Xie Yuyong: Sending forth Gong for removing Karma kills my father

17 Sep

My name is Xie Yuyong, 38 years old, and live in the diesel locomotive factory’sresidential area in Xiangfan, Hubei Province. I became obsessed with Falun Gong since I met with it. One day in July, 1998, I came back home in Guyi Town, Xiangyang District for a high-temperature vacation. While having breakfast, my father told me mysteriously that Falun Gong, which he was practicing, was really miraculous, and it could cultivate your moral character, cure your illness and improve your health, and even make you an immortal. I took it to be true and went to the practicing spot with my father the next morning. They told me some “true stories” about someone who got benefit from Falun Gong. As a result, I became a practitioner.

Before going back the unit for work, I got a book of Zhuan Falun and its tapes from the assistant Tang Yingtong. Since then, I was so deep in Falun Gong that I couldn’t extricate myself. I felt it was late for me to “obtain Fa”, so I practiced very hard. Except for working and having meals, I spent all the time on reading Zhuan Falun, listening to tapes and sitting in meditation. If I had some problems during practicing, I would write them down and turn to Tang Yingtong for help when I went back home on day of rest. My wife was dissatisfied with my indifference to the family and tried to persuade me not to practice any more, but it didn’t work because I had been possessed by ghosts.

My father suffered from high blood pressure and his condition was stable depending on medicine before. Little by little, many fellow practitioners stopped taking medicine, but he didn’t stop. I told father: “I often cought a cold before, but after practicing Falun Gong, I rarely get cold.” My “personal experience” made my father believe it to be true, he didn’t take medicine anymore, and felt good for some time. Hence we both believed that practicing Falun Gong could really remove Karma, neglecting other reasons as regular daily life, the right exercise and the psychology effect.

The state outlawed Falun Gong in 1999. We both didn’t understand it, let alone wake up. I even distributed leaflets secretly in the workshop in 2000. Though my colleagues often talked to me, I was deaf to their words. My father and I just practiced underground, sitting in meditation and reciting scriptures at home everyday.

Due to refusing medical treatment for a long time, father’s condition got worse with some symptoms like dizzying, limb numbing, palpitating, choking sensation in chest and lacking in strength etc. My mother always persuaded him to have a physical examination and take some medicine, but my father refused, he thought it would add his Karma, and the only thing in his brain was waiting for the implementation of Master’s promises. I sided with my father firmly, and thought that my father had too much Karma, only by practicing could he get Master’s help. My mother was anxious but unable to do anything.

One night in October 2003, my mother called that my father fainted away, asking me to go home and send my father to hospital. When I went back home, my father was unconscious, couldn’t speak, but could still open his eyes, Seeing my mother get medicine for my father, I stopped her. I thought I had practiced Falun Gong for five years, so I was definitely able to help my father remove the Karma; moreover, my father had practiced it for six years, he also had some power; Master would help us, too. With the power of our three people, the Karma no matter how heavy it was would be removed.

So I sat cross-legged in front of my father and read Zhuan Falun for him, at the same time, I begged the Master silently to remove Karma for him. About one hour later, I found father’s breath was weaker, and he couldn’t open his eyes. In order to obtain the Master’s blessing, I found out all the things about Dafa and placed them around my father, meanwhile, I played Master’s tapes again and again, hoping for the appearance of Master’s Fashen. But it didn’t work at all and father’s condition got worse.

Just then, my sister got home after receiving a call from my mother. Seeing such a case, she pushed me away and carried father into the car with my brother-in-law, then sent him to the hospital. According to the examination, my father stopped breathing because of a sudden cerebral hemorrhage and being sent to hospital too late.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Karma removing and “protection” praying killed my father thoroughly. We practiced Falun Gong heart and soul for so many years, and finally my father lost his life at the age of 59, while where is the Master’s Fashen? The cruel reality made me awaken from the dream. However, everything was too late


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