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In order to ‘remove the demon’, I almost killed my father with a screw driver

15 Oct

I’m Lu Jianquan, 39 years old and from Shizhong District, Leshan City, Sichuan Province. I used to be obsessed with Falun Gong and fooled by the heretical ideas fabricated by Li Hongzhi. Under the mental control of the cult and dreaming for going up to the heaven to achieve “consummation”, I took my own father as a “demon” and almost killed him… I’m serving my term at Wumaping Prison in Sichuan and remorse pricks me whenever I think about the past.

In early 1999, I was a businessman in Shenzhen and saw many people practice this thing called Falun Gong. I read some of their promotion materials and was curious about it at that time. Then I took part in a practice activity organized by Falun Gong practitioners in late April that year. In his Zhuan Falun, Li Hongzhi said that everyone practicing Falun Gong will finally achieve “consummation” and will “ascend in broad daylight” to “the Paradise of Ultimate Bliss”. He said: “In the Paradise of Ultimate Bliss, the trees are made of gold, and so are the ground, birds, flowers, and houses. Even the Buddha-body is golden and shiny … When you’ve succeeded in cultivation, you’ll get whatever you want and do whatever you want to do. In this world, you’ll get everything and that’s the rewards for your mighty virtues, all your sufferings, and your cultivation” (Zhuan Falun).

As for me who longing for making a fortune yet suffering losses again and again in doing business, these heretical ideas with deceptive “disguise” won me over and I started to practice Falun Gong with great resolution.

Although I was a devotional practitioner, yet Falun Gong did nothing to help with my business. On the contrary, I suffered more and more losses. In December 2001, being unable to carry on with the business, I returned to my hometown in Leshan. I was greatly depressed because of the failure and lost all confidence in life. All I wanted is to achieve “consummation” by practicing Falun Gong and to go to “the Paradise of Ultimate Bliss” described by the “Master”.

As for my practicing Falun Gong, my family had been against it from the very beginning. My father and sister talked to me a hundred times, trying to talk me out of it and into a new start by finding a job. In order to stop me, my father destroyed the books and audio tapes on Falun Gong several times. But what they have done didn’t pull me back; instead, I harbor a grudge against them.

I remembered that “Master” said in a scripture: “Those who destroy Dafa are the demons” (Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa). So I believed that the reason why I couldn’t achieve “consummation” was because of these “demons”. Furthermore, “Master” told us: “The wretched demons just deserve to be killed” (Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa), “if the evil has already reached the point where it is unsavable and unkeepable, then various measures at different levels can be used to stop it and eradicate it” (Beyond the Limits of Forbearance).

These heretical ideas removed my last hesitation on killing and in order to get rid of the “disturbances” imposed by my father, to realize rapid progress in practicing, I made a plan to eradicate the “demon” preventing me from achieving the “consummation”.

On February 1, 2002, I told my mother and sister: “I’ll kill father in five days and then set the house in fire and burn myself. Don’t you worry, people have souls after they die and what I destroy are merely bodies.” At hearing this, my family was afraid that I might really do something extreme so they rushed my father to take a hide at the house of one of our relatives. But in order to protect the family fame, they didn’t report it to the police and my mother and sister talked to me about it later. The forgiveness of the family didn’t wake me up; on the contrary, I thought the “demons” wanted to show the impression of weakness and this made me more resolute in killing them. So I pretended that I gave up the plan and easily won their trust.

On February 4, my family believed that it was safe and got my father back home. At about nine o’clock in the evening, they were watching TV and I believed this was the best time to do it. So I went to the bathroom, got a screw driver that I hid there in advance, attacked my father in his head, face, chest, back, and ribs. My father was totally unprepared and fell in blood in just a few minutes. I used such a force that I broke the screw driver and left 4mm-long tip inside the skull of my father. At the sight of my crazy violence, my mother rushed to hold me; but how could an aged woman stop a crazy young man? I got rid of her grip and jumped at my father once again. At the critical moment, my sister got a kitchen knife and waved it at me to stop me in time. I was then caught by the policemen and my father was rushed to hospital by my family. After a long-time rescue, my father was finally saved but the medical examiner concluded that he was critically injured.

On February 25, 2002, I was sentenced to 12-year imprisonment by Shizhong People’s Court for committing the crime of intentional homicide. At the prison, I received a letter from my mother, and it said: “You’ve got the demon inside you by practicing Falun Gong; so you’ll kill when the demon asks you to kill and jump off the building when the demon asks you to jump. Falun Gong is the root of all these.” Reading the letter and recalling my father falling in blood, I started to doubt about Falun Gong for the first time. I was so devoted in studying and protecting Fa, why would I get nothing except for bringing harms to my family and ending up at prison? Isn’t it true that “Master” has numerous “Law Bodies” and would watch over us anytime and anywhere? Why would I end up here in prison? For so many years, I hadn’t been a better person because of practicing Falun Gong, and then does so-called “Paradise of Ultimate Bliss” really exist?

I couldn’t answer these questions and felt so confused. In order to solve these problems, with the help of the guards and tutors, I read a lot of materials revealing the truth about Falun Gong. The more I read, the more I was afraid, for I finally got the real picture of what I had believed in for so long.

Now I feel so remorseful. At the same time, I’m also grateful, for my family hasn’t given me up because of my cruelty. They visited me several times at prison and still care a lot about me. The warm feeling of family is something that Falun Gong has never given to me. When I’m in my lows, the ones standing beside me supporting and protecting me are not the omnipresent “Law Bodies” of “Master” but my families. At sorting out all these, I decided to break away completely from Falun Gong. In March 2003, I wrote a 6-page letter to father telling him that I was terribly sorry and remorseful, that I had a clear understanding of the nature of Falun Gong as a cult. At receiving my letter, father and others came to visit me and I couldn’t help kneeling down in front of father apologizing for what I had done to him. Father forgave me and hoped that I would start all over again and be a better person.

I learn a lesson from the blood of my father and want to tell those who are in the same situation that I used to be: wake up, see clearly the real nature of Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong cult, don’t make the same mistake as I did, never do things that you’ll regret later after paying a price of blood, and never wait till it’s too late to say you’re sorry.


Inside story of Falun Gong

15 Oct

My name is Bai Ye, and I am 32 years old, graduated from the Changchun Traditional Chinese Medicine College. And I live in the Yuguang Residential Area, Chaoyang District of Changchun City. To be honest, I have undergone intense mental conflicts before I make up my mind to write this article and share my experience with friends today. But please do not take my words wrongly, my hesitation doest not mean that I have not seen through Falun Gong completely, it’s just that I really do not want to get involved in any affairs relating to the cult, not a tiny bit.

Yes, I am lucky comparing with those who lost their lives because of Li Hongzhi and his Falun Gong.

Yet, I certainly have been out of luck: starting to practice Falun Gong at the age of 17, I have drifted aimlessly for 15 years! Just think about it, how could one afford to idle away such a long period and accomplish nothing?

In 1993, a “Qigong fanatic” swept across the nation. Various schools of Qigong sprang up like mushrooms after rain, good and bad jumbled together. Like most people, I started practicing Qigong on a moment’s enthusiasm without distinguishing the good from bad. However, most people practiced Qigong to keep fit, but I did it in pursuit of becoming a god or a Buddha, and the so-called “special competence” promised by many Qigong masters at that time. Unfortunately, what I followed was Falun Gong which turned out to be a cult! Maybe it was the starting of my tragedy. Totally muddleheaded, I thought there was no difference between Falun Gong and other Qigong schools at the beginning; Tempted by the so-called Consummation, I was still crazy about Falun Gong even after the “4.25 Incident” which shocked the world in 1999.

Sticking to the wrong course obstinately, my personal tragedy continued. By the time in 2001, I already became an important member of the cultic organization who could directly contact the Falun Gong Headquarters in North America, asking for orders. It was rare for some one to acquire such an elevated position within Falun Gong organization. Perhaps there were all together only 20 members like me in mainland China at that time. And gradually, I discovered many top secrets of Falun Gong and learned how the cultic system was operated, including where the money came from and how it was spent. What I had found out often astonished me, and I could not believe my own eyes in many cases. Yet they were all facts. On January 23, 2001, the “self-immolation incident” at Tiananmen Square happened. And for the first time in my life I began to question the nature of Falun Gong and whether its actions were legal or rational. But my suspicion was quickly dispelled by my greediness and the people around me –actually, I was deceiving people as well as myself. My ostrichism lasted until August 2004 when I was forced by the government to look squarely into Falun Gong’s crimes that no one could deny. In fact, any one under converting would easily change his stance so long as he can face up to phenomena and problems of the cult – and that was really crucial. The moment I began to look squarely at Falun Gong, my mind-set started to change – gradually, by thinking independently. Since I knew much more than ordinary practitioners about the cult, I did not need much preachment. Recalling the past, I compared Falun Gong with other cults in the world, and contrasted it with Surangama – the “demon-detector” of Buddhism. And gradually I came to realize that Falun Gong was a cult out and out. Yet I worked myself to the bone for it ever since I was 17! My youth and prospects were all destroyed by Falun Gong.

And now whenever others mention Li Hongzhi and his Falun Gong before me, I would feel annoyed or even get furiously angry; whenever I think about Li Hongzhi and his Falun Dafa myself, I would feel sick and boil with rage. You know, I am really puzzled by Li Hongzhi’s behaviors: he has already collected enough money and moved his family to the USA in 1996, what did he come back for? He has swindled money out of followers, and then he comes to take their lives away by cheating! Vicious like a serpent, Li Hongzhi keeps on preaching the so-called Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance!

Here I would like to share part of my personal experience with our friends, to show what on earth Li Hongzhi’s “Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance” means.

In 2001, the “self-immolation incident” took place at Tiananmen Square on the eve of Chinese Lunar New Year. At about 12:00 pm that night, I discussed the incident on the internet with a chieftain from the North America Falun Dafa Association who was responsible for contacting with Falun Gong organizations in mainland China. And we agreed that the incident was committed by Falun Gong followers. Later on, I met a fellow member of Falun Gong who used to be a teacher at the Xinjiang University. He was also a key member of Falun Gong in mainland China (Here I don’t want to mention his name; of course, if some one takes it seriously and asks for evidence, I can tell him the complete story in private). The teacher told me in person that, after the incident, he and several others were asked by the Minghui Net to go to Kaifeng and contact with local Falun Gong members, to see whether the seven people committed self-immolation were Falun Gong followers.

While in Beijing, I told the story to another teacher from the Jilin Construction and Engineering College. To my astonishment, this man and another practitioner from Changchun also received an order from the Minghui Net and they went to Kaifeng did the same thing, carrying a video camera with them. So the Minghui Net actually dispatched at least two independent contingents to investigate the incident, trying to obtain the first hand materials that would be of advantage to Falun Gong. During the investigation at Kaifeng, they were surprised to find that seven people committed self-immolation were all Falun Gong followers! Disappointed, they reported it to the Minghui Net and North America Falun Dafa Association. What shocked them most was that the Falun Gong organization solemnly claimed in a news briefing: “Participants of the self-immolation incident were absolutely not our Falun Dafa disciples.” So, while flaunting the banner of “Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance,” Li Hongzhi and his Falun Gong openly lied to the world shamelessly. As insiders, the investigators who had gone to Kaifeng at the demand of Falun Gong did not know what to do. Actually, no one dared to face up to it. They kept silent and refused to say anything about their story.

Another example was the case of “an unknown corpse being discarded at Tongzhou County of Beijing.” When the first time I watched the video program about the case, I told people resolutely that it was a fake. Later, I met a fellow practitioner and he admitted that he was a participant of that case. He even vividly described how he wrapped up the body with his bare hands! He also told me in details what happened that day: six participants, one vehicle, and the plot they hatched. Unfortunately, the six people involved were all well acquainted with me, among them, two were from Changchun.

In fact, if we think it over we could easily find out that in many places and on many occasions, Li Hongzhi and his Falun Gong have already openly betrayed “Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance” they boasted. But why didn’t we ponder deeply over it in the past? Perhaps we wouldn’t have made such a blunder if only we had thought it over.

Li Hongzhi’s another villa found in Beijing (Photos)

15 Oct

A row of villas stand inside No. 18 Yard, East Shuangqiao Rd., Chaoyang District of Beijing. These magnificent houses were built in 1995 and today they are still regarded by local residents as “luxurious mansions”. Among these houses, No. 1138 Villa (See Photo 01) stands head and shoulder above others: huge floor space, costly decoration, occupied by a single family, its present price exceeds RMB 5,000,000 and the name of its owner remains a secret for years.

But who on earth is the owner of this luxurious villa?


Written in black and white, the title deed declares that Lu Shuzhen, Li Hongzhi’s mother, is the owner of No. 1138 Villa

The House Property Contract reads clearly: On June 1997, a woman named Lu Shuzhen (See Photo 02) from No. 103 Jiefang Avenue, Changchun bought this mansion which covers an area of 220 square meters, plus a garden of 240 square meters (See Photo 03), with RMB 400,000 (See Photo 04). Taking into consideration of various handling charges, the total number was over RMB 400,000. And the money was paid off in one lump sum (See Photo 04).




But in fact, Li Hongzhi was the real buyer and mastermind of the deal

I interviewed veteran residents from the No.18 Yard on the matter, and they all told me that the No.1138 Villa belonged to Li Hongzhi. An old man mentioned that Lu Shuzhen once told neighbors: “I am an ordinary woman and can not afford such a big house. My son bought it in my name.”

Who on earth was Lu Shuzhen’s son then? Looking up the Household Register Records we learned that Lu Shuzhen’s son was Master Li Hongzhi: “Li Hongzhi, also named Li Lai, was born in Gongzhuling City on July 7, 1952; and he moved to Changchun City with his parents in November 1953. His father named Li Dan, married Lu Shuzhen in 1951. And Lu gave birth to Li Hongzhi in the summer of 1952.”

How did Li Hongzhi get so much money to buy the Villa?

Doubtlessly, any one could buy a villa so long as he has “enough money”. Some friends may ask a question: how much money did Li Hongzhi earn before June 29, 1997 or the day he bought the villa? So let’s look at the facts. In April 1982, Li Hongzhi left the army and began to work at Changchun Municipal Grain and Oil Supply Company; in November 1991, Li left the Company by way of suspending payment of salary but retaining office and became a professional Qigong master; and in May 1992, he began to spread Falun Gong. To make the whole thing come to light, here I would like to make a rough calculation of Li Hongzhi’s total income from 1982 to 1997, which is as follows.

A. Total income of Li Hongzhi and his mother before spreading Falun Gong

According to “Bulletin on Economic & Social Development Plan Implementation” issued by National Bureau of Statistics of the PRC, below are the annual average net incomes per capita from 1982 to 1991 respectively.

In 1982, the annual average net income per capita is RMB 270;

In 1983, the annual average net income per capita is RMB 309.8;

In 1984, the annual average net income per capita is RMB 355.3;

In 1985, the annual average net income per capita is RMB 397;

In 1986, the annual average income for living expenses per capita is RMB 828;

In 1987, the annual average income for living expenses per capita is RMB 916;

In 1988, the annual average income for living expenses per capita is RMB 1119;

In 1989, the annual average income for living expenses per capita is RMB 1260;

In 1990, the annual average income for living expenses per capita is RMB 1387;

In 1991, the annual average income for living expenses per capita is RMB 1570;

Using the above-mentioned survey as an example, a simple calculation finds that, as a clerk at Changchun Grain and Oil Supply Company’s security office, Li Hongzhi’s total income from 1982 to 1991 amounts approximately to RMB 8412.1 only. During that period, Lu Shuzhen serves as a clinic nurse at a small town and certainly does not make bundles. So the total income of Li Hongzhi and his mother from 1982 to 1991 would not possibly exceed RMB 20,000 even they save every coin earned and do not spend a penny on food or drinking.

B. How did Li Hongzhi get so much money to buy the Villa?

From analysis mentioned above, we can easily draw the conclusion that the total money Li Hongzhi earned before his “coming out” was absolutely not enough to buy a villa. And the answer to question of “where Li’s money coming from” lies in the fact that Li began to “spread” Falun Gong since 1992.