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Falun Gong member Wang Qiuying sentenced

11 Dec

On August 16, 2010, Shanghai Putuo District People’s Court announced that Falun Gong practitioner Wang Qiuying, who committed the crime of credit card fraud, was sentenced to a term 5 years imprisonment and fined 50,000 yuan.

Wang Qiuying, female, born on October 12, 1946, Han nationality, junior middle school education, is a retired worker. Wang began to practice Falun Gong in 1998, and soon became a backbone as well as the assistants of the Falun Gong practicing spot. From 2001 to 2007, she had been to Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Shandong, Tianjin and Guangxi provinces and autonomous regions, for spreading Falun Gong. During this period, she cheated Xia Bei, Zheng Kang, Zhang Jian and other fellows of 240,000 yuan in the name of collecting funds to support the Falun Gong media outside.

In addition, from 2006 to 2008, Wang applied for credit cards from Ping An Bank, China Merchants Bank, Bank of Communications, Guangdong Development Bank respectively, then overdrafted and withdrew cash. Till August 2010, she didn’t return a total principal amount of 120,000 yuan.

On June 6, 2010, Wang Qiuying was detained by Shanghai Public Security Bureau Putuo Branch because of guilty of credit card fraud; the same year on June 28, Shanghai Putuo District People’s Procuratorate approved the arrest.

Shanghai Putuo District People’s Court held that the defendant Wang Qiuying, for the purpose of illegal possession, violated credit regulations, exceeded the overdraft limit, and still didn’t return the huge arrearage even after collection by the issuing bank, which constituted credit card fraud crime. In accordance with “Criminal Law of the PRC” Article 196 and Article 64 and “Interpretations of The Supreme Court and The Supreme Procuratorate on Some Issues Concerning the Specific Application of the Law Governing Criminal Cases for Prejudice to the Credit Card Management” Article 6, the defendant Wang Qiuying committed the crime of credit card fraud, was sentenced five years imprisonment and fined 50,000 yuan.

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Removing Karma leaves me permanently crippled

19 Nov

I’m Miao Xiangtu, 46 years old, living in Zhangcun Town, Jiangshan City of Zhejiang Province. My dad is a retired teacher and mom a peasant. Though not rich, we lived a peaceful and comfortable life. At the age of 28, I suffered from ankylosing spondylitis. Thanks to prompt and appropriate treatment, the disease was brought under control and I was able to live a normal life by and large.
I had had a dream of living my life to the full. I had dreamt of making a fortune by growing and selling local specialties in my hometown, then marrying a nice woman and living a happy life with her. But all my hope was dashed by the sudden interruption of Falun Gong.
One day in July 2000, Ms. Liao, my dad’s former colleague came to visit him who happened to be out on business. Since I was the only one staying at home, we had a chat that day, and she mentioned Falun Gong to me. She said that Falun Gong was a cure-all free of charge that could cure all illnesses in the world, and suggested I have a try. She even brought me books like Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa, Zhuan Falun, and some CDs about it. “A cure-all?” It sounded ridiculous to any sane man! I turned her down with a smile.
However, she since came to visit me frequently and talked to me every time about the “miraculous functions” of practicing Falun Gong like curing all diseases, and the ideas of practicing it to reduce karma and become a God in the future. Maybe I was desperate to cure my disease that I started wavering under her persistent preaching, and her words seemed to make some sense to me. She had been my dad’s colleague for years, I told myself, there was no reason she could have tried to cheat me. Plus, trying to do me harm would do her no good. So why not just have a try since it’s helpful to my condition? With that in mind I started practicing with her by sitting in meditation.
Two weeks later, because of regular activities every day, I felt my waist and leg pains easing, and I seemed to be more energetic. And I also “discovered” the reason for my change in the books she brought me: The Master says that when you are in trial and tribulation, Compassion will help you pass through them; and my Law Bodies will guard and protect you, but you must go through the test. I was naive to think that fortune was so kind to let me find the secret remedy for my disease and pains, which made me more determined on doing cultivation.
To become a real Dafa disciple as soon as possible through intensive cultivation to reduce karma, every day I kept on learning Dafa from the books and practicing it by sitting in meditation to cultivate my spirit and body at the same time, as required by Li Hongzhi. I spent four hours in the day sitting in meditation and kept reading Dafa and reciting the scriptures all night long. Thus I stopped bothering about any family responsibilities.
At that time I was often tormented by severe pains from my illness. Every time the pangs became unbearable I encouraged myself with what Master said, “As you are a practitioner, you should be clear as to why this kind of incident takes place: It’s because that “thing” came, and it was asking you to pay for your karma. To resolve these sorts of incidents, you have to keep yourself under control during those moments and watch your xinxing. Be appreciative and thankful that your spouse has helped you pay for your karma.” So I was stupid enough to think that Master had eliminated the cause of all diseases and pains, and that I was sure to reach Consummation if steadfast in cultivating.
So by and by I fell into the abyss…To cure my disease as soon as possible, I followed the requirements for removing karma to the letter, no medicines, no doctors. I was filled with thoughts of removing karma to “”be elevated” and reach “Consummation”. So I stopped taking medicine and had been sitting in meditation for many hours to practice every day, which aggravated my condition. I became dull and emaciated from repeated tearing pains. But I persisted in the cultivation despite all the suffering, clinging to what Master said as my belief. He said that suffering came naturally from removing karma in the process of cultivation, that no one could “accumulate Gong Powers” without experiencing the pain, that how could anyone remove his “attachments” in ways other than this?
When my condition started to worsen more quickly since September 2000, all my family members who cared about me and our kind-hearted neighbors tried to persuade me to go to hospital for treatment. But I dismissed their persuasion and replied with full confidence: “What do you know about this? This situation is normal showing that Master is guiding me to purge my body. Should I take medicines, I would press the karma back into my body, which will lead to Heaven’s punishment. You are only doing me harm trying to persuade me. Leave me alone. I won’t go to the hospital even threatened by death!” As I argued with them I recited “when you can stay steadfast we can eliminate karma” again and again, wishing to ease my pain.
And it continued till early October 2000. That day I started sitting in meditation at home as usual. Only a few minutes later, I began to feel dizzy and sick. Things blurred before my eyes. Sweat poured down my pale face. Then I vomited, passed out and fell on the floor. Fortunately dad found what happened and with the help of a neighbor sent me to the county hospital for emergency aid. It was diagnoses as temporary stupor caused by low fever, asthenia, loss of weight and plus anemia induced by ankylosing spondylitis complications. The doctors reproached my parents:“Your son’s disease has been so serious! Why didn’t you make him take medicines?” I came back to life slowly after days of emergency treatment.
As I came around, I uttered the words unknowingly: “Master has summoned me. And he was beckoning me.” All my family sobbed at the scene. Dad touched my forehead, tears running down his weathered face, and said: “Poor son! You had barely escaped death! And you still believe that Master so much? Don’t you know what happened?!”
Taken good care of by my family, I had recovered a little. All my family members insisted that I should go to a bigger hospital to be examined. The doctor also advised me to go to a big hospital in Hangzhou for a thorough check. Finally, after several refusals, I took their advice and had a check in a big hospital. The doctors told me after consultation that I had missed the best opportunity for treatment, and that they regretted to tell me I might remain handicapped for the rest of my life. I burst into tears at the news and lost all hope of life. There were several times I wanted to end my life. It was only because of the caring company of my family that I managed to walk out of the darkest hour slowly.
Slowly I began to look back at what happened: “Didn’t Li Hongzhi say his Law Bodies would protect me? Why didn’t he appear when I was dying? Why had all my devoted cultivation only worsened my condition instead of curing it as my karma was being removed? Was it the cultivation aimed at my early departure from this life?”
Now the dream I had long cherished of going to the big world outside and making a fortune has turned into a luxurious illusion. Now I’m a useless man confined to bed all the time, unable to sit up and finish my meal by myself when the disease strikes. Even when it’s no so severe, the best thing I can do is walking a few steps with the help of crutches. As I grow old even faster, I feel unprecedented helplessness and pain with a lonely and miserable old age in store for me. It was Falung Gong that strangled my hope, and it is Li Hongzhi that wrecked my health and happiness.

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Tang Dengwen: My wife gets mad for practicing Falun Gong

31 Oct

I’m Tang Dengwen, living in Nanzhong Village, Zhicheng Town, Henan Province. My wife practiced Falun Gong to treat diseases. However, she got mad instead of being cured.

My wife Hu Rongying was born in July 1956 and was once hard-working and virtuous. We had two children and a happy family,, which was not only the motivation of my hard working, but also my pride.

In the autumn of 1998, my wife got gallstone. She was still ill after the treatment. One day, she heard that Falun Gong could cure disease, so she bought some relative books and tapes and started to practice with other Falun Gong members in our village every morning and night.

Later, the State banned Falun Gong and I persuaded her to stop practicing, she agreed. However, a villager Liu Dongqing, who was a Falun Gong practitioner, frequently induced my wife to practice with her. My wife didn’t refused her because of their relationship and for the sake of healing gallstone. I had no refuted words so she picked it up again. In addition, she read Li Hongzhi’s book Zhuan Falun before going to sleep. Sometimes my wife brought some lections and brochures of Falun Gong secretly. I warned her not to believe or spread those things. Later I found her go out at night. I knew she went astray and sunk in Falun Gong and could not get herself away form it.

To save her, I called my relatives to persuade her to quit Falun Gong. But she turned a deaf ear to us and still persisted in practicing. As the time passed by, she became much more abnormal and crazy. At one night of 2004, I suddenly heard her crying, “Look! Falun is wheeling in my stomach.” I got up immediately. She kept on talking without stop and couldn’t hear me at all.

As she was crazy about Falun Gong, her condition was getting worse, she often spoke incoherently. Once, our married daughter said that she didn’t want to eat because of pregnancy and missed her mother’s cuisine, so she wanted to come back for several days to enjoy mother’s care, when my wife hanged up without a word. My daughter was anxious and angry about mother’s deed. Every time my daughter came home, she was always telling my wife not to keep on practicing Falun Gong, but in vain.

My son had a job in an enterprise and went to work at 9:00 am everyday. My wife cooked instant noodles as his breakfast at 4:00 am and it was hardly eatable when he got up. My son prevented her doing breakfast like that, but she persisted in her old way without time sense. At first, I ate her cooking reluctantly, while my son did not eat it at all. After a period of time, I felt sick when I saw instant noodles. Now, she cooked as usual, and then we discarded it. She even can’t cook delicious meals as before because of practicing Falun Gong.

As time passed by, similar phenomena appeared, so I took her to see a doctor. Doctor Wu of Jiyuan Psychiatric Hospital said that she was so obsessed with Falun Gong that she lost herself, and was possessed by the Devil to do something abnormal at last. She was diagnosed with visceral hallucination. Because it was not very serious, the doctor gave her some medicine and told her to go home for resting.

However, she was addicted to Falun Gong and had blinded faith in Li Hongzhi’s heresy, thus, she refused to take any medicine. In order to help her, I mixed the medicine into her food secretly. Her condition now is approaching stable, while, she is always nervous, absent-minded and murmuring for a while every day. Our villagers don’t talk with her and call her “fool” because of Falun Gong.

The tragedy of my family is caused by evil Falun Gong.

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Falun Gong turns me into a murderer

30 Oct

My name is Yu Xuewei, born in January 1981, Korean ethnic minority. Graduated from a college, I worked as an assistant at a shopping mall named “Europe-Asia Market” in Changchun City, Jilin Province. I live in the Economic Development Zone of Changchun City. My husband Jin Mingduo is also Korean ethnic minority, born in February 1976. He worked for Changchun FAW-VW after graduating from a high school. We had a clever and lovely son in February 2004.
However, such a happy family as mine has been torn to pieces since both my husband and I became obsessed with Falun Gong. My husband Jin Mingduo was punished in accordance with law in April 2008 for printing, posting and distributing propaganda materials of Falun Gong for the so-called “truth-clarifying”, “anti-persecution” and “pursuing Consummation”. To answer Master’s “call” to pursue an early “Consummation”, I, together with other three Fulun Gong followers, beat another fellow practitioner Xiao Rong to death in order to expel “the evil spirit” from her body and was sentenced to life imprisonment.
My husband Jin Mingduo began to practice Falun Gong in 1997. He did not give it up after we got married in March 2003. Although Falun Gong was frequently criticized by the media at that time, I did not take it seriously since my husband just read the book Zhuan Falun at home or practiced meditation at evenings, never going out for studying Fa or attending the gatherings.
My 51-year-old mother was diagnosed with terminal stage of liver cancer and died less than a month later in December 2003. As her only daughter, I was overcome with grief at the loss of my mother and scared for the decay and death of the human world.
In those days of desperation and anxiety, I followed my husband’s suggestion and read the books like Zhuan Falun that he passed to me.
Li Hongzhi said in his book that “Karma is the root cause of all sickness and misfortune”, “those who really cultivate will not get sick. If you stopped cultivating, you would have already died” and that “when he succeeds in cultivation in the future, he will get whatever he wants just by holding out his hands, and he will have anything he desires. He can do anything he wants, and there is everything in his paradise.”
Are there such good things in the world? Practicing Falun Gong can “eliminate karma” so that you do not have to take medicine when getting ill. After reaching “Consummation”, you can also “be rewarded with fortune and ascension in broad daylight”.
Hence, from disbelieving to half-believing, I finally became obsessed with Falun Gong by and by. I even regretted that I started cultivation too late and that, if I had started cultivation earlier or cultivated with my mother together, she would not have fallen ill, or even if she fell ill, she would not have left me so early with the protection of Master’s “Fashen (body)”.
After a period of cultivation, I finally relieved myself from the pain of my mother’s death. More importantly, my husband and I found ourselves a “common interest”. Every day after work, my husband just could not wait to come back home to exchange the experience of “studying Fa”. We did not quarrel with each other any more, which made me feel the fun of “studying Fa”.
In the summer of 2007, my husband introduced me to Gao Hongqing (born in 1975, graduating from high school, worker of FAW-VW) who had very good “understanding” and Wang Haipeng (born in 1976, graduating from high school, worker of FAW-VW). Through exchanges with them, both of us became even more obsessed with Falun Gong. In that period, I had the same dream of attending Master Li Hongzhi’s lectures almost every night and the Master told me to treasure this “opportunity” and make “further advancement” in order to reach “Consummation” early.
Both Gao Hongqing and Wang Haipeng were my husband’s colleagues, and our homes were close to one another. More importantly, we were all “cultivating” together. Therefore, we met together from time to time to exchange our “minds” and told each other our respective dreams because Master said “what you see in your dreams is all real since your soul truly goes there”. In the way Zhougong interpreted the dreams, we would try to “understand” what Master revealed to us in the dreams, praising and lulling each other, because Master said it would be all right however you understand the dream and it would never go wrong.
On September 22, 2007, Master’s new scripture was published on the Minghui Net, claiming, “The cultivation of Dafa disciples is not only for their own Consummation…To save sentient beings is what the Dafa disciples must do.” Saving sentient beings should surely include those who had been transferred and who had not made “further advancement” because Master Li Hongzhi had said, the reason he extended the Fa-Rectification period was that he wanted “to give a chance to those people”.
We soon became nervous upon hearing this and all began to think who among those we knew had stopped practice Falun Gong or made no “progress”. My husband and I naturally and immediately thought of Jin Mingdong, my husband’s brother.
Like Jin Mingduo, Jin Mingdong began to practice Falun Gong in 1997. When the Government banned Falun Gong in 1999, he was a freshman in the former Jilin Industrial College (now re-named as Changchun Industrial University). He chose to quit school in order to continue his “cultivation”. Giving in to repeated exhortation of the volunteers, he finally gave up Falun Gong. He went to South Korea in 2004 and worked for a Sino-Korean trading company. As he could speak both Korean and English very well and was very capable, he was put into an important position by the company. He could earn over 100,000 yuan a year, excluding daily expenses.
This was really a once-in-a-life-time opportunity. How could we abandon this great mission of “saving sentient beings”?
From 1 to 15 February 2008, we left our son, who was less than 4 years old, to my father and went to South Korea without any hesitation. As it was the first time that we went abroad, we should do some sight-seeing by rights. However, to complete our mission, we did not go anywhere but staying at Jin Mingdong’s home he rented, trying to persuade him.
But our work did not go smoothly at the beginning, and Jin Mingdong was not influenced by our words. I described him vividly my illusions and dreams to let him believe that all of these were real. I also told him that it was almost the time for “reaching Consummation” and that if he gave up like this, all the hardship he experienced would be for nothing. With our earnest “admonitions”, he finally agreed to think about it.
We had to come back home with regret as our visa had expired. Instead of just leaving him as he was, we continued to urge him through long-distance calls or online video chatting.
As the saying goes, those who work hard will get rewarded. On April 4, 2008, having paid all the penalties due to breach of contract and left all “fame, material interest, emotion” including his newly-met girlfriend, Jin Mingdong came back to our home in Changchun. With the feeling of shame and remorse toward “Dafa”, Jin Mingdong cultivated even harder than before after he came back home from abroad.
The return of Jin Mingdong further strengthened our confidence and encouragement in “saving sentient beings”. We felt that our “Gong power” had been increased obviously and that we had stepped further towards “Consummation”. Hence, we decided to continue “saving sentient beings” and look for those who did not make “further advancement”.
Gao Hongqing said that some of his neighbors used to practice Falun Gong. He looked for them secretly. Nevertheless, after he met them, he found they were all grandpas and grandmas, who could not be able to guarantee their time for “advancement” due to heavy household affairs such as picking up their grandchildren to or from school or looking after the patients at home. They provided an important clue, however, that a young woman named Xiao Rong (born in Changchun in 1979 and jobless) cultivated very hard for “further advancement” and seemed “possessed” by something. Her husband watched her closely to prevent her from practicing Falun Gong.

We regarded it as very urgent, so we all decided that we must see this Xiao Rong and find out what on earth her “possession” was. Master Li Hongzhi said, animals like foxes, weasels, rats and willow warblers which could not cultivate into immortals by themselves often “posses” a human being by getting into his/her “mud-ball acupoint”, absorbing the essence of his or her body, so as to cultivate itself into a human form and finally replace this human completely. That human would look like someone at the appearance but in fact was one of these animals. Master mentioned in his Zhuan Falun that he once destroyed a “snake spirit”.
It was me, my husband, Gao Hongqing and Wang Haipeng who went for the first meeting. Xiao Rong talked incoherently and strangely. She talked about this one moment and that the next. For one moment she said that she witnessed Li Hongzhi’s Fashen (body) cleaning her body and for another moment she said that she was a fox spirit that had been with Xiao Rong for thousands of years and waited to see her today…
We did not dare to doubt any word by Xiao Rong, believing that this was the “possession” case mentioned by Master. At the same time when we worshipped Master more, we all regarded this was a test set by Master purposely. Perhaps his “Dharma-eyes” were watching us by the side of us. So, we made up our mind to help Xiao Rong to “expel the evil” so as to attain Consummation earlier.
But how could we “expel the evil”? None of us knew how to do it. So we decided to wait until we got full “understanding” of it.
On April 7, 2008, the fifth day after Jin Mingdong’s return, my husband went to work as he was on a day shift while Jin Mingdong and I stayed at home. At around 10:00 am, Gao Hongqing, who was on a night shift, came to my home, wanting to have a really nice long chat with Jin Mingdong who was regarded as making no “advancement” and to help the latter to restore his “Gong power”. About 12:00 pm, Xiao Rong, having just completed the divorce procedures, also came to my home with the divorce certificate. Upon arrival, Xiao Rong began to speak in tongues, talking for one moment, singing for the next and dancing sometimes. The voice produced from her mouth sounded like that two persons were talking and arguing.
Seeing Xiao Rong’s divorce certificate, we admired her from the bottom of our hearts for her courageous and resolute action. To believe in Dafa and to pursue early “Consummation”, she even gave up her marriage, husband and only-8-year-old son, which made us feel very much ashamed for ourselves. This also further enhanced our determination to save Xiao Rong. We had been deciding to drive away that “evil spirit” thoroughly to let Xiao Rong have a peaceful cultivation; otherwise, Xiao Rong could be ruined if it went on like this. Since we were cultivating together, we could not leave her alone. Moreover, this could probably be a test for us set by Master because he once said that nothing was coincident and all would be the test set for improving our minds.
Hence, we began to do in accordance with the requirements of “Fa”. At first, we formed a circle with Xiao Rong in the centre and read her the scriptures from Zhuan Falun loudly. Then we together sent forth “righteous thoughts” with reading “Fa will make the world right and eliminate all the evil…” However, half an hour later, Xiao Rong was still what she was. It did not work at all. According to Master’s instruction, “Any method could be adopted to stop evil”, we tried to freeze her with cold water, which did not work, neither. Thinking that the “fox spirit” might fear hotness, I boiled some water, put the hot water in a bottle, and then place the bottle on Xiao Rong’s stomach. Xiao Rong cried out for the hotness. We asked her if the “fox spirit” was gone or not. She said yes. So we stopped. But after a while, Xiao Rong began to speak in tongues, behave dottily and make grimaces again. We all thought that the “fox spirit” was rather deceptive. Therefore, following what people did in the TV series, we pricked the upper side of her lips, which did not work. We could do nothing but calling Wang Haipeng whose “Gong power” was superb for help. Wang Haipeng said we should not treat this “fox spirit” with mercy, as the Master said of “being pushed beyond the limits of forbearance”.
Therefore, we four began to beat her. We slapped her in the face first but she cried that she felt no pain and that she wanted us to beat her harder. Then the men kicked her randomly with their feet. Within a short while, Xiao Rong got black and blue all over and her face began to swell. Xiao Rong became much quieter and did not cry much. Finding it worked, we continued to beat her with both our fists and feet until she got down on all fours without any movement…
By this time, Jin Mingdong found something was wrong and said Xiao could probably be dead and should be taken to the hospital. We three all said that could not be possible because all those who practiced Falun Gong were protected by the Master. Even the cars could not kill them, how could we beat her to death? As a matter of fact, Xiao Rong was really dead. She was beaten to death by four of us.
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“Ascension in Broad Daylight” kills Liu Mingshu (photo)

18 Oct

My name is Han Wei, living in No.2 residential placement of Longxiang community in Longmatan District, Luzhou City, Sichuan Province. I used to be the landlord of the couple Liang Kongxin and Liu Mingshu. They started to rent my apartment in December 2005. At noon on September 17, 2006, I went to the apartment to collect the rent and just saw Liu Mingshu jumping off the window of the fifth floor with his head down. Then there was blood everywhere and lots of people gathered. Mr. Liang rushed down from downstairs like a shot and wailed bitterly with Liu in his arms…Now once I recall the scene at that time, I feel it miserable.

When they rented my apartment, I was reluctant to let it to them because I saw Liu Mingshu was sickly with a sallow face and a dull look in her eyes, maybe something was wrong with her. But after the sincere plea of Mr. Liang, I let the apartment to them finally. If I had known Liu Mingshu practiced Falun Gong and would commit suicide by jumping, I wouldn’t have let it, even if a highest rent was offered. Hearing that someone ever died in my apartment, people who wanted to rent or buy it turned away at once. So, I have to live there myself. In the still of night, I feel upset at the thought of Liu’s death in my apartment.

Recently I saw an article by Liang Kongxin on the website of Kaiwind named “My wife kills herself by jumping off the building for Consummation”, about which I have deep feelings: they once had a happy family, but due to Liu Mingshu’s practicing of Falun Gong and believing in Li Hongzhi’s fallacies, she committed suicide finally. It has a striking similarity as Tian’anmen Square self-burning incident. Liu Mingshu died for Consummation with nothing left but endless pain to her family, bitter memories and loneliness to her husband Liang, and fear and thinking to other people. What exactly Falun Gong is?

Liu Mingshu, female, born on March 3, 1954 in Lu County, Sichuan Province, primary school education, was a retiree from the Post Bureau of the city. Hearing that practicing Falun Gong could cure illness, Liu began to practice Falun Gong in 1996 to improve her poor health. After ten years’ practicing, she committed suicide by jumping off the building in 2006, at the age of 52.

At first Liu just believed what Li Hongzhi said about “curing illness and improving health” and “being good person”, and as time passed, she became thoroughly convinced of Li Hongzhi’s fallacy of “Consummation” and totally obsessed with it. Finally she staged a human tragedy of “Ascension in Broad Daylight” at 13:05 on September 17, 2006.

For the ten years of practicing, Liu Mingshu did “three things” in strict accordance with the requirements of Master Li. In order to be advanced, to reach “Consummation” and to realize “Ascension in Broad Daylight” as soon as possible, she learned the Fa and practiced Falun Gong desperately, even gave up her job and retired resolutely at the age of 46. During the cultivation period, anybody, including her husband and son couldn’t discourage her from practicing. Her husband had no choice but to quit the job and move house time and again, but still couldn’t stop her practicing. She was the loyal disciple of Li Hongzhi, but what happened to her?

Liu Mingshu was detained by the security organs in April 2000 for attending illegal gathering, which she believed as the sign that she “stepped forward” according to the requirements of Li Hongzhi, and “got further advancement”.

Because of sittingcross-legged for a long time, she always felt dim-sighted because of meridian obstruction. But she thought it was “righteous thoughts” being at work.

Regardless of relatives’ dissuasion and breaking off with her son, she stalled off her family and said “Cultivation is something you do right in the thick of tribulations. They’ll test whether you can sever your emotions and desires, and they’ll see if you can take them lightly”, and called it by a good name of “elimination of attachments”
Her neurasthenia got worse due to drug discontinuance and she often was in a trance and sleepless at night, which she thought was “eliminating Karma” and it was normal to get sick and a test on the way of cultivation. When the road lights were on, she thought it was the Master looking at her and sending Gong to her, she would reach Consummation soon.

In July 2006, before jumping off the building, she believed herself would reach Consummation soon, so she drank agricultural chemicals, but was found and sent to hospital for rescue in time.

Time stopped at noon on September 17, 2006, Liu Mingshu realized “Ascension in Broad Daylight” in her Consummation dream. At the same time, another human tragedy happened.

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Xie Yuyong: Sending forth Gong for removing Karma kills my father

17 Sep

My name is Xie Yuyong, 38 years old, and live in the diesel locomotive factory’sresidential area in Xiangfan, Hubei Province. I became obsessed with Falun Gong since I met with it. One day in July, 1998, I came back home in Guyi Town, Xiangyang District for a high-temperature vacation. While having breakfast, my father told me mysteriously that Falun Gong, which he was practicing, was really miraculous, and it could cultivate your moral character, cure your illness and improve your health, and even make you an immortal. I took it to be true and went to the practicing spot with my father the next morning. They told me some “true stories” about someone who got benefit from Falun Gong. As a result, I became a practitioner.

Before going back the unit for work, I got a book of Zhuan Falun and its tapes from the assistant Tang Yingtong. Since then, I was so deep in Falun Gong that I couldn’t extricate myself. I felt it was late for me to “obtain Fa”, so I practiced very hard. Except for working and having meals, I spent all the time on reading Zhuan Falun, listening to tapes and sitting in meditation. If I had some problems during practicing, I would write them down and turn to Tang Yingtong for help when I went back home on day of rest. My wife was dissatisfied with my indifference to the family and tried to persuade me not to practice any more, but it didn’t work because I had been possessed by ghosts.

My father suffered from high blood pressure and his condition was stable depending on medicine before. Little by little, many fellow practitioners stopped taking medicine, but he didn’t stop. I told father: “I often cought a cold before, but after practicing Falun Gong, I rarely get cold.” My “personal experience” made my father believe it to be true, he didn’t take medicine anymore, and felt good for some time. Hence we both believed that practicing Falun Gong could really remove Karma, neglecting other reasons as regular daily life, the right exercise and the psychology effect.

The state outlawed Falun Gong in 1999. We both didn’t understand it, let alone wake up. I even distributed leaflets secretly in the workshop in 2000. Though my colleagues often talked to me, I was deaf to their words. My father and I just practiced underground, sitting in meditation and reciting scriptures at home everyday.

Due to refusing medical treatment for a long time, father’s condition got worse with some symptoms like dizzying, limb numbing, palpitating, choking sensation in chest and lacking in strength etc. My mother always persuaded him to have a physical examination and take some medicine, but my father refused, he thought it would add his Karma, and the only thing in his brain was waiting for the implementation of Master’s promises. I sided with my father firmly, and thought that my father had too much Karma, only by practicing could he get Master’s help. My mother was anxious but unable to do anything.

One night in October 2003, my mother called that my father fainted away, asking me to go home and send my father to hospital. When I went back home, my father was unconscious, couldn’t speak, but could still open his eyes, Seeing my mother get medicine for my father, I stopped her. I thought I had practiced Falun Gong for five years, so I was definitely able to help my father remove the Karma; moreover, my father had practiced it for six years, he also had some power; Master would help us, too. With the power of our three people, the Karma no matter how heavy it was would be removed.

So I sat cross-legged in front of my father and read Zhuan Falun for him, at the same time, I begged the Master silently to remove Karma for him. About one hour later, I found father’s breath was weaker, and he couldn’t open his eyes. In order to obtain the Master’s blessing, I found out all the things about Dafa and placed them around my father, meanwhile, I played Master’s tapes again and again, hoping for the appearance of Master’s Fashen. But it didn’t work at all and father’s condition got worse.

Just then, my sister got home after receiving a call from my mother. Seeing such a case, she pushed me away and carried father into the car with my brother-in-law, then sent him to the hospital. According to the examination, my father stopped breathing because of a sudden cerebral hemorrhage and being sent to hospital too late.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Karma removing and “protection” praying killed my father thoroughly. We practiced Falun Gong heart and soul for so many years, and finally my father lost his life at the age of 59, while where is the Master’s Fashen? The cruel reality made me awaken from the dream. However, everything was too late

Removing Karma and Consummation kill Li Huimin (photo)

17 Sep

Li Huimin

Li Huimin, male, born in June 1957, only receiving junior high school education, was a villager of Xinzhuang Village, Xiaozhai Town, Jizhou City, Hebei Province.

Before practicing Falun Gong, he rented a shop front for small business in the county while his wife did farm work at home and his child was at school. They were both laborious and able, so they lived a relatively affluent and happy life.

In December 1997, a friend of Li in the county introduced Falun Gong to him and gave him a book of Zhuan Falun. The friend said that Falun Gong was amazing, if you practiced it constantly, you could recover after falling ill without taking any medicine or injections; that it could also improve your health even though you didn’t get ill; and that anyone who practiced Falun Gong would be protected by the Master’s Fashen and also achieve Consummation, become a god and go to the paradise for a happy life. All in all, “it was really a good way to kill two birds with one stone”. Hearing that Falun Gong was so good, especially one could achieve Consummation, he began to practice Falun Gong without much thinking. Three months later, it seemed that his high blood pressure and periarthritis of the shoulder were relieved, so he thought Falun Gong was efficacious and believed in it.

To show the sincerity for the Master and practice, he bought Zhuan Falun, Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa and other books, as well as the portrait of the Master with the money he earned from small business. Then everyday he read the books and practiced Falun Gong intently, leaving all the things behind. In order to go to a higher level and become immortal, he made a thorough plan for himself that he learned Zhuan Falun at 3:00 to 5:00 a.m. everyday, then he went to the practice spot for practicing, after that he went back to his shop front for copying and reciting Zhuan Falun, and listening to the tapes about Fa teaching. Seeing that he didn’t engage in his own business, his family tried to persuade him to do something authentic and live a normal life, but he turned a deaf ear to it and immersed himself in the “Consummation” and “Kingdom of Heaven” described by Li Hongzhi everyday.
After Falun Gong was banned in July 1999, most of the local practitioners gave up Falun Gong practice. But influenced by the supreme idea of Falun Dafa preached by Li Hongzhi, Li Huimin made nothing of the national law and aired grievance for Falun Gong everywhere. His friends, relatives and people from his town worked on him to quit Falun Gong and see clearly the nature of it, but he couldn’t take any advice because he was always thinking of the “golden house” in the paradise and the “Consummation”. Instead, he often introduced Falun Gong to his kith and kin.

Li Huimin practiced Falun Gong and read related books day and night; sometimes he distributed and put up Falun Gong materials slinkingly at night. Due to irregular life and diet, and also he couldn’t get proper rest and didn’t treat his high blood pressure, his health went steadily downhill and he became thinner in the second half of 2005. He walked unsteadily, tumbled to the ground and vomited frequently. Even though the families were angry at his practicing of Falun Gong and his persisting in error, they still worried about his health. They asked him to see the doctor and take some medicine, but he refused and said “the Master told us that it is removing Karma for you by the Master when you fall ill. After the Karma is removed, you can get into a higher level, reach Consummation and become an immortal with all kinds of abilities.” Thus, he paid close attention to practice and believed that his illness could be cured through practicing Falun Gong. When he felt under the weather, he neither went to see the doctor nor took medicine, and the family could not help it.

On the evening of February 2, 2006, Li Huimin fell in a faint suddenly when practicing at home and was sent to a hospital by his family. He was diagnosed with brain stem hemorrhage, which was caused by high blood pressure. After the rescue, he died on February 5, 2006 at the age of 53.

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