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Liu Jinqiao jumps to his death for Consummation

27 Mar

Liu Jinqiao, male, lived at Building 5, Block 1 of Ganluyuan South Lane in Gaobeidian Town, Chaoyang District. He began to practice Falun Gong in 1994 and then was obsessed with it, especially the “Consummation” and “ascension”, imagining he could achieve “Consummation” and “become Buddha and immortal” with the Master’s blessing someday.

On the afternoon of July 6, 2004, Liu Jinqiao jumped from the 5-storey balcony of his own house, and died at the age of 70.

To provide more insight into Liu’s death, we interviewed Liu’s daughter, neighbors and the witness of that time in succession.

Liu Zhongmin, Liu Jinqiao’s daughter, said: “Since practicing Falun Gong, my father was like a different person, unsociable and eccentric. The family always persuaded him out of practice, but he refused and said the ‘Law Body’ of the Master was everywhertext from:
e; as long as you believe in and practice it as early as possible, you would reach ‘Consummation’ and ‘ascension’ sooner or later. Since then, he didn’t bother about anything of the family, but practice and learn the Fa everyday, and finally was at variance with my mother. He separated from my mother and lived alone since 1996. During the 7 years of separation, he just came to see my mother and his grandson once in a while and the family ties became more and more tense. ”

Liu Zhongmin also talked about some other information about her Father. Besides Zhuan Falun and other books in Liu Jinqiao’s drawer, there was a suicide note written by himself. He wrote in the suicide note that:

“I leave away with the Master first. Actually, many of us who practice well are too frightened to practice any more. If you practice with us, maybe you can also go away. If you miss me, you should practice as early as possible, there’s still time. Here are the Master’s books, tapes, teaching videos as well as the Master’s Law Body that can guide you. Do you know that there are over one billion people practicing Falun Gong all over the world? In American, thousands of learned doctors are also practicing it. I think if you liberate yourself and put aside the private thoughts, you will reach Consummation quickly. You needn’t take a plane because it can’t fly out of the earth. I guess that’s the way it goes. I will be waiting for you in another planet; the Master will send you up one by one after the cultivation ends. I hope you can cultivate as soon as possible, hurry up! I’m waiting for you over there. Come up quickly! You can come up as long as you cultivate quickly.”

Yao Jinyu and her boyfriend Guo Sen, neighbors of Liu Jinqiao, said: “At about 3:00 p. m. on July 6, 2004, the new fridge we bought were delivered to home, so we went downstairs to carry it. Unconsciously, we saw an old man bending over the balcony of the fifth floor; he put his head and hands out of the balcony, with a towel covering his head and a towel around the neck. ”

Wu Chengjing and his mother happened to pass by at that time. His mother said: “I told my son (Wu Chengjing) and them (Yao Jinyu and Guo Sen) that you should go upstairs to see what happened, he may fall down by accident.”

The witness of this accident Sun Fuxian said:”I just walked up to the path near Building 5 with my granddaughter in my arms; I saw an old man bending over the balcony and his head was sliding down. I shouted to the security guards: Help, someone wants to jump off a building! Just at that moment, the old man covered his face with a towel and lifted his legs, jumping down.”

Wu Chengjing, Yao Jinyu and Guo Sen said: “On hearing someone shouted for help, we rushed to the room 501 on the fifth floor with the guy who sent the fridge. The security door of his house was half-open, but another door inside was locked. We kicked the door open and found that there was nobody, but a black chair in the balcony. From the balcony we saw that the old man had already lain on the ground.”

(, July 26, 2010)


Shen Yun hao bu hao

27 Mar

I was forewarned. Or at least fore-informed to expect 70 percent performing arts, 30 percent shameless (but entertaining) promotion of Falun Dafa.

I was almost late for last night’s performance of Shen Yun (ironically, because I was poking around in a bookstore looking for a particular translation of the I Ching), but made it on time to meet the Wizard in the lobby. And then the fun began.

As payback for enduring Wagner operas, I put in the Wizard’s Christmas stocking (kinda pricey) tickets to this “inspirational” production about China’s 5,000 years of civilization, stressing the “compassion and loyalty, kindness and bravery [that] lie at the heart of traditional Chinese culture.”

I’m not sure everyone in the audience knew that Shen Yun (meaning something like divine style) is a performing arts troupe that is “associated” with the loose Falun Dafa empire and has a mission “to renew the true, divinely-inspired cultural heritage of China.” In the eyes of the Chinese Communist Party, Falun Dafa and its founder register somewhere on the scale of fear between the Guomingdang and the Dalai Lama. Although, I think Li Hongzhi has a lot in common with Hong Xiuquan, the anti-Qing official who thought he was the brother of Jesus and instigated the Taiping Rebellion. And in a civilization with 5,000 year of history, that was like yesterday, and not easily forgotten by the new dynastic powers.

The show largely featured classical, folk and ethnic dance routines, pretty familiar to us; we’ve seen a lot of this done by local dance troupes and Chinese touring companies. Shen Yun, based in New York, is banned in the PRC, which may be why the annoying Western narrator pointed out that “You’ll never see anything like this in China.” In fact I saw things exactly like this in China, except for the stunning operatic Falun Dafa hymns and three acts which featured police beating up and killing Falun Dafa practitioners. In one, a practitioner is harassed and killed when he tries to put up a banner in a public park in, was it Beijing? Shanghai? Hong Kong? I saw one of these banners in Hong Kong in 2008; the attacks aren’t quite so blatant there, Hong Kong not quite under the total control of the Party yet. Although, recently a Shen Yun show had to be cancelled there because the “Hong Kong authorities” (read Beijing) would not issue some of the performers visas.

By the third of these counter-revolutionary-opera scenes, the audience was tittering…the police had a Keystone Cops quality about them, and the descending heavenly maidens were just too predictable as they revived the victim and took him off to a glittering palace (Heaven’s Gate) in the sky. It reminded me that this was public relations (the Chinese invented propaganda), more than just promoting culture through dance, a little like calling the soup I enjoyed when I got home “vegetarian.” I’d concocted it the night before with the few vegetables I could find in the fridge–some lightly stir-fried onion, carrots, mushrooms, and Shanghai bok choy. With some leftover cooked rice. All added to the broth from the remnants of a roasted chicken. 70 percent vegetables, 30 percent chicken broth. A dash of shoyu, and any Chinese peasant or prisoner would think it was great.

Still I am a little conflicted. I love Chinese dance, and it was good. I am interested in Chinese spiritual practices, but I look to tradition, not a latter day — dare I say — cult. I have no doubt that the followers of Li Hongzhi’s sometimes bizarre teachings are sincere, moral and high-minded. But at the same time, Falun Dafa has become positioned as an adversary to the Chinese power structure, and we saw what happened at Tiananmen.

Earlier in the day, in the run-up of activities before Hu Jintao visits Washington, Hillary Clinton delivered a speech on that suggests she understands very well the yin and yang of international politics. But according to The Epoch Times, a media arm of Falun Dafa, she was “suggesting that China get rid of the Communist Party. What an excellent idea!”

Who knew that this stage show would be connected to something so deeply political. Religion and politics, mixing it up again: Falun Dafa evangelism, despised by the Chinese government, with millions of followers, a prominent voice in the media and beautiful stage shows!


(, January 15, 2011)



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Liu Yong stabs at his fellow practitioner with a knife

27 Mar

Liu Yong, born on October 20, 1966, a villager from Baidu Village, Baidu Town, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, was an out-and-out farmer with elementary education background.
Liu had two daughters, both married. And he lived with his wife only, leading a financially moderate yet comfortable life. If he didn’t practiced Falun Gong, he absolutely wouldn’t turn into a murderer.
According to Liu Yong’s wife, he kept faith with Falun Gong for years and worshipped Li Hongzhi’s doctrine of Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance with greater reverence. If Liu had not practiced Falun Gong, he would not have stabbed at a 70-year-old fellow practitioner, whom he demoniacally doubted his wife had an affair with, and finally became a murderer. Persisting in years of practicing Falun Gong was the main reason that caused serious distortion of his mind state. In his eyes, the fellow practitioner he stabbed was the demon blocking his cultivation, which must be eliminated.
One day at the beginning of the winter in 1998, Liu Yong came back from outside and told his wife that while chatting at the entrance to village, he heard that a lot of villagers were practicing a “divine cultivation” which was called Falun Gong. It was said that practicing Falun Gong could not only make you strong and healthy but also help people go to the Heaven after death. Liu used to be a chronic invalid, and suffered from cardiovascular system disease. To control the illness, he spent a considerable sum of money on it every year. In order to cure disease and get his health back, Liu decided to practice Falun Gong with fellow villagers during the slack farming season.
Liu paid devout attention to Master Li Hongzhi after practicing Falun Gong. In addition to group practice, he hung Master’s portrait in the house and bought a number of cultivation materials for practicing alone in the spare time. Firmly believing in Master’s doctrines, Liu took no medicine since his cultivation. What’s more, he asked daughters not to spend money buying medicine for him.
To “get into high levels” and benefit more people, Liu Yong remained assiduous in cultivation and, besides his wife, he decided to persuade his neighbor Lu Guoyi to join him.
Lu Guoyi was 60 at that time, and the two families were really in good terms with each other. They even asked each other to share meals when specially prepared. On hearing that Liu Yong hadn’t taken medicine since the cultivation, Lu Guoyi promised to do practice together with Liu, expecting that his own illness might also be cured through cultivation.
In July 1999, the Government banned Falun Gong according to law, and Liu’s wife demanded him abandon his cultivation for reason that Liu’s persisting in cultivation without taking medicine had made his illness from bad to worse.
At that time, gradually obsessed with Falun Gong physically and mentally, Liu could hardly accept his wife’s advice. In stead of blaming Li Hongzhi, Liu thought it was his own faults (such as his ungodliness or insufficient in cultivation) that worsened his illness. So he “looked inward” as the Master suggested, and continued his cultivation more demoniacally than before, bearing bodily discomfort.
One day in July 2005, Liu Yong suddenly fell to the ground in a coma during his practicing. His wife was scared and called daughters immediately to send him to hospital. Diagnosed as cerebral hemorrhage, he was finally saved after emergency treatment.
But Liu suffered from a serious sequela ever since. Discharged from the hospital, Liu Yong could not speak as fluently as before. Some times he talked on and on but still didn’t make himself clear. So his family members avoided talking to him.
After experiencing this misfortune, his wife considered Falun Gong as a deceptive trickery because her husband practiced so hard and for such a long time, but his disease wasn’t cured. On the contrary, Liu was almost killed by the attack of his illness. So, she pressed hard to dissuade her husband from practicing Falun Gong. Physically and mentally infatuated with his cultivation, Liu Yong had no willingness to accept her advice at all, and still insisted that it was his ungodliness and insufficient diligence in cultivation that resulted in deterioration of his illness. Therefore, he was determined to redouble his efforts to get improved and go up to “high levels” so as to achieve Consummation quickly.
His wife couldn’t communicate with Liu at home, and had no choice but to drop around their neighbor, Lu Guoyi’s wife for complaints and diversion. By that time, Lu Guoyi had produced the idea of quitting practicing Falun Gong in that he threw his doubts upon it after witnessing that Liu Yong’s diligence in cultivation all day long worsened his illness instead.
Over the years, Liu’s wife dropped around Lu Guoyi’s home frequently. Except cooking time, she stayed at home for less and less time which aroused Liu’s suspicion. He mused, “Does my wife have personal relationship with Lu Guoyi? Does she dislike my inarticulacy and have unfaithful intentions?” The more he thought, the more he felt abnormal and indignant.
On the morning of September 18, 2010, Liu Yong quarreled with his wife again for not letting her drop around Lu Guoyi’s home. The quarrel between the couple becoming more and more drastic, Liu Yong conveniently picked up a sharp knife and rushed towards his wife, while his wife turned round and fled out of door on seeing that. Hearing the quarrel, Lu Guoyi and his wife came to stop it, which made Liu Yong more furious. Then Liu stabbed at Lu Guoyi who hadn’t any precautions, and caused Lu’s death on the spot. Off his trolley, he turned round and stabbed at Lu Guoyi’s wife Liu Dianzhen for five times, which caused her death on the way to hospital. After villagers called the police, Liu Yong was caught red-handed when he was setting out to escape.
(, November 25, 2010)

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Falun Gong (a.k.a. Falun Dafa)

27 Mar

“Falun Dafa cultivates a Falun in the lower abdomen area instead of Dan….Falun Dafa cultivates Zhu Yishi instead of Fu Yishi, He Who practices attains Gong. Namely, your Zhu Yishi or Zhu Yuansheng attains the cultivation energy.” –Li Hongzhi* 

The doctrines of the Great Law of Falun Dafa can give guidance to anyone in their cultivation including those who have religious beliefs. This is the Principle of the universe, the true Law that has never been revealed. In the past humans were not allowed to know the Principle of the universe (Buddha Law); it transcends all the sciences and moral principles of ordinary human society from ancient times to the present. What has been taught in religions and what people have experienced are only superficialities and phenomena, while its extensive and profound inner meaning can only present itself to and be felt and understood by the cultivators who are at different levels of their true cultivation, and they can really see what the Law is. –Li Hongzhi*

Falun Gong (pronounced fah-luhn gung) is Li Hongzhi’s version of qi gong, which is an ancient Chinese practice of “energy cultivation”. Falun means “wheel of law”; falun dafa is falun Buddha law.* According to Li, Falun Gong “is a cultivation system aiming at cultivating both human life and nature. The practitioner is required to attain enlightenment (open his cultivation energy) and achieve physical immortality in this mortal world when his energy potency and Xinxing [mind-nature] have reached a certain level.”*
Li claims to have taken energy cultivation to a new level. He also claims to have some 100 million followers worldwide, though he also claims that he keeps no records and that Falun Gong is not a cult, religion or sect (“Followers defend Falun Gong as innocuous,” by Brian Milner, The Globe and Mail (Canada), July 22, 1999.)

Li left China in the early 1990s and lives in New York City. He promotes his beliefs in books he has written. His teachings are available on the Internet, which has significantly affected his status and popularity internationally. While much of Falun Gong is a rehash of traditional Chinese notions regarding meditation and exercises, Li has emphasized an anti-scientific approach to disease and medicine. He says disease is “is a black energy mass” that he can dissipate with his powers. Those who use medicine for their illnesses lack faith in Falun Gong. True believers don’t need medicine. They understand that disease exists in some other space beyond physical space and that only those with “supernormal capabilities” can truly heal. True healing involves “cultivation energies…in the form of light with very tiny particles in great density.”* He claims that he does not tell people not to use medicine, but that he has cured thousands of terminally ill people. He also claims that he advises terminally ill and mentally ill people not to practice Falun Gong. The former are too focused on their illness and the latter are not clear-minded enough to practice properly.

Li claims that Falun Gong is one of 84,000 cultivation ways of the Buddha’s school. He claims that it has only been used once before, in prehistory, but that he is making it available again “at this final period of the Last Havoc.”*

Falun is the miniature of the universe with all the abilities of the universe. It can automatically move in rotation. It will forever rotate in your lower abdomen area. Once it is installed in your body, it will no longer stop and will forever rotate like this year in and year out. During the time when it rotates clockwise, it can automatically absorb energy from the universe, and it can also transform energy from itself to supply the required energy for every part of your body transformation. At the same time, it can emit energy when it rotates counter-clock and releases the waste material which will disperse around your body. When it emits energy, the energy can be released to quite a distance and it brings in new energy again. The emitted energy can benefit the people around you….When Falun rotates clockwise, it can collect the energy back because it rotates forever…. 

Because Falun rotates forever, it cannot be stopped. If a phone call comes or someone knocks on the door, you may go ahead and take care of it immediately without having to finish the practice. When you stop to do your work, Falun will rotate at once clockwise and take back the emitted energy around your body.*  

How Li knows about these rotations is a mystery, but he has many followers throughout the world who feel enlightened by these “teachings.”

In  short, Falun Gong is based upon the belief that the universe consists of magical energies that can be tapped into by certain practices and which can eliminate the need for medicine, bringing one to a state of enlightenment and physical immortality.* Its popularity seems directly related to its claim to bring health and relieve stress while providing enlightenment. It is anti-science, anti-medical establishment, and anti-materialism; thus, Falun Gong is attractive to many people who are fed up with the world as it is and their position in it.
It is difficult to understand why the Communist party in China fears Falun Gong. Their practices would relieve the demand for medical assistance, thereby saving the government millions of yuan. They encourage truthfulness, forbearance and compassion. Of course, members may not be very useful to society, since they are not materialistic and would prefer to spend their days meditating and exercising in the park, cultivating energies, rather than working in factories. Then again, communists don’t like competition.


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Falungong blasts the author of the China Desk

27 Mar

The Epoch Times is the official mouthpiece of Falungong. Falungong meanwhile, is almost certainly a CIA front, pretending to represent domestic Chinese dissent against the Beijing authorities.

As a free market anarchist who opposes all monopolistic governments, I have no desire to champion any political regime.

But as an anti-colonialist and anti-imperialist, I have a powerful desire to expose neocolonialism and neoimperialism against the Chinese people, and for that matter, any people.

The Chinese people must not be equated with any political authority, either the KMT or the CCP, just as the American people must not be equated with the Republican or Democratic Parties. A political authority is not a country. A country is not a political authority. As I noted in an article years ago: “China is not Beijing. America is not Washington.”

The Epoch Times probably understands these distinctions. But the Epoch Times being what it is, a mouthpiece for neocolonialism and neoimperialism, pretends that it believes individuals such as myself and George Koo are “Running Dogs for Beijing.”

I consider the Epoch Times’ character attacks against me a form of unintentional praise. In fact, I consider them a badge of honor.

— Bevin Chu

About Bevin Chu

Bevin Chu is an American architect and author currently living and working in Taipei and Shanghai. He is the son of Tsing-kang Chu, a retired high-ranking diplomat with the Republic of China government on Taiwan. He is the translator of the English language edition of “Taiwan at the Crossroads: An Expose of Taiwan’s New Dictatorship,” a landmark book by the celebrated native Taiwanese liberal reformer and political commentator, Joyce C. Huang (Huang Chi-hsien).

(, May 12, 2001)
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The media-savvy Falun Gong

27 Mar

Say what you will about the evil cult. One thing that can’t be denied is their understanding of media relations and their ability to catapult controversial and emotionally wrenching stories into the eye of the public around the world.

When news of organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners in China hit the media in Canada last week, it marked yet another victory for the group’s members in bringing attention to an incident the Chinese government denies exists.

The news was relayed to the media through a press conference on Parliament Hill. Two high profile individuals, former MP and cabinet minister David Kilgour, and David Matas, a Winnipeg-based international human rights lawyer, released a gruesome report accusing the Chinese government of illegally harvesting the organs of imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners in China. The report said an estimated 41,500 transplants were performed using organs of Falun Gong members who were killed while in prison between 2000 and 2005.

Not only did the success of getting major media attention highlight the plight of the high-profile Chinese group (the story was covered in all the major news media including the Globe and Mail, National Post and the CBC) but it also showed how savvy Falun Gong members in North America have become in using the media to further their objectives.

Now, whether a word of it is true or not is another story. Whenever the Wheelers make extravagant claims such as this I am automatically skeptical, based purely on their track record of, shall we say, exaggeration – just as I become skeptical when I see dazzling statistics put forward by the CCP, or claims by Bush assuring us for the umpteenth time that the Iraq insurgency has been defeated. But when it comes to PR, the FLG is doing a hell of a job, and one can only marvel at their ability to get respected Canadian officials to help do their marketing and inject their messages into mainstream media around the world.

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