falun Dafa with me, totally ignoring my husband’s advice.
But little by little, I found there was something wrong with my daughter. She constantly told me that Master’s Fashen was right behind her, and that she was horrified. I often found her curling up under the table and crying out in panic, “I’ll practice it right now, I promise!” Sometimes, she even fell into a trance and recited scriptures from Zhuan Falun. However, I thought that’s because my daughter had accumulated too much Karma, or her cultivation had provoked the “demons.” So I exerted all my strength to “send out righteous thoughts” to her, prayed for her, and begged the Master to help her “pass the test”.
Noticing my daughter’s abnormal state, my husband took her to hospital regardless of my opposition. The doctor’s diagnosis was schizophrenia. Yet I could not accept the fact that my daughter was mentally ill. To make things worse, I kept practicing heart and soul every day instead of dissuading her in time, expecting that by doing so I would help her eliminate karma and cure her illness. In order to be elevated to a higher level, I learned Fa and practiced harder and harder in the dream of reaching Consummation. At the same time, I myself was also trapped in the illusory world without the strength to get out.
On October 17, 2006, I stayed at home and sat in bed for meditation as usual. Several minutes later, I lost in a dream world, and felt as if my body was going to fly, but failed ultimately. After a while, I was wet with sweat. I began to feel dizzy with hallucination that Master was calling me. Fooled by illusions, I thought I was about to become a God or a Buddha, and Master Li was waving at me high above the heavens. How wonderful it was! I was going with wind like a bird, floating across the sky. And this must be the case Master Li had described. Yes, it was the miracle of “Ascension in Broad Daylight!” I was finally reaching Consummation and would soon become a real god! Muddy-minded, I hurried to the balcony and jumped over the parapet while shouting at the top of my voice “Falun Dafa is good!” Falling to the ground from the third floor, I lost my consciousness. Later on, with the help of my husband and the neighbors nearby, I was sent to the First People’s Hospital of Zaoyang City. Luckily, I survived after the timely rescue and more than half a month’s therapy. But the incident left me paralyzed from the waist down to the feet, and hence I was unable to walk upright.
Seated in the wheelchair, I was full of sorrows to look at my pixilated daughter and my husband’s gaunt face. Up to now, I finally realized that I was totally wrong. I even felt ashamed when thinking about my daughter. As a matter of fact, practicing Falun Gong didn’t cure my illness, but led to my daughter’s mental illness and my own paralysis. Falun Gong did cause infinite harm to people.

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