Retorting upon the employee from Epoch Times

3 Jul

Editor’s note: These are some comments about the article Falun Gong – harmless exercise fanatics or weird cult. An employee from Epoch Times raised an objection to the article, the author Udo Schuklenk and a student from Canada Ayesha retorted upon him. said…

I find this to be misrepresentative and misquoting the Falun Dafa. Words to this affect are also mentioned in the teachings: there are many men with female primordial spirits, and many women with male primordial spirits. So that in essence is what yin and yang is about, we are both male and female, some of us you see. So how could that be anything but equality for men and women! I am quite surprised that a professor could be so naive to put it mildly because many professors and academics study Falun Gong! I think it takes time to understand these teachings and to see their full breadth – read through everything because the teachings are vast.

August 19, 2010

Udo Schuklenk’s Ethx Blog said…

lol, nothing in your comment suggests a misrepresentation or misquotation. Then you suggest that we (i.e. my colleague and i) are ‘naive’ because other professors and academics study the cult’s rantings. I do note that your feeble attempt at addressing our concerns is to ignore anything at all cited w/ re to racism and homophobia. Are you conceding those points?

ps, having visited your site, I note that you’re a employee of Falun Gong’s propaganda outlet Epoch Times. Not exactly just an interested bystander, are we?

August 20, 2010

Ayesha said…

I always find it interesting when the proponents of a religion or cult attempt to defend the oppressive teachings of their religions by saying that they are misunderstood or taken out of context. I read the blog post and also the materials from the website owned by the Falun Gong. I see no evidence of out of context quotation.. rather, the questions and answers are verbatim.. How is that out of context? What is missing here?

The “teacher” makes appeals to heavens and Gods to make assertions that do not logically follow. There are circular references and stories that are completely inconsistent. Some of the sentences seem only to be a combination of strong and complex words that mean nothing. There is no profound lesson being missed here,, you may want to take specific points if you wish to defend them and show how they are being taken out of context. What does it mean for women to be subservient, gentle and quiet for them to be true to who they are or who they are supposed to be.. and please tell me what is wrong with stronger women? or by comparison, weaker men… what defines weakness in a man and what defines strength in a woman? if strength means that one cannot be oppressed, told what to do, or easily manipulated then can you not see why the notion of weak woman is so attractive? why a compassionate and gentle, caring man would be classified as weak?

What is this about a separate heaven for all races? we are not sure about the existence of one heaven and here the teacher speaks of many heavens.. what kind of a God would create such distinction? I don’t think i like that God very much… and why would God forget the black race.. please do enlighten us readers here how we are misunderstanding the teachings of this so-called religion. Just because words like “cultivation” of truthfulness, benevolence, and forbearance are being used does not mean that the teachings are consistent with attaining the said goals or that the teachings are consistent with these goals.
The teachings of this particular cult are obviously dangerous.. they promote racial distinction not unity based on common humanity, they promote dispartiy between sexes offering privilige to one sex over the other and they are homophobic without reason and oppressive to those who are not yellow, male or straight…..
I am sorry about the rant but inhumane teachings of religions bug me to no end… and unfortunately, I find that each religion promotes some version of the same racism, sexism and intolerance towards homosexual population… it is not taken out of context, it is being seen for what it is and the fear of hell or God is no longer a way to continue oppression of the vulnerable or marginalized populations… if the teachings were humane, it would be obvious.. there is no mistaking humanity.. just like there is no mistaking brutality…
Would you like to be a “mixed” child in a world where religions like these reign? would you like to be a homosexual or a woman?

August 23, 2010


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