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Things about Li Hongzhi on his giving classes at Kenli in 1994

28 Apr

My name is Song Jianfeng and my hometown is Kenli County in Shandong Province. I once worked at Kenli County Development Area. At that time, the development area administrative committee had just founded and was eager to jump at any opportunities that could help it with its promotion campaign. They invited Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong who claimed to be able to help people build up physical health, to give lectures at Kenli. At the order of the leaders, when Li Hongzhi ran his classes at our county, I and another person were in charge of the reception and accounting work.

The class held at the county’s hostel started from the second to the ninth day of the first lunar month in 1994, lasting from 19:30 to 22:00 in the evenings. Li Hongzhi took the daytime to visit local units including Shengli Oilfield. There were 420 students and most of them came from Dongying City, Shengli Oilfield, and surrounding towns, with a few coming from other places. The tuition fee was 50 yuan each student. There was a family from Beijing, the parents and their 14-year-old daughter. I remembered it was at three o’clock early on the morning of the fifth or the sixth day of the first lunar month when a staff surnamed Liu on duty on the second floor woke me up and told me that someone jumped out of the building. I hurried out and have a look together with Liu. I saw the girl from Beijing lying on the ground crying. She didn’t answer our questions so I looked up to the third floor. The light of one room there was on and I knew it was the room of the family from Beijing. But the parents didn’t go downstairs. Later on, I learned that the family would discuss after attending each class given by Li Hongzhi. That day, they might disagree with each other during the discussion and the girl jumped out of the window. Some said it might be her parents who pushed her out. She landed on a tree before falling onto the ground; otherwise she would have been dead.

Then I went to talk to Liu Guirong, the accounting manager of Li Hongzhi and about 35 years old. I told her to ask Li Hongzhi to take a look at the family. Liu went into the room of Li Hongzhi and came back within two minutes. “Master Li said the three from Beijing were nuts and he could do nothing about lunatics,” she told me. “Refund their tuition and get a car to send them to the railway station. There’s a train to Beijing at 6:40.” We were outside the room of Li Hongzhi and heard him talking to Liu Guirong. “The three from Beijing are nuts and I can do nothing about lunatics,” he said. So I recommended Kenli Hospital to the parents but they didn’t take my advice. “No needle, no medicine, no hospital,” they said and refused to leave, insisting on attending the class. Liu Guirong was irritated and angry, and insisted on their leaving. In the end, they finally agreed to head back to Beijing.

During the training session, Li Hongzhi and his people also sold books, badges, and tapes. There were prices printed on the books and the price for badge and tape is five yuan each. They trusted us to sell these things, for they didn’t want the disciples to know they were making money. Liu Guirong kept all the money.

After Li Hongzhi left, the chief of local assistance center was in charge of selling the books, badges, and tapes. He would remit the money to Li Hongzhi regularly at his own expense.

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The danger of promoting Falun Gong

28 Apr

Is Falun Gong a harmless crazy sect spreading meaningless spiritual gibberish and recommending slow motion exercises on which the repressive Chinese government cracks down brutally? Is the sort of pseudo-science it propagates tolerable nonsense only? The reports that appear in western media about the Falun Gong give the impression that the group is treated as a convenient political alternative fit to be promoted to tackle China and what China represents. For those who remember the days when progressive forces all over the world supported the movement of Ayatollah Khomeini against the repressive Shah of Iran, the present consensus of the west in its support of the Falun Gong movement is spine chilling. The outcome, if it finds its goals, may be disastrous in the history of human civilization.

Falun Gong has wider dimensions than the Jim Jones cult in Guyana, assorted bearded Indian gurus in the US with fleets of Rolls Royce or the Texas based Branch Davidians. Falun Gong claims about 100 million followers worldwide. It discourages modern medical treatment or consultation with physicians. If the figures provided by the Chinese government are to be believed, more than 1500 people have already died unnecessarily as a result of spurning proper medical treatment. The claims of Falun Gong to win the gullible are amazing. Magical cures from recovery from advanced terminal cancer to deferring menopause are claimed and believed. There are reports that Falun believers have been coerced into slitting open their stomachs to look for the ‘wheel of law’.

Falun Gong gets its name from Fa Lun Da Fa, which is the precise name of the sect meaning “Law Wheel Big Way”. The gullible falling in the trap of Falun Gong cut across several sections of Chinese population. The sect has long lunatic fringe and strange beliefs. The moon, for example, for the followers of Falun Gong, was constructed as an observation post for moon-making beings that live inside the moon closer to the back, and often fly out to watch earthings’ activities.

The leader of Falun Gong, Li Hongzhi, lives in New York. In 1992 Hongzhi developed a cosmic theory which reads like a fine blend of Book of Revelations and Star Wars. High level beings that represent the sinister are on one side. Dafa, the positive force is represented terrestrially by Hongzhi and his followers. Dafa has boundless inner meanings and has created everything at each level of the cosmos. Hongzhi periodically proclaims the imminence of the Consummation, an apocalypse that will cleanse the cosmos of vile forces and create a utopia for those who remain. He has also written about his ability to fly, powers of X-ray vision and other supernatural powers.

Falun Gong is much more than the crazy claims of a phony sect leader. Such movements can have more dangerous influence than one can imagine. China itself had the history of an apocalyptic cult taking millions of people for a ride. During the Qing dynasty in the 19 th century, Hong Xiuquan, a peasant, claimed that he was the younger brother of Jesus and gathered an army of god-worshipping faithful. The rebellion led by him swept northwards and established a base for its putative New Jerusalem in Nanjing. They remained in control from 1853 to 1864 until a combined force of Qing and foreign troops overthrew them. Till then, more than 20 million people had lost their lives through battle or starvation.

Despite the political differences with China, civilization demands that China be helped to handle the Falun Gong crisis. China too should understand that suppression, banning or brutality are not the ways to face the challenge of this dangerous sect. Scientific education and the promotion of scientific temper are the tools in this fight against spiritual craziness. China deserves the support of the progressive world in this endeavor. Falun Gong is a threat against common sense and the achievements of modern civilization.

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The politics of dancing

28 Apr

Traditional Chinese cultural show has controversial ties to Falun Gong movement

It’s advertised as a cultural spectacular — a lavishly costumed revival of traditional dance and music from China’s pre-Communist past.

Shen Yun Performing Arts, founded in 2006 and based in New York City, promotes itself as “the world’s premier Chinese dance and music company.”

But when an 89-member Shen Yun troupe gives its first-ever performances in Winnipeg Wednesday and Thursday, audience members may enter the Centennial Concert Hall unaware of the show’s controversial ties to Falun Gong.

Falun Gong is a worldwide spiritual movement founded in 1992 and outlawed in the People’s Republic of China since 1999. Arts critics have varied in their opinions of Shen Yun productions, with some finding them dazzling and visually stunning, and others calling them cheesy and amateurish.

But virtually every critic agrees that there are political and religious messages in the two-hour-plus production. The show includes scenes depicting persecution and murder of Falun Gong practitioners in contemporary China.

“One dance (called Nothing Can Block the Divine Path) tells about a young mother being persecuted and beaten to death. Her spirit goes on,” Yanping Lu, the troupe’s production manager, said from Calgary this week.

Another dance called Astounding Conviction, Lu said, depicts a young man unfurling a Falun Dafa (Falun Gong) banner and being thrown in jail, where Buddhas show him magic power.

Lu said most of the show’s 16 dance numbers and four vocal solos don’t deal with persecution, but many have uplifting moral themes and extol virtues promoted by Falun Gong: truthfulness, compassion and forbearance.

Lu said it would be discriminatory to single out Falun Gong in the troupe’s advertising because Falun Gong is just one of many aspects of the show that reflect traditional Chinese values.

Most Shen Yun dancers and musicians are Falun Gong practitioners who are ethnically Chinese but grew up in the West, Lu said.

Several newspapers have described audience-member walkouts at Shen Yun performances and quoted ticket buyers saying they felt misled by advertising that did not mention the Falun Gong theme. In January, a reviewer for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution wrote that at times, the show’s political proselytizing “was as subtle as a Taser shot to the noggin.”

In the New York Times in 2008, Maria Hsia Chang, a professor emerita of political science and author of a book about Falun Gong, described the Shen Yun show as “kind of a PR front to try to normalize Falun Gong’s image.”

The troupe’s extensive website,, makes no mention of Falun Gong. Nor does the glossy brochure distributed locally, except for a line in very small, pale type that names the local presenter, the Falun Dafa Association of Winnipeg. Falun Dafa is the formal name for Falun Gong.

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Ding Shumin dies for trusting in karma elimination instead of medical science

20 Apr

Ding Shumin, female, born in December 1950, used to be a resident at Yudong Street of Banan District in Chongqing City and work at Chongqing Liuzhen Photography Company. She started to practice Falun Gong in 1999 and became so obsessed with it that she refused to take medical treatment after having breast cancer. She died on May 31, 2008, at the age of 57.

Ding Shumin fell prey to Falun Gong in 1999 followering Li Wenxiu, a practitioner residing in the same district. She believed that to practice Falun Gong would help to build up and improve physical health, to “go up to a higher level”, and to “achieve consummation”. As a result, she became a practitioner.

Since 2007, Ding had been sick and felt breast pain. Then she learned from the “scriptures” of Falun Gong that “when your body shows the symptoms of illness karma, it’s disease for ordinary people and they need to go to hospital; as for practitioners, it’s the process of eliminating karma.” She believed that “Master” Li Hongzhi and Falun Dafa were eliminating her karma and the rotating “Wheel of Fa” was rooting out her illness karma to reward her practicing. As a result, she stuck to the principles of not going to hospital, not seeing doctor, no needle, and no medicine.

Ding tolerated the pains and kept practicing at home. She would sit cross-legged and read scriptures. But what she got in turn by devoting to practicing were increasingly thin body and unbearable pains. In the end, she couldn’t bear it any longer, let alone practicing Falun Gong. When her family finally sent her to hospital for a body check, she was almost unconscious.

The medical examination showed that she had terminal breast cancer.

On May 31, 2008, having suffered great pains caused by breast cancer, Ding Shumin died of metastatic-related multiple organ failure at the age of 57.

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Shen Yun

20 Apr

Last week my lady (Dominique) and I went to see a show called Shen Yun. I had been really looking forward to it, and then during the show—it became very obvious that it was a pro-Falun Dafa group. Although I certainly don’t harbor any ill will towards any people practicing their own spiritual practices, I felt like I had been swindled–paying $70 per ticket–to contribute to a group that I don’t know anything about.

The imagery and performances were beautiful and amazing, and anti Communist China propaganda plagued the show. Dancers in black with a red scepter on the back of their jackets entered the stage with billy clubs in hand, and beat a woman and daughter and took them away from each other. The blue sky that had made up the background turned dark and stormy–the graphics were really quite good from a designer stand-point.

I’ve read up on Falun Dafa and all their sites proclaim good will and happiness for the planet, however, upon reading interviews with the CREATOR of Falun Dafa–I found myself disturbed.

Like I said, the imagery and performances were quite captivating and aesthetically very pleasing, however, the propaganda behind it all—fell on deaf ears. I don’t take well to propaganda even if I know it to be true as it has fueled a lot of unnecessary tensions and anger in our past history. Take Disney with their propaganda films to stay afloat during the World War II all about Germany being the ultimate evil. Forget the fact we have wonderful working relationships in our globalized economy with the Japanese now—Bugs Bunny was killing off “Japs” “slant eyes” and other names he called the Japs in these propanda cartoon shorts with grenades in ice cream bars. My point being: Did these help the Japanese people residing in the US? Or did it just fuel the fire and put them in internment camps quicker for “our safety and their safety.”

For information regarding Falun Dafa–look up Falun Dafa or Falun Gong.

Here is a site I went to that provided a lot of sources of information that I found good:

Like I said before, people should have the right to practice their own beliefs and I certainly do not condone any violence towards anyone for practicing their spiritual beliefs.

I do not believe Falun Dafa is an organization I would partake in nor would I suggest anyone to take that step without seriously researching the topic first. For some–the cult ideals may work, but not for me.

I should be writing more on this topic later. There is a Professor Charles Wu that Dominique will be calling once Spring Break is over who has written an article concerning the Falun Dafa, and we are going to listen to what he has to say, although he is a non-believer as well.

The founder of Falun Dafa would say, “They’re the public, it’s too deep for them to understand.” Well, bring it on Li Hongzhi!

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Falun Gong asylum-seeker loses appeal to stay in UK

20 Apr

A FOLLOWER of the Falun Gong spiritual movement has been refused permission to remain in Scotland, and will be returned to China.

Qu Wen Cai had said he faced persecution in China because of his beliefs, but appeal judges at the Court of Session in Edinburgh backed a decision to refuse his claim for asylum.

The court heard that Qu Wen Cai fled his homeland in 1999, after the authorities banned Falun Gong and arrested many adherents following a demonstration in Beijing.

He arrived illegally in the United Kingdom, via Mongolia and Russia, early in 2000, and has lived in Glasgow while seeking asylum.

Falun Gong, which has a mixture of Buddhist and Taoist beliefs, is said to have originated in prehistoric times, but came to public notice only in the 1990s. According to China, it poses a threat to social stability.

Qu Wen Cai’s application for asylum was rejected by the Home Office, and he lost an appeal to an immigration judge.

The judge, Hugh Macleman, said there was evidence many adherents of Falun Gong had been persecuted in China, but “low-level” practitioners were not generally at risk.

Qu Wen Cai’s final appeal was to the Court of Session. In its judgment, Lord Kingarth, sitting with Lords Philip and Eassie, said he had failed to meet the required test, that the immigration judge’s decision could be described as perverse, and his appeal must be refused.

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Indonesia shuts down Falun Gong radio station

13 Apr

On Tuesday (March 23, 2010) morning, local police and officials from the Riau Islands Radio Frequency Monitoring Body (Balmon) confiscated the equipment after warning the station to stop broadcasting without a valid license, sources from the Jakarta Post.

Waving banners, about 20 members of the station’s supporters held a rally outside the government monitoring office, protesting the closure of the station.

The station has an appeal working through the Supreme Court after two lower courts threw out a lawsuit seeking to overturn the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology’s 2008 denial of its license.

Tifatul Sembiring, the minister of communications and information technology, reasserted his support of press freedom in the country in a March 18 discussion with journalists and media activists.

Gatot Dewa Broto, a spokesman for the Ministry of Communication and Information, confirmed the station was shut down but denied any Chinese role. Instead, he said the radio station did not have the correct permit to broadcast.

“Such a measure of restoring law and order is a normal thing,” he said.

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